Friday, June 30, 2006

Fabulous Friday is Here, BloggerFriend Closetkeis, Amphibias Quad Runner Bike, The Cabana Islander, In The News, EVERYDAY Eye Candy

Fabulous Friday is here again blogger friends. A big shout out and thank you to my friend over at Closetkeis, who featured this blog on his yesterday. If you havent checked his blog out, WOW, he has some great pics and vids, but definitely for the "family". I have his blog on our "adult" links, and I definitely think you should pay a little visit, but probably not for our str8 friends and family. Closetkeis definitely has an eye for good looking and hot scenes of men, and his readers share files they have seen also. Welcome all Closetkeis fans, hope to have you back often here at the Gay Guru, you can sign up be on our Emailing list HERE, on the front page of our website. Speaking of the website, the new July 1st update goes up tomorrow and should be up by noon latest if not before. I have added a Health/Fitness page, (that I am still looking for an editor for, any volunteers??), a great Media Review page by new member of the Gay Guru family Bruce, who found some kewl new artists music to feature and review, also a couple movie reviews and a television review, there is more fun and exciting changes that I will fill you all in more about later.

My Fabulous Friday Finds this week are perfect for these summer months blogger friends. First, you have seen my other Fab Friday posts on The Hydra Spyder, and the The Amphibias Motor Home, now comes the first Amphibias Quad Runner Bike!! Being a sucker for amphibious vehicles, I find it really tough to let go of any amphibious vehicle announced! So, here is my next take on the amphibious vehicles list. Gibbs Technologies, known as the world’s only High Speed Amphibian technology specialist, has recently introduced Quadski, a prototype of the world’s first high-speed amphibian Quadbike/All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The cool amphibious bike is capable of travelling up to 50 mph on land and water and makes the transition at the flick of a switch. You have to check-out the video HERE, to see what this awesome thing can do. I am loving this thing.

Also for summer fun at the lake this year, In league with all the inflatable stuff we have written about time and again, this one definitely assures you and your friends a fun and relaxing summer! This inflatable raft is sure to make heads turn around on the beach. The Cabana Islander provides plenty of comfort and luxury for up to 6 fluky islanders. Constructed of heavy-gauge PVC with a boarding platform, center swim porthole and a detachable, wind-resistant, nylon shade, this is one island from which you'll hope you are never excluded! It also comprises of a floating 16-quart cooler with cup holders, and a rope grommet for tethering. It measures 76" L x 102" W x 82" H. The raft can carry a total weight of 1020 pounds and costs $320.The electric air pump is an optional extra though.

In the news, Arnie Skirts Gay Marriage In Log Cabin Speech HERE, PFLAG was invited to ring the closing bell - an honor usually reserved for the heads of new companies being listed on the exchange and foreign dignitaries - by the directors of the NYSE HERE, Former Wisconsin Governors Urge Rejection Of Anti-Gay Amendment HERE, and Arkansas Supreme Court Upholds Gay Fostering HERE. Pride weekends start slowing down this week, but we do have the kick-off of Montreal's Divers/Cite, that runs thru August 6th, and includes a GBLT parade on July 30th. And Paris France's "L’Europride 2006", winds down on Sunday, July 2nd.

Finally for today, I have decided, due to the overwhelming response of a little eye candy treat two days in a row, that .........drumroll please.......EVERYDAY will feature 2 new eye candy cuties. I will still continue "HUMP"day Wednesdays, with a full line up of hot eye candy, but since you all seem to enjoy it so much, and since I cannot seem to stop finding HOT pics on the internet, (not that I am looking of course, lol,) I should provide a couple of pics a day for you. Now if you get bored of looking at these hot guys, or you want me to mix it up with a hot female for our lezzie and str8 friends at the Gay Guru, let me know. For now, enjoy your weekend, and enjoy a little more Eye Candy.........GG



Nice pix!

Have a great holiday weekend GG!



Malfoy and Harry? Oh No You Diin't!


I totally want that cabana floaty thingy!! oh and the guy in the white shorts to float with me! ;-)

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