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It's MEME Monday, blogger friends, and time to know a little bit more about me, and maybe you can comment back so I can know a little more about you. Also I have lots of little things to cover today. First, I am not sure if it is still going on by the time I finish writing this, but there is an amber alert up above. It started this morning with just Illinios, and now it is active in 4 states. If you live anywhere around the affected states, check it out, you just may save the day. Chad King, who is the gay young man who was crowned Prom King at his school a few weeks back has quickly returned my interview questions back to me, and I will have them posted in the next couple of days. I cant tell you how impressed I am with this young man. As you will read in the interview, gay/straight/black/orange/tall/short, Chad is the kind of kid that is going to be fantastic in any situation he is in. He has an awesome personality, great looks, very involved in everything he can get his fingers in, and the kind of boy you want your boy or daughter dating, lol.

Todays MEME Monday list is going to be random things that I have noticed about myself over the last weekend and lets see where you are on these....

Sushi, Pasta, or Chinese?............Chinese
Volleyball, Tennis, Softball?........Volleyball
Bike, Run, Walk?.....................Bike
Eggs, Pancakes, Cereal, Nothing?.....Eggs
Beer, Wine, Cocktail?................Cocktail
Horror, Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi?...Sci-Fi
Blonde, Brown, Redhead?..............Brown
Best Buy, Circuit City, Local?.......Best Buy
DVD, Video Game, CD?.................DVD
Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Gatorade?...Gatorade

I also have a fun MEME on the bottom of post.

There's no worse place to find out just how gay you are, than at the gym. Today I decided to ride the stationary bike for awhile. I didnt bring a walkman or Ipod or anything. I thought, how bored could I get in a 20-30 minute ride? Well, I guess too bored, because without any conscience realization on my part for several minutes, I started singing showtunes to myself, softly, but definitely audible, while peddling my lil guru off. WTF, even I am not supposed to be that gay, ROFL. I cracked myself up, and the cute girl biking 2 bikes down, who was smiling at me from ear to ear. She requested selections from "Wicked", and I politely turned her down. =). I did settle on one thing though. If I can figure out how to do it, I wanna start my new podcast next month, and record it from the "inhalation chamber", at the gym. I gotta tell you, it's a small 5x8 tiled room with seating, that has the best damn acoustics anywhere. Plus, you got that great eucalyptus to breath in that is hanging in a bucket from the ceiling, under the tanning lamps. I would never go hoarse, LOL. Yes, podcasts will start next month, and if I raise enough money, will be live from the Gay Games as well.

In the news, and as expected, President Bush held a nationally televised news conference at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to drum up support for the measure, as the Senate began debate on a proposed Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Bush used the phrase "activist judges" in almost every sentence in his address. People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas called the speech an act of "desperation". "In the face of record disapproval ratings, he is putting the demands of his Radical Right supporters above the integrity of the U.S. Constitution and the well-being of millions of American families," said Neas. "Yes, this is about diverting America's attention from his foreign and domestic failures. But above all, this is an immoral attack on gay people, our families and our fundamental humanity. In the not-too-distant future, all those involved in this spectacle will look back with shame and regret.” A survey by the Associated Press of Senators showed that supporters of the measure are having a hard time securing 50 votes, let alone the super majority of 67 it would need to advance.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean mended fences and rallied gay Democrats as the party heads into an election campaign that could see it wrestle control of Congress from Republicans. Dean was the keynote speaker Saturday night at the National Stonewall Democrats conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (I wanted to go to this, but the Kimberly Locke performance and interview was already booked.) "I want to start today by thanking you for standing with me," told the conference Saturday night. "Not just through the recent controversy over my CBN interview, but for standing with me as we have fought side by side for equal rights under the law for all Americans. That fight continues, and the Democrat Party is standing with you by leading the fight against discrimination, and by helping you meet your electoral objectives this fall. "It is wrong to discriminate in housing. It is wrong to discriminate in health care. It's wrong to discriminate in hospital visitations. It's wrong to discriminate in hiring. It's wrong for our tax code to be discriminatory. And it is wrong for any group of Americans to live in fear of hate crimes. We believe that every taxpayer should have the same government services and benefits as any other American." Polls show that November's midterm election will likely be close but that Democrats stand a chance of retaking control of at least one house in Congress.

And in a welcome reverse for the usual reasons of fear and mistrust, Salt Lake City police are hunting down gays and lesbians. So are suburban Salt Lake forces. Not to arrest or harass but to offer them jobs. On the weekend representatives from seven police departments were handing out recruitment literature during the city's gay pride celebration. "The first purpose is to let the gay and lesbian community know that police departments in this valley are gay-friendly. Our second purpose is to do some recruiting," Cpt. Kyle Jones of the Salt Lake Police Department told KSL televison. The pride booth manned by Jones and other officer attracted a lot attention. For several years Salt Lake police have worked with gay community leaders, creating a public safety committee, but this is the first time police agencies have formally recruited at a gay pride event.

Finally, a couple housekeeping issues. I have kept the comments open on the blog without a moderation code, because I wanted to make it easy for everyone to comment, good and bad, and didnt want to censure anyone. (Though I would not allow homophobic comments to remain their.) However, this weekend, I have been subjected to my first taste of spamming on the Gay Guru mailboxes, and I am assuming its from the comments section. on Sat/Sun and today, I have had at least 10 each day of gambling site gobbly gook in my bulk mail file, and its annoying. Anyone know how to stop these particular pieces of spam? There is no return addy on them, or unsubscribe feature. I will see if I get any solutions from you all before I add the comment moderation code. Also it's been 5 days, and have not had any "Hot Couples or Dates of the Week", turn in profiles on the website. Dont be shy out there, get yourself featured on the site for an update cycle. Its fun, and helps make new friends, go for it. Have a great week blogger friends, here's the fun MEME I told you about.....GG

I gotta tell you, I knew it all along..*wicked grin*

You're an Expert Kisser

You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity

You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off

And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave

When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable


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From what little I can see of Chad in that pic there, he is quite a hottie!



So glad to hear such great things about Chad, GG...anxious to read your interview with him. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to run into him around town at some point...what a great young man!

As for your gym situation...too funny! Continued success on that front!


Oh GG!! You are sooo gay! Only a gay man could figure out the accoustics of a steam room AT THE GYM! lol

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