Friday, May 19, 2006

Fabulous Friday, Mobile DJ, Hate Crimes Down, Ohio Activism, Rudy Giuliani, Thanks and Support

Is your Friday Fabulous yet, fellow blogger friends? That's right, Fabulous Friday is here again, from the blog that featured the land/sea RV, the portable 57 foot BBQ and entertainment trailer, and the portable hot tub, we now feature.... "The portable DJ automobile". You ready for the ultimate tailgate party?? Think your ride has some decked out speakers? How about a Scion model that is meant for DJ-junkies!! The 2004 Scion xB featured here is no less then a DJ. The 2004 Scion model is fully done-up with Pioneer DJ products. The rear of the car fully retracts and two CDJ-1000s and a DJM-600 mixer in a “coffin” motorizes up to play music. The scion mobile DJ also boasts of two AVD-W8000 8-inch monitors in the rear window, Pioneer’s REV series component speakers mounted on doors, four 12-inch subwoofers and the rear doors motorizes open to reveal four sets of the TS-C160R REV speakers installed in specially shaped enclosures. This will put P Diddy's pimped out Diet Coke truck to shame!!

Some good news, and the usual bad...Hate crimes against members of LGBT communities nationwide fell 13 percent in 2005 from all-time highs in the two previous years a new report shows. The annual NCAVP report is compiled by agencies that deal with LGBT victims of hate crimes. It is considered more accurate than one published by the FBI which relies on law enforcement reports of such crimes rather than victim service data. Many LGBT crime victims are reluctant report incidents to police. But not every part of the country found LGBT-bias crimes down. Cleveland, Houston, Massachusetts, and Vermont reported slight increases. 2006 however, may see an increase in attacks because the fact is that LGBT people are once again slated to be "on the ballot" again in a number of states in the 2006 election season and Senator Frist (the Senate Majority Leader) plans to take action on the Federal Marriage Amendment in early June, setting off another round of political bashing of our community that will no doubt be accompanied by the cultural and physical bashing we experienced across the country in 2003 and 2004." Of course, the Gay Guru lives near Cleveland, figures.

Staying close to home, a gay rights group in Ohio, is starting a new effort to lobby lawmakers and advocate for candidates, saying the easy passage of a same-sex marriage ban in 2004 showed gay people had to improve how they promote their opinions. The group has about 500 dues-paying members and an e-mail list with 7,000 addresses. It is funded in part by the Human Rights Campaign, a nationwide group of activists for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. Sign me up!!

I have said repeatedly, that I am anti-Republican values, but that has never meant I dislike all Republicans. That is until they disappoint me with some obvious pandering. Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, and a guy I liked despite his personal problems, headlined a fundraiser on Thursday for former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed in his run for Georgia lieutenant governor. Reed's campaign was looking for a boost before the July 18 Republican primary after being dogged by ties between Reed and Jack Abramoff, the powerful Washington lobbyist now facing prison time for conspiracy, tax evasion and fraud. The luncheon could also help Giuliani draw conservative support in a run for president. His endorsement of Reed comes weeks after the Rev. Jerry Falwell said he admired the former mayor but could not support him for president because of "irreconcilable differences on life and family." Giuliani supports gay rights and abortion rights, two issues which Reed ardently opposes. Now if they have "ardently" opposing views, how could Giuliani help get this man elected?? It sounds like Rudy has been spending too much time with Mary Cheney lately. I enjoyed Giuliani much more when he was moved in with his gay buddies, instead of staying in the Governors mansion, while divorcing his ex-wife Donna Hanover.

As you begin to enjoy your weekend, I want you to know that I have been very excited by all the positive feedback about the blog and website and especially the new HIV/Aids Awareness page on the website, that my mind has been spinning with all the things I want the Gay Guru to be and become. I started this out as a dream of wanting to give something back to the community that I am a part of. To advise, inform, comment, and add humor to friends in the GLBT community and our friends and family. It has turned into a love that is giving me great satisfaction, but something that I do not have the resources or energy to do everything that I have envisioned alone. I greatfully acknowledge the help that Str8 Mate, and Birdy have given in support and advice, but I am the only one that actually writes and updates and lives as the Gay Guru. With the addition of Mikey, I felt a small burden being lifted, while able to actually add some more value to the site. I am now asking for your support. I am looking for writers who are willing to volunteer some time to write for the website, not the blog, about Health/Fitness, Music/Movies/Entertainment, Lesbian Issues, Gaming/Technology, and any other topic that is relevant with a slant to the GLBT community. You can be gay, straight, bi, young, old, etc., just someone with a voice and a little time. I am also asking for you to have yourself, family and friends, visit this blog and website frequently, and tell anyone you know about it. The only way to make this a self-sustaining site, is to attract advertisers, and they are only attracted to a websites, visitor stats. Sponsors mean I can devote more time to this and less to making money to support myself, and to be able to eventually pay the people who are volunteering their time and energy to help. I appreciate you letting me rant on this, I am not asking for pity or sympathy, just for friends who believe in what I am doing and want to be a part of this great ride.....Humbly....GG



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