Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, Straight Acting, MySpace Lawsuit, In The News, Eye Candy

Morning Blogger Friends, it's "HUMP"day Wednesday, and that means some hot eye candy a bit later in the post. I want to talk a minute today first about "straight acting". It came up over Pride down in Cleveland where a group of friends and I were people watching at the festival and gossiping and being snarky, like all gay guys tend to do on occassion. One of the Mr. Leather finalists, whom a couple of my friends knew, came up to us to say hi, and immediately as he opened his mouth, to coin a phrase, "his purse dropped out", meaning he talked very "queenie." After he left, a friend said he thought this guy was, "not straight acting enough," to be in a Mr. Leather contest. Of course that started a whole discussion about what does "straight acting" mean, and where does it belong, if anywhere in the gay universe. One of the reasons I call myself the Gay Guru, is that a lot of my friends have always said I am the "go to" guy, on a lot of issues, gay and non gay, because I tend to tell it how it is and usually speak from my heart without my brain getting in the way, and I should be a Self-help Guru or something. Sometimes a good thing, and sometimes a bad, lol. Anyway, whether it was a good topic or not, I couldnt believe my friends were being so snarky to the guy on PRIDE day for crying out loud. Isn't that what we as the GLBT community are trying to achieve, equality and acceptance no matter how we look, act, who we sleep with, or what we want to become. Shouldn't equality and acceptance at least start WITHIN our community, before we ask the world to accept us? Anyway, it was a lively discussion, until we hit the beer garden, and I would appreciate any comments from you readers what you think of "straight acting".
The picture above is courtesy of fellow blogger Kelly, who came up with the great idea to challenge other bloggers to post this flag in honor of Gay Pride Month, and is keeping it as a header in his blog all month long.

Have you already about the lawsuit against Myspace? A mother is suing MySpace for not protecting children from adult sexual predators. Monday, a 14 year old girl who said she was sexually assaulted by a man she met on sued the faddy social networking site for $30 million, claiming that it fails to protect minors from adult sexual predators. Her lawyers said that they should compensate the girl for their failure to protect her online when they knew sexual predators were on that site.” WHAT????? This is sooooooo what our country has come to anymore, sue someone else for your own problems that you created yourself. The girl was 14!!!!!! That is a minor that SHOULD be under the control and supervision of her mom(parents). Is MySpace there to make sure she only visits "safe", "adult approved", websites? Is MySpace the one who should find out who her 14 year old daughter is going out to dinner with? Did MySpace GIVE her the permission to go out to dinner with a 19 year old stranger? This is a PARENTAL problem, not a social network's problem. Can MySpace be used by creepy old perv's to lure some people out to meet them? Of course it can be used that way, but only if the person is naive and unaware of the dangers of cyberland. And if you have a child like that it is your responsibility as a parent to monitor their internet viewing habits, by keeping the computer in a family neutral zone where you can be seen online by all, like a family room, or installing special software to track websites and keystrokes. Don't kill the messenger, stop the message from being recieved thru education and parental responsibility.

There are so many negative press items about MySpace out there, that I really wish we could start to see those who have had great experiences there should start sending them out or recording them for the rest of the world to see. Anything can be used for good or evil, but it's the person who is using it whose intents need to be monitored, not the system itself. I am thinking about creating a MySpace page for positive actions on the site. For now, check out my simplistic MySpace page HERE and request to be one of my friends.

In the news today, I found interesting articles HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE, showing that progress is being made in Canada, Australia, and some religious circles.

And now to most readers favorite part of "HUMP"day Wednesday, the eye candy. As always, these are just random hot pics I have found around the web that are appealing to me. I do not hold the copyright to any of these pictures, and if you do and would like the picture removed, please email me at, and I will remove the picture immediately.....enjoy

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Hmmm, the term star8 acting means different things to different people, to me it means not "flaming" or overbearing. Theres nothing wrong with acting that way in fact I have many friends who act like that. Its a broad term, but thats what it means to me.


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Speaking of MySpace...Dear God. My latest post says it all...

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