Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One Month Anniversary, Jackie Beat, Brokeback Hazing, Last Week For Entries

Hello Blogger Boys and Girls, hope the week got off to a great start for you all. It is the eve before our big 1 month anniversary here at the Gay Guru, woooweee!! Seems like just 4 weeks ago we all started getting together to share stories, advice, information, and fun. (Oh yea, it was.) Well one month doesnt seem that long fellow bloggers, but just think, your precious puppies aged 6 months during this time. They love all the kewl changes I implemented in July, they are just so far ahead, lol. I think I will get a massage and pedicure tonight to be ready for the big day tomorrow, (anyone a licensed cosmetoligist or masseur??) Seriously I wanna thank all of you who have begun this journey with me. It has always been my dream to give back to the gay community who has done so much to love and accept me, and I really hope you will all grow with us and keep checking back often as we continue to make the Gay Guru blog and website a place to ask questions, share information, laugh a little, cry a little, get angry a little, and improve ourselves a little. I am excited by future plans such as a podcast within the next two months, and over at the website we have plans to soon add a Health/Fitness page, an Interview/Spotlight page, an HIV/AIDS Awareness page, and more. I hope you will all start adding yourself to the Frappr map over at the left hand column here so we can track how we grow. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY all, and many more to come.
With the gay marriage ammendment coming up in Congress again soon, hilarious and outspoken Drag Diva Jackie Beat, tells us in her fabulous blog at the link, why marriage is "sacred." If you havent seen Ms Beat perform, she is a singing, acting, writing, triple threat with eyelashes that could swat a fly at 20 paces. I have yet to see Jackie in person yet, (I am well travelled, just not THAT well travelled dammit,) I have read through her blog posts and advice column over at In Los Angelas Magazine, and she is damn funny with the right amount of wit and sarcasm.
In more "Boys will be Boys will be Bigots," news, four officers of the board of a University of Vermont Fraternity, were issued $1,000 dollar fines for hazing. According to the article,it details how the Phi Delta Gamma fraternity members, required pledges to wear cowboy clothes similar to those worn by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhal in "Brokeback Mountain". The pledges were then allegedly taunted with homophobic comments. At least one pledge complained to the campus police which brought the investigation. Again, the irony in which this happens in the first state to recognize homosexual couples, is both frightening and all too familiar.
Finally, remember that this is the last week to turn in your entries for the "hot date of the week", "hot couple of the week", "Ask the Guru", and a chance to win a FREE DVD over at the website. Be sure to go to www.thegayguru.net, and fill in the forms and the website is set to be updated by the 16th. Have a great day all...........GG



Happy One Month Anniversary on May 10, 2006!
Sending Dom Pergnion with Aloha...


***eagerly anticipating some extra special Eye Candy for the one month anniversary...and bummed over the fact that Jackie's chest is larger than mine...sigh...***


socalgal,large is not always good. :-)

Gay Guru

oh socal...will not dissappoint with anniversary eye candy.... =).


A big thanks for visiting and commenting on mee blog!

So these fraternity boys in Vermont are up to this gay shit?!

OH PLEASE! There is so much gayness going on here, and they try to mask it with the hazing and initiation rituals, when we all know that they're sporting massive hard-ons and getting off with all of this.

These "heterosexual" college dudes are so in denial.

But I'll tell you how I "really" feel next time.



Congratulations on the 1month!

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