Friday, June 23, 2006

Fabulous Fridays, Hot Seat Flip, Pool Lamps, Weekend Pride Festivals, In The News, and Fun and Surprises

It's Fabulous Friday's again blogger friends, and I found a couple nifty gadgets for summer as you have friends and relatives stopping by on vacation, and some hot accents for the perfect nightime soiree around the pool. Up first from HotSeat Incorporation, that is popular for its racing seats, will soon be launching a special hot seat, HotSeat Flip which will allow you to play games, watch movies and listen to music in Dolby Surround Sound. The extremely comfortable seat comes packed with surround sound video and gaming chassis and will feature 6 hi-fi speakers, wireless remote control, 3 audio inputs and subwoofers. The world’s first surround sound and gaming Loveseat Futon, is not just a hi-tech seat but it is extremely comfortable too. Like, if you want to snug comfortably like your bed then the hot seat can flip flat to a bed. Besides, the HotSeat has a neat and tidy design with all the wires hidden under its frame and the seat is available in a several frame colors and stylish fabrics, so it will compliment any decor. No word on the pricing is yet known, so keep visiting the company’ site, if you think you can’t do without one!!

Next, if you want to make your pool-party more happening then decorate your pool with these attractive floating pool lamps designed by Hector Serrano from Metalarte. The fancy lamps are rechargeable and are constructed of waterproof polyethylene, so, no worries of getting an electric-shock in case anybody wants to take a dip! The fascinating pool lamps are available only through selected design retailers for a price of $450 each. So, even if you don’t have a luxurious pool, then you could turn yours into one without any major expense…great idea!! Isn’t it!!

There are LOTS of Pride festivals this weekend, and the Gay Guru, wishes a safe and fun celebration to Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus OH, Denver, Dublin Ireland, Honolulu, Houston, NYC, Oklahoma City, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Seattle, St. Louis, and Toronto. I am trying to get out to Columbus Pride, but it's a 3 hour drive each way, and have a lot of other things to get done this weekend, so will play it by ear, I will be thinking of you all my Columbus Ohio friends.

In the news, I found This, This, and This interesting. If you have not read or heard about the Harvey Milk story, there is a fantastic documentary about it, that you can get at HERE. He was really the godfather of gay rights in San Francisco, controversial, but effective. It is a story you should really see, and I recommend it highly.

Thats all today blogger friends, I hope you all have a good weekend, I am not sure how my posting will be this weekend, because of the possible trip to Columbus for Pride, but I do have a surprise planned for sometime this weekend, and a major announcement on a fun new friend to The Gay Guru, that has created something I think is very funny and you will enjoy. Take a peek in a couple times this weekend for the surprise and announcement. Take care...........GG



Hey kiddo, been kinda MIA lately, but wanted to tell you to have a safe trip if ya do head out to Columbus. Personally, I think ya need to head out Cali way and hit San Diego's Pride Festival in July (hint-hint)...let's just say lots of your Eye Candy-type folks are out this way. ;) Take care, buddy, and have a fabulous weekend! :)


I believe I added this Harvey Milk DVD to my Netflix list already.


I just saw on the LOGO channel this morning a discussion about the director of the Harvey Milk movie .....

Speaking of LOGO..... if you have the channel (we have DirectTV) you MUST watch the U.S. of ANT. He is sooo fabulous. ANT travels around podunk areas of the country in search of gay folks to see how they live and what they do for fun.

And if you are a Madonna fan, go vote for your fav video of her's at LOGO under the Music category. I voted for the video for the song 'Music' (although I think 'Frozen' is a better video) but 'Music' has a special place in my heart.

While pregnant with BabyGirl, my beloved Bryan and his boyfriend Jerry would come fetch me to keep me company and to make sure I was okay (I had a very difficult pregnancy plus Hubby was working out of state often). Jerry has an AMAZING system in his car, and they would crank the song 'Music' up to make BabyGirl react to the boomin bass in utero. Then they'd both yank up my shirt and kiss and rub my very active belly saying "I wish I had a watermelon."

If you go to Columbus be careful...Take care sweetie.


Ok I took your advice Tina and watched the US OF ANT...Wow...what a HYSTERICAL show. Kudos to LOGO for having smart, fun, funny programming. Thanks for the tip!

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