Wednesday, May 10, 2006

One Month Anniversary Thanx, School Computers Discrimination, Gay Pride, Eye Candy

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Happy "Hump"day Wednesday bloggers. We made it one month with over 35 blog entries, 3 website updates, and lots of hard work and fun. I won't be one of those silly queens that celebrate every occasion marker, like our 10th month since we had our first sex hook-up after meeting on, but a consistent and growing first month gives hope for the future. Our one year anniversary, now THAT will be a party. Let's start by a quick couple of shout outs to my friends who have been awesome in supporting this site, a little news, and then of course our "Hump"day Eye Candy. Inspiration and friendship, has been freely given by,, and his great group of fans that pop in here when they can,, the founder Ethan, and his supporters that have stopped by,, and their sites support mentioning my blog, and special friends like Mikey, Glynis, SoCalGal, JoeyfromSC, Eddie, Bruce, and too many to count whose comments and emails make me very happy to be doing what I am trying to accomplish here. Keep coming back for more, and be sure to check out the website,, as we continue to grow and offer more information, commentary, advice, and fun.
In the news, Palm Beach County's school board is under fire for blocking access to the Web sites of LGBT rights groups while allowing sites advocating the so-called ex-gay movement to go unfiltered. The article, sites banned sites such as GLAAD, PFLAG, Gay-Straight Alliance Network, and Out and Equal Workplace Advocates, but tells how the sites of The American Family Association, Focus on the Family, and the Traditional Values Coalition, can all be viewed. The banned sites are included in Web sites that promote violence, racism and pornography. "If their blocking software prevents kids, particularly middle and high school kids, from having access to information about gay rights and public health issues, but on the other hand allow access to religious group Web sites that are hostile to gay and lesbian legal rights and public health, that constitutes censorship," James Green, an ACLU lawyer told the Palm Beach Post. We will see how all of this plays out.
I am compiling a list of all of the Gay Pride celebrations, as Pride season starts to kick in full force near the end of this month. I will post all of the Pride dates I can find on the main website, during the update on May 16th. I will be able to add any other dates that I may have missed throughout the month as i get them. If you do not see your communities Gay Pride dates on the calendar, please email me ASAP and I will add them to the calendar. Email me at , or leave a comment here at the blog. Thanx for the help, and if you haven't been to a Gay Pride festival before, you owe it to yourself to go. Bring your str8 friends, family and everyone you love, so they can validate and celebrate who you are.
Finally, a celebration of "Hump"day Wednesday, with a little eye candy for us all to admire, culled from the internet and friends sites over at MySpace. In true C.Y.A. fashion of these politically correct times of ours, these are pictures I have found that represent sexy "eye candy" to me personally, and should not be construed to represent the person in the photographs sexual orientation in any way. (But a gay guru can dream cant he...) Enjoy SoCalGal..........Laterz.......GG



Nice blog! congrats on your 1st month! ;-)


OH---MY---GOD!!!!!!! (says the not religious gal) GG, you soooooo outdid yourself on Eye Candy...thank you, thank you, thank you. Yummy, delightful, jaw dropping, dream time material...ahhhh. You're too good to me...I mean, us...yes, us...I mean to everyone, not just heck, to ME, ME, ME, GG!

And just so you don't think I'm as shallow as what I just wrote might lead you to believe (although I can be!), let me put done some serious thoughts (sensing long post and wondering if it will fit in comments...apologies ahead of time :)). So here’s the deal. Caught Ross Mathews on the Tonight Show during the Olympics in Torino…practically peed my pants whenever they aired one of his segments (pin swapping is a classic!)…had never seen him before but humor detector wondered where in the heck he’d been hiding…signed up for his future web site, got an email from him mentioning his blog, reading it on/off since its inception and finally posted to it a couple weeks ago, and now am officially ADDICTED. Mind you, that addiction doesn’t just cover reading his blog and posting, but now spending some time chatting with some of his witty, intelligent, caring fans, and horror-of-all-horrors now getting hooked on THEIR blogs! Jackie Beat has to be one of THE funniest people on earth (watch out for that wit, it can smack you upside the head in a heartbeat!)…Mikey, who I can now blame for getting to sleep very late last night since I couldn’t stop reading his blog for the first time (you’re awesome, Mikey, and I’m very glad I’m getting to know you!)…and now the one I think of as the “keeper” of them all, you, Gay Guru. If you want intelligent, well-composed insight (with much needed humor thrown in), come to GG. If you want to know about sometimes unbelievably crazy people and ridiculous injustices (including ways of helping change them), which happen around the country that you just don’t have time to find out on your own, come to GG. And, of course, if you want some seriously needed (for this, str8, not-dating-at-the-moment gal…one who, at this point WOULD celebrate a 10 month anniversary of a hook up ;)) Eye Candy, conveniently wrapped up and delivered quite nicely on your computer monitor, come to GG. Bottom line, GG, is that your site seems to be shaping up as one where ALL folks can come to visit, get out of being wrapped up in their own lives, educate and entertain themselves (no, not THAT kind of entertaining themselves…well, to each his/her own ;)), and truly connect with people and ideas from all over…something which geography would normally preclude them from doing. And for that, dear GG, I/we thank you.

Continued success, my dear. :)


And yes, you caught me...I DID scroll down to Eye Candy before fully reading your post....confession over. ;)

Gay Guru

awwwww..thanx socalgal, you are just a sweetheart, and that special man is out there for you...make him beg honey, you deserve the best...will keep my eye out for the perfect candy for you...laterz..and thanx again for the kind words....GG


One for me, one for me, one for me, one for me, Happy month dude!!


Congrats on the anniversary, GG, you deserve it...


Sorry, my comment is not as incredibly long as socalgirl's.

I just wanted to say the eye candy is very sweet to me.


GREAT Pics and Congrats of 1 month!


congrats love the eye candy!


I have never been to a Gay Pride Festival! Would love to go to one! Thanks for mentioning me..You are a great friend!

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