Thursday, May 11, 2006

Eye Candy Contest, The Pope and Howard Dean in the News, Goo Goo for Mama Contest, Chris Daughtry

Greetings and Salutations Blogger Buddies, we are one step closer to the weekend. One final THANK YOU, to all those who sent comments and emails congratulated us on our one month anniversary. Lots of fun new stuff is to come. Herd's of people enjoyed our "Eye Candy" yesterday, if fact, a friend of the blog's, Peter, submitted us in a contest for it over at Best Gay Blogs, a few days back. If you go to the BGB website and scroll down to their contest for HTN, (half nekk'd Thursdays,) and click on the comments section, you will see our nomination. Click on our link back to this blog and it will record the vote. Wait until AFTER the contest before you check out the other guys, or it will cancel out your vote, LOL.
A couple of interesting things in the news, first we need to slap the Pope in the head with a copy of the DaVince Code. I mean, no real disrespect for the catholic church and its leader, (aversion and disbelief, yes; disrespect, no,) but Pope Benedict, warned Italy's new left-of-center government on Thursday that the Vatican will use all of its power to thwart any move to recognize same-sex couples. The article, tells how the Pope condemned gay unions - especially marriage - noting that marriage must be a union between a man and a woman and must be open to procreation. Now I am all for pro-creation, and God Bless the women who take on that huge burden and sacrifice for us, but last time I looked around my neighborhood, a whole lotta folks were pro-creating without the benefit of marriage.

Secondly, Howard Dean, had to backpedal and apologize AGAIN, for putting his extremely nimble foot in his mouth. Dean went on the christian television show "The 700 Club", and told host Pat Robertson that the 2004 Democratic platform, included that marriage is between a man and a woman. The original story, angered many GLBT groups and including some of his own party. The Democratic platform actually endorsed gay marriage. Thursday morning Dean was busy trying to mend fences with the gay community.

And in a positive note, an article we blogged about a couple of posts back, a WIN was granted to the gay skaters that sued the ice rink for stopping them from holding hands, while practicing for a competition. The victory has the ice rink's employees being required to go to diversity sensitivity training, and a bunch of other penalties for the lack of judgement. Glad to see we do win some every once in a while.
I was listening to my local radio station today, and decided to steal one of their ideas for a contest that will run today thru Saturday. It is called "GOO GOO FOR MAMA". Here's how it works... with the celebration of Mother's Day this coming Sunday, I would like to see you, my fellow bloggers, write a little tribute to your mom. It can be about how she has been a tremendous driving force in your life, how great and accepting she was when you came out, how bigoted she was and condemning when you came out but then turned around, or for our str8 friends and families, how your mother taught you to be less bigoted towards other peoples lifestyle. I will then publish all of the stories for Sundays blog, and on Monday will have you all vote on your favorite "mom story", and will send that blogger friend out a copy of the Goo Goo Dolls new release, "Let Love In", which even if you are not a huge Goo Goo Dolls fan, has some great songs of hope and love on it. Email your story, (try to keep it 50-200 words,) to Please tell all of your friends, I would hate to have only 1-3 people submit a story, but will print any even if its just one. Good luck everyone.
Finally, a eulogy for my favorite of the Idol's, Chris Daughtry. I have blogged over several posts that I thought it was going to be between Chris and Katherine McPhee, and I have to admit I am a bit shocked and dissappointed. This is a positive eulogy however, because I do believe of all of the Idol's, Chris will have the easiest non-winning shot at becoming a huge recording artist on his own merits. Soon it will probably be Clay Aiken WH0?? If he can take care of his voice, learn how to use it wisely and not strain it for a lot of rocking numbers in a concert, he will do stellar. So I will not mourn Chris, I know we will be seeing and hearing from him again soon, and it lets me admit to a little secret I have been carrying, I like Elliott too. Get those Mom's contest entries in soon, laterz gatorz.....GG



Right there with you on sad and shocked. I also admit to liking Elliot and probably will be rooting for him now. I know it goes against what most want/like, but I can't wait to see McPhee go...fingers crossed.


Wow, your blog is great!
Alot of information, thanx so much for the comment about my site!
I will definitley be linking you, great job!


You have a great, informative site. Well done! I'm adding your link to my site.The pics are wonderful and your commentary is spot on. Thank you!


Okay... I'm a day late and a dollar short, but: Happy I Month Blogoversary.

And as a Catholic, I would like to shove the Pontiff's pointy lil hat somewhere that would get his attention. During the '04 election, I pretty much came to the conclusion that The Church has abandoned all of Jesus' teachings for political bloodlust. Hubby and I went to a Kerry rally in Steubenville, OH and while Kerry was wonderful and gave me hope and got my Get Out the Vote juices flowing, I cried my eyes out the next day when I realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that this hateful, intolerant, and politically hungry evil creature my church had become was not the church I loved and grew up with. Oh well.... it is their loss. They're numbers are shrinking and if they don't wake up cut out the foaming at the mouth crusades against women and gays, they will only continue to become smaller and more fringe-- just like the fundamentalist churches they warned me about as a child.

Gay Guru

Sorry about your disillusionment of the church Tina, we are all going thru it in many denominations. It seems most people's bibles are stuck after the old testament and cant turn pages anymore. The whole Jesus's telling of the greatest commandment is Love is lost on them. Thanx for being a friend to the community...GG


I was so upset about Chris also! You are right though..he'll be a star in his own right very soon! He spoke with Ryan Seacrest on his radio program today and Ryan told him "a huge well-known band" wanted Chris to join them!! WOO HOO!! Keep up the great work...Awesome blog!!!!!


Chris is hot.

But I feel Taylor deserves it: for having the soul, voice, and originality that none of the others possess.

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