Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, Cruisin' Magazine, Gay Pride Prep, Eye Candy

Happy "HUMP"day Wednesday bloggerites and friends. Wow, those three day weekends make the time go by quick!! As you know, the website update needs to be done by tomorrow, so this will be a very short post, and get right to the eye candy momentarily. June is already here tomorrow, and that means for the GLBT community, that PRIDE festivals and parades kick into high gear. I am not sure if you remember a while back, but I was asked to write for a local gay magazine that goes out to the tri-state area of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, called Cruisin' Magazine. It is distributed free of charge to all of the bars in the area and publishes about 15-20 thousand copies a month. Well, my first story goes in this months issue on June 2nd. I wrote a little humor piece on preparing for Gay Pride. I will share it with you now, and if it is horrible, let me know. I need to know if I can show my face in any of the bars around here again, LOL. Enjoy the article, enjoy the eye candy......have a great day.........GG

It's Pride season again. For the newly initiated queer, I offer you
the Gay Guru's Pre-Pride checklist.

2 Weeks before Pride:

Begin cleansing diet: Fruits for the fruit. No Meat, veggies,
soda, or candy to lose those last pesky 7 pounds and bring
body fat percentage back to 3%. Drink lots of water.

Double your workouts at the gym or sleep with a cute gym bunny
who has access to free 14 day trial gym memberships

Buy the unlimited tanning membership, instead of the current
5 visits for $10 dollars.

1 week before Pride:

Change cleansing diet to fruit flavored lifesavers for rest of meals.
Slowly exchange vodka for water to prepare for the weekend.

Exchange one workout a day for cellulite removal and begin laser
tattoo removal of name of boy you met at last years Pride.

Begin color coordinating outfits to highlight the tan, and work
with the expected bead colors you will be wearing after showing
off your kibble and bits.

1 day before Pride:

Dont eat to ensure waif like circuit boy physique for the big day.
Go to liquor store to purchase Cabana Boy rum and Grey Goose.

Forget gym, do 1000 sit-ups to do final chiseling of abs.

Put all color coordinated shirts back in the closet, you wont be
wearing them anyway. Spring for final Spray-on tan.

Day of Pride:

Let any hottie at the festival park buy you the first piece of
meat you have had in 14 days at the aptly named sausage shack.

Dance, Dance, Dance, to sweat and make that newly formed six pak
and pecs glisten.

Dont forget where you left your pants after a night full of Pride
after-parties, you already dont have a shirt......Enjoy!!!

And in honor of PRIDE kick-off...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Prom King in California, NY Mayor Bloomberg, AIDS Funding Lost, Emailing List, MEME Monday (on tuesday)

Hey blogger buddies. The holiday weekend is over and time to get back to some serious Guru'ing. Next website update is just a couple days away, so I will be very busy updating all of the pages the next 48 hours or so. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and for those that got the extra day off, took some time to think about the meaning of the extra day, but still got in some good BBQ time and spent it with family and friends. I used yesterday to talk about my feelings on Memorial Day, and let slide our newest feature, MEME Mondays, so will put a fun little meme on the end to make up for it.

I wanna start out with a big shout out to SoCalGal, a huge friend and supporter to this blog, who has recently started her own blog, as an homage to all the Ross-a-holic fans of Ross The Intern, from the Tonight Show. I hope you check it out. Any who-who, SoCal was kind enough to forward me along, a fabulous article out of Southern California, that brought a tear to my eye, and a spring in my step. It seems that Murrieta Valley High School, for the last 5 years, have attended "unity forums," in which students gather in groups to learn more about each other through coordinated activities and exercises meant to break down stereotypes and foster acceptance. Well, the forums seem to be working, because I am happy to announce, a homosexual prom king, and a special needs prom queen have shattered the norms at Murrieta Valley. Murrieta Valley High School seniors Chad King and Taylor Osland are popular, well-liked students at the campus. Chad, 18, has been openly homosexual since his sophomore year. Taylor, 19, has Down syndrome and alopecia, which has caused her to be bald. But instead of ostracism, the two teens have been embraced by their peers, who don't see them in derogatory ways. In fact, it's just the opposite, as the two students were recently voted prom king and queen. "I'm proud of our students to act and make every person feel they are absolutely the best," said Principal Renate Jefferson. "It was a truly magical moment." The article is one of the most positive things I have read in ages, and I am truly thankful for SoCalGal to forward it along to me. The writer of the article left her email addy on the bottom of the story, so I am going to try to see if I can get in touch with Chad, the prom king, thru her for his story, and the school, to find out more about these "diversity forums". I think they should be mandatory in every school in the nation. It's the high school kids of today, that are going to break the barriers of tomorrow.

In the news, there are lots of stories from all over the country about the upcoming "gay marriage" ammendment coming up, and how it is playing out in different states everywhere. The most confusing comes from NYC, where on Wednesday, attorneys for New York mayor Michael Bloomberg will ask the state's highest court to uphold an appeals court ruling that overturned a Manhattan judge's decision that said denying gay and lesbian couples the right to marry is unconstitutional. But on Sunday Bloomberg said he supports same-sex marriage. For many the juxtaposition of the two positions seems odd - seldom does someone in a lawsuit suggest they want to lose. But it is indicative of the tightrope the mayor is walking on the issue. Bloomberg has consistently told the LGBT community that he supports same-sex marriage and that he is only fighting the Manhattan ruling because he fears that with judges in other parts of the state ruling for continuing the ban on gay marriage there could be confusion over where marriages would be legal and where they would remain banned. In his weekly radio address on Sunday Bloomberg marked this week's beginning of LGBT Pride month in New York. He said that if the court rules that the city can issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples gay and lesbian partners could immediately head to City Hall. If the court rules the other way, Bloomberg said he will work with the state Legislature to make gay marriage legal.

California could lose millions of dollars for HIV and AIDS treatment under a federal proposal to shift more funding to rural and Southern states, local health officials say. This is especially troubling for me, since California is where The Gay Guru's friend, and HIV Awareness editor for the website, Mikey resides. "We will not even be able to cover our basic medical care needs. That's how devastating it is," said Donna Fleming, a disease control manager for Orange County. The county's $4.8 million annual allotment could drop below $1 million within five years, she said. The funding proposal, which a Senate health committee approved by a 19-1 vote earlier this month, acknowledges complaints by lawmakers from rural and Southern states that urban areas have received a disproportionate amount of the $2 billion in annual federal HIV funds. Believe me, I am not for the South to get less money to fight and prevent this disease, but for MORE money for everyone, not money taken away from anyone. Mikey will address some of this in our next website update.

All righty, time to get to the website updating. It will be up sometime Thursday, June 1st. If you have not yet signed up to be on the Gay Guru's Email List, go over to the website and sign up, so you will be the first to find out about website updates, events and contests, and other special Gay Guru announcements. Your email address will not be given out to anybody and you will not be spammed. Also take the time to put yourself on the map, the Frappr map that is, on the left hand side of this blog. Let me know where all you are from and the diversity we are truly reaching world wide. Okay, on to the fun MEME and I hope you all have a terrific week...............GG

Okay, so this is kinda sending goosepimples up my arms. I hope I can live up to it, I care about you all very much and hope we are all getting something out of this blog and website together!!

Your Hidden Talent

You have the power to persuade and influence others.

You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.

The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.

Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!

And in Honor of Prom Nights.....

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day, Anti-Gay Ammendmant, AIDS Resources Squandered, Moscow Pride

To all my blogger friends on Memorial Day. I have enjoyed my couple of days off spending time with fellow gay campers and friends. Yet I have a heavy heart that a regular schmo like me is able to bond with fellow GLBT brothers and sisters over a beer and some bbq, while gay men and women serving this very second to ensure my country's safety and freedoms, must
not celebrate or memorialize or fellowship, with other GLBT in their company, without fear of reprisal and getting kicked out of their livelihood for whom they love. Please take some time today, as you memorialize all of your relatives and friends who have sacrificed for their country, and remember that we are living in a time when the GLBT community may not serve their fellow americans proudly, but must hide in fear and shame, may not have the protections and rights that our str8 friends and family enjoy, and that our very government, that was formed to give Americans freedom from oppression and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is nearly 10 days away from actually putting language into our wonderful Constitution, that would oppose freedom in America for certain people, the gays. I ask all of you, my blogger friends, to take time this week to truly memorialize all that everyone has done for us that have come before us. Gay and straight, black and white, rich and poor, men and women, should be honored for answering the call to serve our country. Please take the time this week to visit the American Veterans for Equal Rights. Take time this week to write your local Senators and Congressmen, urging them NOT to write discrimination into our Constitution. Take time this week to remember why this country was formed, what our founding fathers had in mind for our personal freedoms and inalienable rights.

In the news, Frist Acknowledges Anti-Gay Amendment Aimed At Energizing GOP Base. With Republicans on the defensive and for the first time in six years facing the potential of a crushing defeat at the polls in November Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is turning to the issue that successfully galvanized the GOP's conservative in the past banning gay marriage - to reverse the party's lagging support. He also is pushing an amendment to bar flag burning. Asked if these were the two issues were the most important the Senate can address in June - with the nation facing escalating gas prices and a host of other problems, Frist said his agenda will focus on securing the country and its values. "That union between a man and a woman is the cornerstone of our society. It is under attack today ... [by] activist judges, unelected activist judges," he said. The proposed amendment would bar same-sex couples from marrying, block courts and state legislatures allowing gay marriage, nullify marriages already performed in Massachusetts - the only state in the country where they are currently legal - and according to critics possibly block civil unions and override domestic partner laws.

Also, denial, food shortages and squandered resources were among the problems preventing thousands of AIDS patients from getting treatment in countries hardest hit by the disease, according to a report by treatment activists. The findings were in an update released Wednesday by the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition, a group that reported in November on the reasons countries failed to meet the U.N. goal of treating 3 million people infected by HIV and AIDS by the end of 2005. Only 1.3 million people received treatment. The report focused on six of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic the Dominican Republic, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia and South Africa. An international alliance of AIDS activists has called for setting a new treatment target of "10 by 10" 10 million people having access to treatment by 2010, the coalition said.

And finally, after much anticipation and controversy, Moscow police moved quickly Saturday to end a gay pride march, and prevent a counter demonstration from organizing in the Russian capital. Police staid that 200 people were detained by police, including Nikolai Alekseyev, one of the organizers of the pride march. A police spokesperson said that about 120 of those arrested were members of the gay march, the others were part of a counter demonstration. While police were arresting the gay marchers other officers were rounding up skinheads, members of a far right political group and supporters of the Russian Orthodox Church who were gathering not far away to form a counter protest. Earlier this month police had to form a human chain to hold back more than 150 skinheads and Russian Orthodox Church supporters from rushing a gay event at a Moscow club. Skinheads hurled tomatoes and plastic bottles at the gays while members of the Church held religious icons and prayed. One gay man was reportedly beaten unconscious.

I appologize if the post today is rather somber, but we are in a somber
time in our nations history, and this should be a somber holiday, not
just an excuse for a three day weekend and bbq's, though celebration of our veterans is not a bad thing. I cannot speak for veterans, I decided not to serve, and dont regret it or doubt my patriotism for a minute. I do however respect the choices made by our GLBT brotheren in the service, and honor their commitment. I cannot be forced to hide who I am from my employer, or a commander, it is not who I am, even though I believe in the right to not have to live my sexuality on my sleeve as well. I just want to be given the choice, without fear or recrimination. Thanks again to all veterans, and your honor be felt in your life, not just a day of the year .....GG

And in honor of our Veterans and our Great Country..

Friday, May 26, 2006

Fabulous Friday, Dolphin Diving, Tornado Warning, Gay Rugby, HIV from Apes, X-MEN III, Off Camping

I am off to the campsite in the morning blogger friends, which means we can share another FABULOUS Friday together. Love going out on the SkiDoo or Jet Ski?? eeeeeeee!! Tacky buzzer, that is SOOOO yesterday. Check out the newest in water, offers the Dolphin Watercraft. It is an aquatic vessel shaped like a dolphin. The high performance submersible watercraft uses forward momentum coupled with variable pitch which allows it to perform freestyle tricks, like a dolphin. The dolphin watercraft is constructed of fiberglass and Kevlar over a urethane foam core and can achieve speeds up to 30 mph on the surface and 20 mph below the surface. Though, the company’s one-seater model is only used for demonstration purposes but Innespace will be soon up with its new two-seater model, which is expected to be available by next summer. How much do I wanna have one of these babies!!

For about 15 minutes last night, there was potential here at the Gay Guru to have a very UNfabulous Friday. For my first time living in Ohio, I was minding my own business, working on some 'puter stuff, when I hear the air raid sirens go off. A tornado alert was activated all over the county where I live. I got off the computer, turned on the TV and sure enough, trusty NBC weathermen were talking about what to do, what to do. Now mind you, our local weatherman dont get much work here unless it snows a lot, so rain and wind is a big deal for them. I am pretty sure I saw Tom Cruise in a scene from "War of the Worlds", on one of the weather monitors behind my weatherguy. Usually I take my weather guys here in NE Ohio with a grain of salt, sure there was 1 tornado over 20 years ago, but I was not about to go into panic mode. I called Mama Guru, (her and papa guru never watch local programming, and cant hear well,) and sure enough when they hit the mute to take my call heard the sirens and I got them down into their basement just in case. (Don't fret too much, if you are from the West, like I am, I always thought going to the basement, meant flopping over those big outside doors into the ground. In NE Ohio here, it means going downstairs to the family room, extra kitchen, tool room and wet bar.) I then called str8 mate Jay, who was more in the path of the "possible" hurricane than I was, so if he wasnt blowing away, I wasnt going to worry too much. His g/f was at work and he was home alone, so he was bummed his condo didnt have a basement, but what the heck, we both went outside, (I know, we are morons,) and didnt see anything and just kept chatting till the warning passed 25 minutes later. No big deal, a lot of rain and lightning and a bit of wind, but we missed the tornado. I guess a small one hit some farms about 20 minutes from us. Anyway, drama over, but were you scared for me just a
In the news today, New York City, the city where the memory of the 2001 terror attacks lingers most painfully, will for the first time this weekend host a rugby tournament honoring Sept. 11 hero Mark Bingham, an openly gay man and avid rugby player who died on United Flight 93. The Bingham Cup is open to gay rugby teams and pays tribute to Bingham, who is believed to have been one of the passengers who fought the hijackers on Flight 93, forcing the plane to crash in rural Pennsylvania instead of Washington, D.C. "Mark's legacy was that he showed a lot of people that a gay man can be a good athlete in a rough contact sport like rugby and that a gay man can also be heroic," said Scott Glaessgen, a member of the New York team, the Gotham Knights, who met Bingham through their shared interest in the sport. The Bingham Cup comes at a time of heightened interest into what happened aboard Flight 93, which was dramatized in the recently released "United 93." The film portrays the gut-wrenching story of the flight that crashed in a Pennsylvania field after Bingham and other passengers rallied against their hijackers and tried to recapture control of the jet.

And in a big "Take That", to the God police that blamed AIDS on us gays, twenty-five years after the first AIDS cases emerged, scientists have confirmed that the HIV virus plaguing humans really did originate in wild chimpanzees, in a corner of Cameroon. "We're 25 years into this pandemic," Hahn said. "We don't have a cure. We don't have a vaccine. But we know where it came from. At least we can make a check mark on one of those." It was not known how prevalent the virus was in chimps in the wild, or how genetically or geographically diverse it was, complicating efforts to pin down the jump from animal to man. Hahn's team tested chimp feces for SIV antibodies, finding them in a subspecies called Pan troglodytes troglodytes in southern Cameroon. The first human known to be infected with HIV was a man from Kinshasa in the nearby country of Congo who had his blood stored in 1959 as part of a medical study, decades before scientists knew the AIDS virus existed. Presumably, someone in rural Cameroon was bitten by a chimp or was cut while butchering one and became infected with the ape virus. That person passed it to someone else.

Mark Bingham

I went to the very first 10am showing of X-MEN III this morning. It was not all I was hoping for, but it was not a bad movie either. First off, I guess I am not as big a geek as I think I am for having to see the movie like first thing when it comes out. The theatre was packed, and you should have heard these mostly heterosexual boys whooping and whollering for the previews for "Ghost Rider", with Nicholas Cage, and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend", with Uma Thurman and Owen Wilson. There are some devoted comic guys out there. While I am sure that most of these guys were there to see Jean Gray/Phoenix/Famke Janssen, and Storm/Halle Berry, it was a great moment when Magneto/Ian McKellen, makes a snarky comment about "homosapiens", it was classic and you could hear a pin drop. I wont spoil the movie for anyone, the effects were great, there were mutants a plenty, my only beefs I guess was it having only about an hour forty-five run time and how many roles were relegated to short or extended cameos. With out giving anything away, hottie Ben Foster as Angel, only showed up for 4 VERY brief scenes. If you are a fan, you will enjoy the story and the effects. I was just expecting a bit more.

Well all you blogger friends, I hope you get 3 days off this weekend and have a FABULOUS time, starting today with Fab Friday. I will probably be taking off to the campground tomorrow morning and staying at least one night if not 2. Unfortunately I do not have a laptop, so I probably will not be posting anything on Saturday and possibly Sunday. While I am gone, take time to check out old postings, get over to the website and fill out a "hot date or couple of the week" form, send a question to "ask the guru", and sign up for our Email mailing list, so you can be notified on site updates, contests, breaking information, etc. Also take the time to put yourself on my Frappr Map, just click on the top left part to add your name and addy to my map. Enjoy bloggers, will talk again soon.........GG

A little traveling music for my Camping Trip by Kenny Chesney

Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol, Clay "Ringo" Aiken, X-Men 3, Fired Over HIV, Brittish Gay Pride

Howdy blogger friends, we are one step closer to the three day weekend. I need to spend some time today on that restaurant project I told you about earlier, so am going to have a shorter post, and two videos I am sure most of you have seen by now, but for the 3 that havent..... Not having TIVO, I watched the first hour of Idol last night, then switched to the season finale of LOST that I have been hooked on since day 1. I did flip back and forth during LOST commercials, and I gotta say, that was probably the most music biz power the show has ever seen, I was really impressed by the talent. Just Prince and Mary J Blige alone would have been stellar. One of the videos below is Clay Aikens surprise on that Clay wannabee. It was a kewl moment, and I was happy for the guy, but you gotta crack up a bit about Clay now trying to be the 5th Beatle, and Ryan having to get a chair for the star struck guy, so he would stop singing and let Clay actually not muck up the song like the wannabee was doing. Also it was the first time, and a welcome change, that Ryan didnt take 10 years and 3 commercial breaks to announce the winner, I liked that a lot. A huge congrats to Taylor Hicks, although I was pulling for McFeeever!! I know Katherine will have as big a career as Taylor though, just mark my words.

Also if you have been under a rock or playing Halo non stop on your x-box for the last few weeks, I have the video of the long trailer for the "X-MEN III," movie that opens tomorrow, and to which I will be there at the first showing at my local cineplex. Of course it really does bug me as the Gay Guru, that if this movie was about a cure for homosexuality, and a highly visable group of gay advocates that rallied around stopping it, the movie would probably have been boycotted, not hit my local cineplex if ever for 3 more months, and if the movie made 10 million dollars it would be considered huge. BUT.........since this is a fictitious movie about a cure for people being different from the mainstream, and a highly visable group with kewl super powers rally around stopping it, the movie is "highly anticipated", booked at over 12 screens within a 15 mile radius of me, and will probably pass 100 million dollars in its first 10 days or less.

There is a lot in the news today, but due to time I am gonna give you two to think about. An HIV-positive man has sued his Charlotte doctor, saying he was denied a promotion after the doctor faxed confidential medical records to his office. His boss found the report, and he experienced discrimination at work, said the man, identified only as John Doe in the lawsuit filed in Guilford County Superior Court earlier this month. It also caused him severe anxiety and depression, the lawsuit said. It's a misdemeanor in North Carolina to release the name of AIDS and HIV patients. The report contained Doe's diagnosis, symptoms, compliance with his medication regimen and other personal information, the lawsuit said. Doe said he specifically told Lackey's office not to release any medical information on him without permission.

And a fun report to balance out a lot of bad news today, One of Britain's biggest retailers is seeing pink this month as Selfridges' Birmingham store throws itself into the city's gay pride celebration. The store, clad in thousands of shining metal disks, is one of the landmarks in modern Birmingham and beginning this week lights that shine on the building at night have been tinted pink. But a pink facade isn't all that Selfridges is doing. Pink champagne will be served in the men's Superbrands area. Up on the third floor in the Menswear department there will be go-go boys and drag queens performing. And on Sunday Mr Gay UK will hold court.

With Memorial Day weekend starting tomorrow, and my probably camping trip, I will be doing sporadic posting over the next couple of days. Please keep checking back, and be sure to remember this is last weekend to submit "hot date/couple of the week", "ask the guru", and other imput for the website. If you havent signed up yet for the monthly newsletter and submitted your email addy over at the website, be sure to do that too. Talk soon....GG

And in honor of Clay Aikens new Beatles Doo.........

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Humpday Eye Candy, Anderson Cooper Redux, The Whopperettes, Scottish Church Considers Gay Blessing, Prom, Gay Camping

Yup, it's that day of the week bloggerites, "HUMP"day Wednesday has made a full rotation around the week, and is upon us again. Please try to maintain your enthusiasm and have a little read before jumping directly to the "eye candy" portion of this blog, (yes SoCal, this means you.) First today, is a little addendum to my Anderson Cooper post of yesterday. I didnt want to unfairly speak of him and his new book like I did yesterday without having read the book. Thanx to Papa Guru, after he enrolled in Evelyn Wood's Speed Reading Dynamics, (I am not making this up, papa is a geek and really did,) I decided to glance the material over, and I too can "speed read" when necessary. I do not prefer it, but it comes in handy sometimes. I went to Border's Bookstore, and skimmed thru the book in about 15 minutes. I wanted to see if he indeed made any mention of his sexuality in the book at all, and with my quick skim, I saw no reference. There was a portion on a trip to Africa where someone made an offhanded remark about the AIDS epidemic and how it relates to the black mans sex drive, but that was about it. So yes, I am still a little bummed about him not bringing his orientation up at all. Why?? Again, nobody should have to wear his sexual orientation on his sleeve, I would like to say that it doesnt matter in the world, but it does. Anderson got 1 million dollars for this book and it will be read my millions of people. He speaks of his personal life growing up with a famous mom and how that affected him, the death of his father and brother and how that affected him, and how the atrocities at some of what he had to report about affected him. Would it not show strength of character at how his realizing his orientation affected him, or colored how he saw some of the events he reported on? Could he not put a more human face once again on what an average man in an unaverage profession feels like, just the same as everyone else. Could he not be a role model to many boys who have gone thru and seen horrible circumstances, and show the light at the end of the tunnel if you just perservere? I still have my crush on Anderson, but we would have to have some serious conversations, before he could be my man.
So remember those cheesy soft drink commercials for Fanta, featuring the Fantanetts?? Well, I thought they were kinda fun and camp and retro at the time. Who would have thought the marketing genius of putting hot babes in skimpy clothes to sell something? I know, a novel approach that you cant help wondering why it is not used more often, LMAO!! Anyway, I indulged my friends whopper fixation, by meeting him at Burger King for lunch today. (I have never really frequented BK and lately that King guy just kinda creeps me out.) What do they have featured on the table tents at BK?? The newest sensation in sexploitation marketing...the Whopperettes. I am not making this up, you gotta click on the link to believe it. They will custom make your own Whopperette musical number for you, OMG, am I the last person in the country to know about this?? Anyway, hit me as funny, so I thought I would share.

In a slow news day, The Church of Scotland has put off making a final decision on a proposal to bless same-sex unions in a contentious meeting of the denomination's General Assembly. The Assembly then voted 372 - 240 to leave it up to individual ministers to decided if they would perform the blessings. But the Assembly also decided that the issue was so divisive it would refer the question to individual presbyteries to hold a vote and the issue will return to the Assembly for a final decision next year. The Church of Scotland is the country's national church. If it decides to allow the blessings church-wide it would make it the first major denomination in the United Kingdom to bless gay unions.

In the "dont we have bigger fish to fry," department, a male high school student who has worn women's clothes to school all year was turned away from his prom because he was wearing a dress. Sylvester Rowan, assistant to Gary Schools Superintendent Mary Steele, said the decision to exclude Logan was based on "the dress code, not the student's homosexuality. That's his personal preference." Logan received an $85 refund for his prom ticket on Tuesday but was not satisfied.

This is not really intended to mock the case, just funny pic

In a bit of synergy, I would like to give you this link back to the original beginning of "HUMP"day Wednesday, for two reasons: First, it gives you two chances in one post to look at some hot guys, and second, with this weekend being Memorial Day, I wanted to link you to my "gay camping", post again. This post has links where to find gay campgrounds across the US and abroad. If you havent made any plans for the three day weekend yet, this might be a great place to start. A lot of the campgrounds have accomodations available if you dont have a tent or camper. I think that I will be spending a day or two at the local "Circle JJ Ranch" this weekend, here in Ohio.

I am starting to get a lot more traffic to this site and the main website and MySpace page, and I want to again thank you all for your support. Please tell all of your friends and family about us, and check back often. I am trying to stay as personally involved with everyone as I can, and I would really appreciate if you could add you name and email to our growing list at the website sign up box. Remember, you will not be spammed by outside sites, and I guarantee your name and email will be kept in strict confidence. Also please take a second and go to the left here and add yourself to my Frappr Map. I know I have lots of readers from other countries, but no one is on the map yet.

All right, here goes our weekly supply of eye candy. Don't ruin your sweet tooth by taking in too much at once, keep coming back and looking all you want. Remember that I do not own any copyright to any of these images, they are just hot guys I find on my travels of cyberland. If you own the copyright to any of these pics and want them removed, please email me, and I will remove immediately...enjoy...GG

In honor of our prom guy who got turned away, our selection today is from Aerosmith

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Late Blogging, Anderson Cooper, NY Assemblyman Cops a Feel, Americans Split on Marriage Amendment, Log Cabin Republicans, American Idol, New Cartoon

Okay, this is my second try at writing this post. Hello blogger friends, my computer decided to blow up and delete my near completed post, and now I am starting again from scratch. So what started as a late post has become even later, sorry 'bout that. I have been doing some consulting for a friend on a new bar in the area and something I might be a partner of, so thats been my distraction lately. I am at a contemplation point right now on this blog and websites journey. I am brought to that point by having watched Anderson Cooper on Oprah. Anderson to me is kinda like McDreamy is to Meridith Grey, in "Grey's Anatomy," except we arent both reporters and he didnt exactly sleep with me the night before my first big day at CNN. I find him very attractive, smart, funny and is not afraid to tell the news as it is, with his full emotion behind it sometimes. He is on Oprah to talk about his memoir he has written, to which it was reported he was paid over 1 million dollars for. I haven't read it yet, but plan on picking it up this week. Here's the contemplation point; I am making a reputation for myself as the Gay Guru, and I need to contemplate exactly what that means. Here is McDreamy, umm, I mean Anderson, being interviewed on Oprah about his memoir, but the fact that he is gay, (and hopefully likes cute furry, cuddly chubby bears,)is never brought up. Now the memoirs title is "Dispatches from the Edge," and is about the wars he has covered and the things he has seen during his reporting, and not wanting people to forget Katrina, etc. However, it also does talk about some personal history such as the death of his father and brother and a bit about his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. Now I dont expect Anderson's sexuality to be a topic on his show, that is his job and has nothing to do with him being gay or not, (though there is room to discuss how his compassion relates to being gay,) but when he is being interviewed as himself on Oprah, should he take the opportunity and bring it up? Does everything I write about have to be gay-centric? Can I just write about seeing my McDreamy on Oprah and how dapper he looked in his crisp blue suit, and not worry about my concerns he didnt bring up his sexuality? Unfortunately, because I didnt read the book first before I wrote this, I dont even know if his acknowledging being gay, is in there. Should I call him on it if it isnt? Since he got paid 1 million dollars to talk about his feelings and experiences, should it be mentioned? Am I going to have to send some roses to him if he DID mention it and I am rambling on for no apparent reason? So there blogger friends is my contemplation point, feel free to comment if you wish, while I mull it over in my brain a bit if I have to be "all gay, all the time."

In the news, to give the Republicans some fodder, we have an Assemblyman from New York, who abruptly resigned his seat last week, after being accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward a male intern. Democrat, Ryan Karben, isn't talking, neither is anyone else - at least not officially - but the rumor mills in New York and Albany are rife with reports from "sources" of the alleged advances. Karben, an Orthodox Jew, is married with a family. The 31-year-old represented Rockland County, north of Manhattan. Under Assembly rules, members are banned from fraternizing with interns. A number of state newspapers, quoting unnamed sources within the Democratic Party, say that an intern complained to Assembly officials that Karben had made sexual overtones. Just when we thought our Democratic sex jokes are over, now we have to listen to more crap from the Conservatives. So was Karben just practicing to get ready for a run at the White House?? believe I said that.

A new poll shows that Americans are pretty evenly divided over the need for an Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment. The Annual Gallup Values and Beliefs survey found that only 39 percent of the public believes same-sex couples should be allowed to marry - about the same number as Gallup found last year. But when the question came to amending the US Constitution people are almost evenly divided. Fifty percent said yes but 47 percent oppose an amendment. The poll found that Democrats, women and younger people were more apt to support same-sex marriage and oppose an amendment. Two-thirds of Republicans favor a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage while a majority of Democrats - 55 percent - oppose an amendment. While the 2006 poll, taken May 8-11 shows 39 percent support for gay marriage i 1996 only 27 percent of Americans thought same-sex marriages deserved the same recognition as opposite-sex marriages. "While we're not there yet on marriage fairness, the trend is in our favor," Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Jay Smith Brown told Do we need further proof how important it is to let our voices be heard?? The time to 'speak softly and carry a big stick', is over. We need to raise our voices to the rooftops and let people know that the American Constitution is not a place for discrimination.

After four years at the helm of the nation's largest LGBT Republican organization,Patrick Guerriero has announced he is leaving Log Cabin Republicans. By the time he leaves Log Cabin in September, Guerriero will have traveled over 750,000 miles, visiting over 300 cities and towns in all 50 states on behalf of the group. "It has been a humbling experience leading Log Cabin Republicans during the past four years," Guerriero said. "I’m proud of what thousands of courageous Log Cabin members across America have accomplished as we work to build an inclusive Republican Party and a better America." I ad this because I met and talked with Mr. Guerriero at a few events in Massachussetts when I lived there, and he was a very stand-up guy. I still cant figure out what Log Cabin Republicans are all about, and exactly what help they have been politically to the gay community. Mr Guerriero was at least the first out deputy chief of staff, for a republican Governor. More points to ponder I guess.

In This and That, Thanx to all of you who went to the website to register your emails for our new monthly newsletter and reminders of website updates and upcoming contests and stuff. If you havent added your email yet, go there now and do it, your email address is kept strictly confidential and you will not be spammed from parties outside the Gay Guru.

You only have until Monday to submit questions for "Ask The Guru", or to apply to be considered our "Hot Date and Hot Couple of the Week", or to tell your story about yourself or how AIDS has affected someone you love, at Mikeys email on the "HIV Awareness" page of the website.

OMG!! American Idol is gonna be a nail biter tomorrow. Actually I think Taylor Hicks will win due to having a HUGE following, and to the stupid judges telling him that he has won and getting it in the voting publics mind, (I hate when they do that). I really thought both of the original songs they had to sing tonight sucked Guru Turban, but Hicks did add a lot more emotion to his sucky song. I actually thing that whoever wins this one though, the runner-up will have at least as much runner up fame as Clay Aiken. He is the biggest 'second place idol contestant', leader in record sales. I wish I could see the finale tomorrow night, but I HAVE TO WATCH LOST!!!! I have so much invested in this show, that I am afraid to even channel hop on this big season finale. I need TIVO

If you checked it out when I blogged about it earlier, the second edition of The Mighty Woofables, is up on the website. Do yourself a favor and check out this fabulously drawn comic and it's cast of characters......Laterz Friends....GG

Monday, May 22, 2006

MEME Mondays, Religious Bigots Confronted, AIDS Vigil in Ohio, Equality Ride, Email Sign-Up, Writers/Musicians Wanted, Musical Posts

I'm back blogger friends, thanx for putting up with quickee posts over the weekend, it was very busy for me. Nothing special, just lots of personal stuff to get done and a few things for GG too. Little longer post today. I have decided to name yet another day friends. In addition to our "HUMP"day Wednesdays and FABULOUS Fridays, I am officially announcing MEME Mondays!! Taa daa!! Each monday I am going to give you a quick meme about myself and ask you to let me know about you as well, and put up one of those silly one's where you find out your porn star name or color of your pet's aura thing-a-ma-bobs. It's a fun way to get back into the motivation of a new week. Let's start it off with these....

Places I have Lived........
California: 6 different cities
Oregon: 3 different cities
New York: 2 different cities
Massachussetts: 1 city
Ohio: 4 different cities

Jobs I have Done.....(Some at Same Time)

Restaurant Manager/Hourly: 16 Years
Temporary Agency Placement Specialist: 1 Year
YMCA Youth Program Director: 4 Years
Uniform Salesman: 2 Years
Customer Service Specialist 1 year
Gay Guru: 2 Months

Favorite Hobbies......

You Are 52% Open Minded

You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded.

Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.

But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.

You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself.

Hmmmmmmmm..........I Can Agree With That

In the news, those religious bigots, the Westboro Baptist Church loonies that consists mostly of the Fred Phelps family, were confronted with anger and violence this weekend. The Kansas group, carrying signs reading "God Hates Fags," "Fags Doom Nations" and "Vengeance is Mine, Sayeth the Lord," was met by a crowd of about 1,000 angry counter-demonstrators shouting "USA! USA!," as well as various taunts and obscenities. Passing motorists honked their horns and hundreds of motorcycle riders revved their engines in an attempt to drown out the church members' shouts. Some counter-demonstrators hurled eggs, stones and water bottles. Despite the violence, police department spokesman Capt. Gary Flood said he believed area residents showed "good restraint." Hell yea, a couple eggs, a little assault and a slashed tire, is the LEAST of what these idiots should be having done to them!! (Well, I dont condone physical violence really, but they do deserve a good bitch slapping!!)

In local news for me, in Warren, Ohio, The Trumbull County AIDS Taskforce, held it's annual AIDS Candlelight Vigil, at the historic Courthouse Square, last night from 8 - 9:30pm. It was beautifl and moving with over 200 luminaire lights and a pair of shoes next to each of them, covering the courthouse walks. Each pair of empty shoes represented someone who has died of AIDS in Trumbull county. With Mikey's help, we will not forget!!

BYU in Utah, reprimanded, but did not expel, Five students who participated in last month's Equality Ride demonstration at the University. Four of the five were among 29 people arrested during two days of demonstrations on the campus. The other student was involved in the protest outside the university grounds. The university's Honor Code Office placed all five on probation. While BYU's Honor Code does not explicitly bar gay students it does forbid them from having sex or from advocating for a "gay lifestyle". The Equality Ride was a 51 day cross-country trip organized by the nondenominational group Soulforce to draw attention to schools that bar gay enrolment. If you havent heard of the Equality Ride, shame on you, it's probably the only recent example of quality activism in a peaceful and thought provoking way.

I have added an email sign-up button, on the first page of the main website. I am encouraging everyone to go to the website, and add your name to this list. It will be used to send out updates on the website, announcements about events and contests, and eventually to send out our upcoming monthly newsletter. Your email addresses will be kept safe and confidential, and will not be used for any spamming for any purpose. Only legitimate Gay Guru announcements will be sent out over the email list.

I am also putting out an open call for writers and musicians for the website. At this time, all work and music supplied is voluntary with no pay involved. Eventually, if the site and blog begin making any money, I will put that money back into the site and help supplement the writers and musicians when I can. I am looking for people to write about Health and Fitness, Technology and Gaming, Music/Movies/TV, Lesbian Issues, and any other hot topics you consider relative to the GLBT community. Remember that our content is primarily PG13 rated for the entire community AND our friends and families. I also currently have only featured mainstream musicians and bands that have had some commercial succes. I would really like to change that to feature new and up and coming musicians and bands. It would be free exposure and it would feature an interview/profile with yourself or group on a page in the website. You would be cross promoted on the blog and Myspace page as well. Anyone interested in being considered for writing or as a musician, please respond to this post, or email me at......

Lastly, I have decided to add a little music to each post. It will change with each post, and cannot be archived or it would overlap and play over each other after each new post. Let me know if this is enjoyable or annoying.....Have a Great Week...GG

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Taking a Day Off, Funny Commercial

This post today blogger friends, is brought to you by the letter


for LAZY. I have a lot on my plate today friends and will bring you back to your daily blog of fun, news items, and personal sillines and thoughts after this day off and a word from our sponsors......GG

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lance Bass, Churches Against the Gays, Adoption Law Overturned, Have a Good Weekend

Hey bloggers, hope you are having a great weekend. I dont have a lot to write about today, and have a couple of commitments, so a short post. I try to stay away from talking about celebrities, because I have about as many connections as a, hmmmmm, whats something that has no connections, lol. I do think I will talk about all the Lance Bass controversy for a second though. The gossip blogs have been going at him for a couple months now about being in a relationship with Reichen Lehkmeul. All of that got a little more credence this week, as they both showed up in NYC, and were seen walking and shopping with actress's Jamie Lynn Siegler and Shannon Elizabeth. With all the gossip going on, it does seem more than a coincidence. Unfortunately, ms Elizabeth, drew even more attention to it, by getting in a fight with someone taking pictures of the four of them. I am NEVER a fan of outing someone, celebrity, or regular person alike. I was harrassed at one time by someone trying to out me, and it just feels like a personal attack on you, not that someone is trying to get you to be honest or expose you. Because of that, I really can sympathize with Lance and really think alot of these papparrazzi folks need to get a life of their own and stop being obsessed with someone else's. That being said, I hope Lance understands that if he really is gay, he could be a huge role model for gay people everywhere. Not just because he was this big popstar, (no offense by the "was" remark,) but because of the man he is, lots of charitable work, interest in going into space, just an all around normal guy, who happens to be gay. I also believe that if he is gay and dating Reichen, they will probably be in for a rough relationship since Reichen is so out and been proud of that fact, and would probably not like to see himself pushed back into a closet. I was always a Lance Bass groupie, Justin wasn't hot until he got older, and I wish Lance all the best.

A couple quick news stories: Churches in Washington State, are being asked to help gather signatures for an effort to overturn the state's new gay civil-rights law. Referendum 65 asks voters whether they want to keep the law passed this year by the Legislature, which adds "sexual orientation" to a state law that bans discrimination in housing, employment, insurance and credit. Referendum sponsor Tim Eyman has sent petitions to 5,4000 churches in Washington for what he calls Referendum Sunday. He needs 112,440 valid voter signatures by June 6 to get Referendum 65 on the November ballot. The law takes effect June 7, but would be frozen until the November election if enough signatures are turned in.

Also, a federal court Friday struck down an Oklahoma law described as being so extreme it had the potential to make children adopted by same-sex couples in other states legal orphans when the families are in Oklahoma. The Adoption Invalidation Law, hastily passed at the end of the 2004 Oklahoma legislative session, had said that Oklahoma "shall not recognize an adoption by more than one individual of the same sex from any other state or foreign jurisdiction." Lambda Legal argued that the law was unconstitutional based on the United States Constitution's guarantees of equal protection, due process and right to travel, as well as the mandates of the Full Faith and Credit Clause. The Court agreed, finding that the statute violated the United States Constitution by singling out a specific group for discrimination.

Not much else for today friends, hope you have all added yourself to the Frappr map on the left column, and have checked out all the updates over at the website. Have a good weekend and will talk soon.................GG

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fabulous Friday, Mobile DJ, Hate Crimes Down, Ohio Activism, Rudy Giuliani, Thanks and Support

Is your Friday Fabulous yet, fellow blogger friends? That's right, Fabulous Friday is here again, from the blog that featured the land/sea RV, the portable 57 foot BBQ and entertainment trailer, and the portable hot tub, we now feature.... "The portable DJ automobile". You ready for the ultimate tailgate party?? Think your ride has some decked out speakers? How about a Scion model that is meant for DJ-junkies!! The 2004 Scion xB featured here is no less then a DJ. The 2004 Scion model is fully done-up with Pioneer DJ products. The rear of the car fully retracts and two CDJ-1000s and a DJM-600 mixer in a “coffin” motorizes up to play music. The scion mobile DJ also boasts of two AVD-W8000 8-inch monitors in the rear window, Pioneer’s REV series component speakers mounted on doors, four 12-inch subwoofers and the rear doors motorizes open to reveal four sets of the TS-C160R REV speakers installed in specially shaped enclosures. This will put P Diddy's pimped out Diet Coke truck to shame!!

Some good news, and the usual bad...Hate crimes against members of LGBT communities nationwide fell 13 percent in 2005 from all-time highs in the two previous years a new report shows. The annual NCAVP report is compiled by agencies that deal with LGBT victims of hate crimes. It is considered more accurate than one published by the FBI which relies on law enforcement reports of such crimes rather than victim service data. Many LGBT crime victims are reluctant report incidents to police. But not every part of the country found LGBT-bias crimes down. Cleveland, Houston, Massachusetts, and Vermont reported slight increases. 2006 however, may see an increase in attacks because the fact is that LGBT people are once again slated to be "on the ballot" again in a number of states in the 2006 election season and Senator Frist (the Senate Majority Leader) plans to take action on the Federal Marriage Amendment in early June, setting off another round of political bashing of our community that will no doubt be accompanied by the cultural and physical bashing we experienced across the country in 2003 and 2004." Of course, the Gay Guru lives near Cleveland, figures.

Staying close to home, a gay rights group in Ohio, is starting a new effort to lobby lawmakers and advocate for candidates, saying the easy passage of a same-sex marriage ban in 2004 showed gay people had to improve how they promote their opinions. The group has about 500 dues-paying members and an e-mail list with 7,000 addresses. It is funded in part by the Human Rights Campaign, a nationwide group of activists for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. Sign me up!!

I have said repeatedly, that I am anti-Republican values, but that has never meant I dislike all Republicans. That is until they disappoint me with some obvious pandering. Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, and a guy I liked despite his personal problems, headlined a fundraiser on Thursday for former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed in his run for Georgia lieutenant governor. Reed's campaign was looking for a boost before the July 18 Republican primary after being dogged by ties between Reed and Jack Abramoff, the powerful Washington lobbyist now facing prison time for conspiracy, tax evasion and fraud. The luncheon could also help Giuliani draw conservative support in a run for president. His endorsement of Reed comes weeks after the Rev. Jerry Falwell said he admired the former mayor but could not support him for president because of "irreconcilable differences on life and family." Giuliani supports gay rights and abortion rights, two issues which Reed ardently opposes. Now if they have "ardently" opposing views, how could Giuliani help get this man elected?? It sounds like Rudy has been spending too much time with Mary Cheney lately. I enjoyed Giuliani much more when he was moved in with his gay buddies, instead of staying in the Governors mansion, while divorcing his ex-wife Donna Hanover.

As you begin to enjoy your weekend, I want you to know that I have been very excited by all the positive feedback about the blog and website and especially the new HIV/Aids Awareness page on the website, that my mind has been spinning with all the things I want the Gay Guru to be and become. I started this out as a dream of wanting to give something back to the community that I am a part of. To advise, inform, comment, and add humor to friends in the GLBT community and our friends and family. It has turned into a love that is giving me great satisfaction, but something that I do not have the resources or energy to do everything that I have envisioned alone. I greatfully acknowledge the help that Str8 Mate, and Birdy have given in support and advice, but I am the only one that actually writes and updates and lives as the Gay Guru. With the addition of Mikey, I felt a small burden being lifted, while able to actually add some more value to the site. I am now asking for your support. I am looking for writers who are willing to volunteer some time to write for the website, not the blog, about Health/Fitness, Music/Movies/Entertainment, Lesbian Issues, Gaming/Technology, and any other topic that is relevant with a slant to the GLBT community. You can be gay, straight, bi, young, old, etc., just someone with a voice and a little time. I am also asking for you to have yourself, family and friends, visit this blog and website frequently, and tell anyone you know about it. The only way to make this a self-sustaining site, is to attract advertisers, and they are only attracted to a websites, visitor stats. Sponsors mean I can devote more time to this and less to making money to support myself, and to be able to eventually pay the people who are volunteering their time and energy to help. I appreciate you letting me rant on this, I am not asking for pity or sympathy, just for friends who believe in what I am doing and want to be a part of this great ride.....Humbly....GG

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sex Questions and Answers, Gay Marriage Ammendment, Will &Grace, Scotty, The Mighty Woofables

Hi-di-ho fellow blogger friends. Music is finally working on the website, woohoo, sorry about that. Being the Gay Guru, I am honored and somewhat overwhelmed by all the questions I get asked in comments and in "Ask The Guru" from the website. The really rewarding part is the thank you notes I get afterwards from those questions we have been able to answer that provided some good advice if not at least some comfort and hope. HOWEVER....... I also tend to get a lot of questions about good ole' S-E-X. Not that there's anything wrong with that, LOL, I just dont want to be known as the Dr. Ruth of gay sex. Now I am not saying that I have not had my fair share of sex, in fact, I have been quite open and exposed, (so to speak), to many things. I am often asked after a particularly, fabulous time in the bedroom, where does my imagination come up with such things. Well, I am not sure, but strangely enough, I came across one of my early indoctrination videos into the world of sex. I knew I was old, but I cant believe I learned about sex in black and white. You fair haired and sheltered str8 friends of this blog and ladies may want to leave the room now, but for those interested in pure education, please enjoy the following video with my compliments.

Please realize that most of above was indeed humor!!
P.S. this vid is about 7 minutes for those in time crunch

In the news, the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday marked up the so-called Federal Marriage Amendment, paving the way for a June vote by the full Senate. The move was not unexpected. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) said earlier this year that he wants a vote on or before June 5, an indication he intends to use it as a campaign issue this fall. The proposed amendment would bar same-sex couples from marrying, block courts and state legislatures allowing gay marriage, nullify marriages already performed in Massachusetts - the only state in the country where they are currently legal - and according to critics possibly block civil unions and override domestic partner laws. Yet another way this administration is trying to take away rights from americans, besides wiretapping, phone records, leaking sensitive information, etc. Makes immigration not such a big deal, (I mean wanting TO immigrate to Canada.)

Slow news day today, but in case you have been living under a rock or just dont care, the final episode of Will & Grace airs tonight, after a one hour retrospective. (And if you didnt know that, leave your gay membership card at the door on the way out.) It hasnt been "Must See TV" for me, just because Thursday nights are my wax and pedicure nights, (just kidding, I like being furry.) I did watch the show quite a bit it's first couple of seasons, and really do enjoy the characters, I am just not much a sitcom kinda guy. I appreciate some of the grounds it broke on network television, and hope to see a new gay-centric themed show come on soon to replace it, but I am not holding my breath. The cast has been making the final curtain calls around the talk shows the last couple of weeks, and will gather around at the series creator, Max Mutchnick's, fabulous apartment tonight in the West Village to watch the show together. I wish them well.
Last I have a little blogger love to some fellow bloggers. Scotty, over at The Other Side of Straight, is having a little trouble at work, being singled out as the only one at his work to use the company computer for some personal use. (Yea, right, WE KNOW NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT, jeesh.) Keep him in your thoughts that nothing happens. Also I want to introduce you to an awesome new blog/cartoon series, that has just been started by a fellow blogger, called "The Mighty Woofables", a brightly colored and well storied cartoon, directed toward the bear community, but can be enjoyed by all. Take care bloggers, and I will leave you with a pic of just one of the "Woofable" characters..........GG

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Hump"day Wednesday, Lifehouse, Georgia Gay Rights, Cell Phones, Richard Hatch, Health/Fitness Writer, Eye Candy

Welcome to "Hump"day Wednesday fellow blogger friends. If you havent stopped by the website yet to check out the new updates, get on over there. Lot's of new updated material. Unfortunately, am having trouble with sound being hosted right now for featured music group Lifehouse, but should have that resolved by later today, I hope. They are performing June 12th in Columbus, Ohio, and I'll be there, come on over and we will have a crazy, mad time at the Short North, afterwards. A special thanks to all with the kind comments on the new HIV Awareness page at the website. We got some great feedback on it, and Mikey did a fantastic job on bringing awareness up, and I cant wait to see where we build on it from here. We should have the accompanying blog on it soon, and when the Gay Guru podcast starts going next month, expect a portion of the cast devoted to HIV/AIDS issues.
One serious and two amusing stories in the news today. First, a victory of somewhat in Georgia yesterday, as Superior Court Judge Constance C. Russell handed down a ruling, that struck down a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Gay rights advocates who challenged the constitutionality of the amendment argued that it was misleading. Voters were asked only if they wanted to define marriage as between a man and a woman, not whether they also wanted to ban civil unions. The judge ruled that the measure, overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2004, violated a provision of the state constitution that limits ballot questions to a single subject. While it was passed with a strong majority means that it could probably be passed again, it gives gay advocates time to educate the public again. Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue (R) announced Wednesday that the state will immediately appeal Tuesday's court ruling.

Next time you think about bitch slapping that annoying person at the table next to you on the cell phone that just wont shut up, remember that a new study shows Cell Phone Users AreMore Likely To Support Gay Marriage. It seems that they are more likely to support same-sex marriage and vote Democrat, according to the AP-AOL-Pew study. The study, the Associated Press reports, is one of the most extensive news surveys of cell phone users yet. The poll found that 51 percent of the cell-phone-only group believes gay marriage should be allowed, while 37 percent of a standard polling sample felt that way. And 53 percent of the cell phone only sample said they would vote for the Democratic Party's candidate, while 47 percent of a standard sample said they would vote Democratic, the poll found. Glad to see that the folks at AP and AOL are studying important stuff like this, instead of how we can put the 10,000 Mobile Home trailors that are just sitting in Arkansas, to better use....jeeesh.

Finally, our gay, naked, jungle boy Survivor, Richard Hatch, has been sent to prison for 51 months. Richard Hatch, who won $1 million in the debut season of "Survivor," was sentenced Tuesday to 51 months in prison for failing to pay income taxes on his reality TV prize and other earnings. Hatch claimed he thought the show's producers would pay his taxes and pleaded ignorance about money matters, saying he forgot to tell his accountants about some income. Now come on, does he lie that badly when he talks about his looks, while cruising on Probably. Anyway, a little advice for Richard, I would try to keep your clothes ON while in prison, or he may see what it's like to be a real gay survivor.

WOW!!! The only way I will be able to burn that image out of your eyes without using chlorine bleach, is some wicked hot guys found on the internet for our "Hump"day Wednesday. Again for you legal guys, these are just pics I have found "Hot", while cruising the internet and Myspace sites. I own no copyright to the images and a quick email to me will get them immediately removed from this blog.

One last note, I am looking for someone to volunteer to write a page for the website on Health/Fitness. I could look stuff up and write about it, but I would rather it come from someone who is really into health and fitness and knows what they are talking about. The page would need to be updated twice a month, and it is on a volunteer basis until I get some advertising revenue coming in. If you want more details on what I am looking for, and are interested in doing it, please email me at Be sure to add yourself to the Frappr map if you havent done so yet. Have a great day friends and enjoy the eye candy.............GG

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