Friday, May 12, 2006

Fabulous Friday, BBQ, Solar Power, Massachussets Youth Committee, Gay Adoption, This and That

It's the weekend blogger friends, and that means Fabulous Fridays are back, where we show you the things we dream of owning or just daydream about in our wannabe lavish lifestyle. As Spring starts to turn into Summer, what's a better way to spend an evening, than with a BBQ with friends? Have LOTS of friends you say? No Problem, how about a gas bbq with enough btu's to boil 20 gallons of cold water in 5 minutes or less. Bored of all the chit chat around the bbq while everything is cooking? No Problem, this bbq comes with an entertainment center that includes a sony wega flat-screen TV, a beer fridge, satellite radio, a DVD player and a DVR recorder all of which are solar-powered. And one of the best features.....It's fully mobile on a 57 foot trailer!! Take it to the cabin at the lake, the next beach bonfire, or the 4th of July picnic. The main chamber can smoke up to 100 six-pound chickens, which is enough to feed 350 people. So, want to throw a lavish barbeque party for your closest friends, here you go. This aint yo daddy's bbq!!! Check it out.
For the more affordable gadget this summer, perfect for camping and the beach, check out the products over at Solio is a portable, renewable power source that draws energy from sunlight, storing it in an internal battery and using it to charge virtually all mobile electronic devices, including: Cell Phones, iPods, MP3 players, Game players, Digital cameras and more. It comes in colors like white, chrome, black and even pink. Solio features a fan-blade design that allows it to achieve maximum solar area when in use. Just spread out the blades, expose them to direct sunlight either out of doors or affixed to a window, and get ready to take your power on the road. The solio charger with Ipod connector only retails for about $80 bucks and can save you lots on time and battery replacement.
In the news, it never ceases to amaze me what goes on in our seemingly "liberal and accepting," parts of the country. From Berkeley, California ice skating fiasco, to Vermont's fraternities still using gay stereo types and bashing in hazing rituals, now we have in Massachussett's, where it is now legal to marry same sex couples, the Governor has a hard on for the Gay Youth Commission, (and not in a good way.) I read that Governor Mitt Romney, a once friend to the GLBT community, and then enemy when trying to move up in public office, briefly attempted to abolish the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth on Thursday because of its association with a gay pride rally, but quickly reversed himself, the chairwoman of the commission said. Commission chairwoman Kathleen Henry said she received a call shortly before 3 p.m. from Romney chief of staff Beth Myers saying that Romney had issued an executive order abolishing the commission. That sparked an uproar from lawmakers and supporters of the commission, which prompted a second call from Myers just after 5 p.m., Henry said, telling her that Romney had decided against abolishing the commission, but would instead call for it to refocus on helping gay and lesbian youth. Fehrnstrom said Romney's action came after a press release on the governor's office stationery went out without Romney's approval announcing the rally in celebration of "gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) youth and their supporters." He said the press release was "not something that we would have the governor associated with." Of course, why would the Governor in the only state in the union to allow gay marriage, want to support a celebration of GLBT youth.

It is happening here in Ohio, and now it's happening next door in Indiana as well, An Indiana state senator said Thursday he will introduce a bill that would bar same-sex couples from adopting. Sen. Jeff Drozda (R-Westfield) said the legislation would end what he called confusion in the courts. Drozda said that because current state adoption laws do not specifically prevent same-sex couples from adopting some judges approve same-sex co-parenting while others do not. God forbid we have "confusion" in the courts and let some loving couple actually get away with adopting an unwanted child, lets just stop it completely. MORONS!!
Finally, just a couple of reminders and follow-up. If you havent added your name and location to the Frappr Map over on the left, please do it now, I wanna see where all of your happy smiley faces are from. You have until Saturday midnight, to submit things at the website here, for "Ask the Guru", "Hot Date of the Week", "Hot Couple of the Week", the Free DVD giveaway for a picture of yourself supporting the Gay Guru, and the "GOO GOO for Mama" Mother's Day writing contest and CD giveaway. If you are on MySpace, please dont forget to add me as one of your friends. I also was invited to join a new "community", that has a lot of the same features as MySpace, but is for the GLBT community only, called "Our Spot". Click Here to go to their website and join up. Its absolutely free, and you can add me as a friend once you get there. Have a great weekend blogger friends, be safe, and dont forget to call your mommy.......GG



Governors, whatch gonna do with them?? Ahhhhhnold out here in Cali, did something quite similar a few weeks back in firing a highly regarded earthquake specialist, then doing a prest-chango that same day. Don't they have people to check their brains for them before they go public?? Ugh.

As for adoptions, I have str8 friends who have struggled as much to adopt as gay friends. Shouldn't the main criteria for adoption be a loving home??? Oops, sorry, that's too logical. Instead let's allow these poor kids, who have already been through hell, sit in a legal system that doesn't give a rat's patootie about them, shoves them out at 18, then washes their hands of them. Yup, such a far superior plan to placing them in homes with individuals, str8 or gay who WANT them....argh!


Adoption/marriage rights for gays still being so hotly debated in 2006 America?!

"What a world! Oh what a world!"

--The Wicked Witch of the West.


what ever happen 2 the old fashion grills with dad standing holding a beer? happy weekend!

Marco Valente

Why thank you for your kind words on my blog, i really think your blog is pretty cool! Really interesting. Regarding the eye-candies you sure as pie can use as many of them. We homo brothers have gotta share, hee hee lol that sounded all gospel. Have a great day


What Gays adaopt? Gay marry each other? What's next people marrying their pets? Sorry the Right Wingers channeled through me. Actually i have commented on the gay adoption thing several times on my seems it's okay for straight people who have less than moral standards (Drug users, sexual abusers, etc) can all adopt children but gay people who want nothing but to have a loving family can not. There are have been so many cases lately of Adult women molesting school age children, priest molesting children, mothers molesting their own children...apparently this is aim of the Foster and Adoption centers...these are wholesome people?

I agree with someone above, it seems they would rather have children sitting in the system than actually being loved and in good homes.

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