Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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Hello Blogger Friends, Hope your week started off well yesterday. Today, I am just gonna give some ramblings on what's on my mind. First off, my blogroll is getting larger by the day, and I really am losing sleep for checking out so many great blogs out there. Some of you write so eloquently and from the heart, and I want you to know, even though I do not comment often, I am trying to read you all daily. I definitely read every blog that is on my blogroll daily!! And you should too, LOL. Some blogs or some posts I have really enjoyed recently include: Single in the City, Off the Record, Ynager65, This post at A Spiders Web, and, the "Party for One" post at My So Called Life

And when I am feeling a little naughty and want some adult entertainment, I have enjoyed, Teen Boy Secrets, Beautiful Boys, and Closetkeis.

The Gay Games in Chicago are only a couple weeks away. I want to take a second to thank the 4 blogger friends who have donated to help cover my expenses as an official Media Correspondent for the games. Your kindness is definitely appreciated. Unfortunately, I am still very short of my $1500 dollar goal I needed in donations to make the trip. I have e-mailed everyone that has donated already and told them that I am giving one last push for donations thru July 5th. As I wrote in the emails, if I have not raised enough money by the 5th, I will either return your donation, or will donate it to our AIDS foundation we will be featuring on the website on the July 1st update, on behalf of "friends of the gay guru". I hate asking for money, but if you would like to help send the Gay Guru to Chicago for the games, check out the website page HERE, for information on how you can donate. As I said, if enough donations arent raised, and I definitely realize times are tough on everyone right now, I will email you the option of returning the donation, or putting it towards the AIDS donation. Thanx again for all of your support here at the blog, the website, and trying to get the Guru to cover the Gay Olympics this year.

I have received some great feed back on the Celebrity Top or Bottom website and Political Heaven or Hell website, and have had some blogger friends offer to write the script code to make all of the tallying work right. I still would appreciate any feedback you have to the two sites. They are made just for fun, and I think they will be a couple fun sites to promote around the web. Go check them out and vote who you want to see sent to hell in the political world, and how you think Zach from "Saved By The Bell", is really like in the bedroom, LOL. I will let you know when the code is done on the sites and I will be promoting them to others outside the Gay Guru.

In the news, I only found a couple of news items that caught my eye, you can read them HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Lastly today, I am going to unfortunately have to add the option that will require putting in the code to authorize comments on the blog. I have tried to not have to resort to that and make it easy to comment, but I have now reached about 50 spam emails a day from the option being open. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but thats cyber progress for you, lol. Have a great day, be ready for some more hot Eye Candy tomorrow, as we get to another "HUMP"day Wednesday................GG


..:: YNAGER ' 65 ::..

Thanks for the shout, and back @ ya sweetie!

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