Friday, June 02, 2006

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Dont let the sun go down on your bloggers, it's Fabulous Friday once again. I love these little four day weeks, dont you? They just seem to fly by. Place your bets boys and girls, place your bets. One of our Fabulous Fridays finds is this cool bar/gaming table. You now don’t need to get a gaming table for your bar-room separately for this mahogany bar combines the casino table for high-rollers. The elegant bar features built-in wine rack and it converts to a blackjack, craps or roulette table in a flash and delivers all the action of real casino equipment. The game bar is built with solid wood wall panels and hardwood veneers and trims and includes casino accessories. The craps table compartment can also be used for hidden storage. The 4-in-1 Game Bar sells for $599.95. So, now you can get the fun and excitement of a casino in your private bar room!!
You ready to party outside this summer? Addicted to those darn reality shows that are on during summer? I have a way you can play outdoors, AND have a little Big Brother All-Stars action as well. Add Open-Air Theater luxury to your home with this SuperScreen Outdoor Theater System. The widescreen home entertainment system is made from rugged, puncture-resistant 7.5-ounce coated nylon and features a solid, seamless 13′ x 16′ screen which inflates in under five minutes with a turn of dial using a built-in fan. The system has tie-down straps for security, a portable DVD player, high-output DLP projector and stand. The outdoor theater system is priced at $9,999. The gigantic inflatable screen will make your pool parties more exciting and fun!!!! So, thinking to host a party by poolside…

I have got some great feedback on some of the items on the new website update for June 1st. If you havent had a chance to check it out yet, click here. I am actually taking some of that Cabana Boy Rum I talked about on the food/drink page, to a "Daquiri's and Darts" party this weekend. A guru buddy just got one of those new electronic dart games, like they have at the bars, for his basement, and we are gonna go try it out. As long as I dont have too many daquiri's, I should remember not to stand too close to the dartboard game while other people are throwing. I used to be in a gay darts league that went around to different bars, but those queens are COMPETITIVE!! I am
all about a nice friendly game of darts and throwing a few drinks back, but these guys were bringing briefcases full of dart tips, and whatever those little wingies are on the back of the dart, so they can build a 6 million dollar dart if the need arose. Every time they threw their darts I wanted to start making that Steve Austin theme music..dadadadadadadadada. (okay, not many will probably get that reference, but it cracked some of my teammates up at the time.) Hope you guys are going to have some fun in your weekend somehow or somewhere.

In the news today, UN AIDS Conference Ignores Gays, Money Targets. World leaders resisted setting exact financial targets Friday for the fight against AIDS, drawing criticism from activists who said rich nations are too worried about having to pay the bill. Rights groups and some delegations were also dismayed that a declaration capping the U.N. conference on AIDS failed to mention the people most at risk for the virus, including prostitutes, gay men and intravenous drug users. "I wish we could have been a bit more frank in our document about telling the truth," said Britain's development secretary, Hilary Benn. "Abstinence is fine for those who are able to abstain, but ... human beings like to have sex and they should not die because they do have sex." With the UN Conference meeting in NYC this week, AIDS and HIV are predominantly in the news. There are some other good stories here, here, and here. Our HIV Awareness editor for the web page, Mikey, will have lots more to report on the next website update on June 16th.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I have just seen a Brokeback Mountain parody that had me cracking up. Thank you Queerty for posting this. Two of my favorite old school, Saturday morning hotties, Zach and Slater, are the newest cast of "Brokeback by the Bell." You know the sequal is gonna have Screech join them in a three-way, OMG, did I just say that out loud, lol. So for your amusement..........

If you are part of the Gay Guru Emailing list, you should have received your first group mailing, I included a little secret for list friends only, telling them about a surprise interview I have landed with a great friend of the community, and a heckuva performer as well. Everyone who got the email remember, questions for "the performer," are due by tomorrow, Saturday, by 6pm. If you havent signed up for the Emailing List yet, you can send me an email HERE, or go to the homepage of the Gay Guru website, and enter the form in the front of the page. Thats it for now friends....have a Fabulous Friday........GG

and in honor of Zach and Slater......



"Abstinence is fine for those who are able to abstain, but ... human beings like to have sex and they should not die because they do have sex.".... AMEN! Now if we could only get these Religious Fright freaks outta everybody else's personal panties and back into their own small worlds.

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