Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, Blogger Comment Wars - Everyone Deserves A Point of View, Superman, Eye Candy

Happy "HUMP"day Wednesday again, blogger friends. We are half way thru the week, no turning back now. Hope you had a chance to check out some of those blogs I talked about yesterday. Website update is just 3 days away, and I think we have a lot of kewl new stuff being put up, and a great update, I will send out a group mailing reminding everyone and post it here. If you are not on the Gay Guru Emailing list yet, you can sign up on the home page of the website HERE.

While reading some blogs last night, I came accross a "comments feud", amongst a couple bloggers on a topic I have been thinking about a long time. Can you ever be "too gay", or "not gay enough"?? I am not talking about going from swishy tiara wearing queen, to ultra he-man jock, but as in everyday living your life kinda gay. Is someone who is labeled Republican, any less gay than one who is Democrat? What exactly makes someone "less gay"?? To me, if you instinctively, intuitively, and actively think about, sleep with, and are dating someone of the same sex, a gay, is a gay, is a gay. It is a hard road to travel though, I, myself tend to think that it is impossible to be a gay Republican, but I have to admit, if they fit the above criteria, how can I not let the individual have his belief system as I have mine. I am sure going to debate him on his political points of view, but I should never question their so called "gayness". Point of view is an interesting philosophy, born of environment, family, outside stimuli such as commercials and newspapers opinion or advertising, conditional effects on you personally, and a lot of other reasons goes into forming one's own point of view. While I definitely believe in ultimate truths and falsehoods, there is a scary grey area that has to be acknowledged if there is to be any reasonable debate. Point's of view are personal, and therefore, an attack on someone's point of view is a personal attack. That's the tricky part, where we get into trouble I think. You cant have rational debate if you are personally attacking someone. To say that Gays dancing around in leopard skin thongs and feather boa's while trying to celebrate the forming of a movement, is disgraceful to the community, you are making a personal attack on that person's point of view on what being Proud is all about. It's extremely difficult, but we have to raise the personal attack to an issue attack if we are ever going to be able to come together as a united community, seeking equality and the rights to live life as we choose to live it. If we keep our arguments to the issues; not supporting our rights for equal protection and benefits under the law, using a highly visable event like a Pride parade to promote our political platforms, dressing like a girl makes someone seem less credible to others, or any debatable point, stick to the pro's and cons of the issue and not the person making the comment, they are no less gay than you, just offering a point of view. We have enough outside influences against the gay community as a whole, infighting amongst ourselves is just silly. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you have a different point of view...I welcome you to challenge me here in comments, but lets challenge the issues, not the people making the statements....Hope to hear from some of you.

As always, being a day late and a dollar short, lol, I totally missed reminding everyone that yesterday was National HIV Testing Day. This was the 12th annual observance of the day set aside to get tested for the HIV virus. As far into this epidemic as we are, it's amazing that people are still undiagnosed, with no idea they are carrying the virus. Just because you dont have symptoms does not mean you cannot be carrying it. The Gay Guru advises everyone to go get checked this week, if you havent recently. Personally, as a birthday gift to myself, I get tested twice a year, once on my birthday in December, and then 6 months later in June. In fact, I am scheduled to be tested Friday, forgetting that Tuesday was the annual observance, and it coincides together every year, lol.

I saw "Superman" today!!! OMG, if you are a fan of the Christopher Reeves Superman movies, then this is the movie for you. Out and Proud Director Bryan Singer, was so true to these previous movies, it was as if there never was a lapse. Brandon Routh steps into the blue tights and big red boots effortlessly. He is either one of the best actors around, or the worst to be able to pull off the dorky deadpan delivery of the lines as Reeve's did in the original movies. Kate Bosworth portrays Lois Lane just as determined as Margot Kidder, but with a lot more likability factor I think. Truth be told, I prefer Gene Hackmans, Lex Luthor, but Kevin Spacey still did what he does best, and was enjoyable enough. The story was well done, and they have left a lot of wiggle room for sequels, they can go a hundred different ways, with some amazing possibilities. I dont know if Singer did it to "F" you the neglibible precense of Cyclops in XMEN III, but James Marsden does a nice job as Lois' new love interest, and doesnt come off as the typical jerk, that would have been easy to write him in as. I dont want to give anything away, so I will stop here, but as I said, if you like the Chris Reeves Superman, this Superman is returning just for you, if you didnt like those movies, go see XMEN again. (I included a couple "super" pics in todays eye candy for you)

Well, it's on to the Eye Candy boys and girls, I hope you enjoy. Remember that no hot studs were harmed in the capturing of these pictures, and if you own the rights to the picture and want to have it removed, send proof of copyright here to the Gay Guru and I will remove it immediately. One last thing, I have a new contest coming up in the next couple of days, it will probably coincide with the website update, so keep checking back, it will test your sleuthing abilities to figure out clues and get the most correct answers......more info soon....GG



We just returned from Superman Returns and I rocked!


was it just me or did you have a longing to see what the deal was about Brandon Roth's package being too big? Either way, speaking as a huge Superman fan, this movie done did good.

I also agree with you. Why are we fighting with each other? Like we don't have enough opposition in the world? So much for gay pride month.


Hey GG, I love your 'deep thought''re dead-on with them! Unfortunately sometimes hard to not diss the messenger(case in point, that moron Ann Coulter), but I do TOTALLY see what you're saying when you're suppose to be 'on the same side'(for lack of a better term), to stop the in-fighting in order to get out the bigger message??? And have to say those two hunks made eating fruit look like the best idea I've seen in years! Yum!

Captain Cox

Hot damn those are hot pics. People are due their own opinions. We all come from different background and different place, look at me for example, I'm gay and conservative (that's right, a registered Republican!) You know how much shit I get for that?? A lot! It's funny to me those of us who are 'demanding' open-mindedness from others and 'equality' are the first to shut down another homo for having a different take on the world. We all the right to have our own opinion; sometimes it's better to keep those opinions to ourselves, yet we have that right. The key is in respecting others who think a differently. That's all I'm saying.
Much love from Dallas!
Captain Cox

The Gay Guru

Glad you liked Superman Scotty..did you see the previews for Spiderman 3, OMG

yup roque, worth the investigation at the theatre, of course i was hoping for better closeups to be sure, lol

thanx SoCal love, yea, we need to find a way to disagree but get along..and yum, I am looking to share some fruit myself =)

I agree Captain, I have been negative in the past to conservative thinking but I hope it was to some of the ideals and never the person, but I am in tune to it now, and hopefully a much better person about it now....GG

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