Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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Welcome to "Hump"day Wednesday fellow blogger friends. If you havent stopped by the website yet to check out the new updates, get on over there. Lot's of new updated material. Unfortunately, am having trouble with sound being hosted right now for featured music group Lifehouse, but should have that resolved by later today, I hope. They are performing June 12th in Columbus, Ohio, and I'll be there, come on over and we will have a crazy, mad time at the Short North, afterwards. A special thanks to all with the kind comments on the new HIV Awareness page at the website. We got some great feedback on it, and Mikey did a fantastic job on bringing awareness up, and I cant wait to see where we build on it from here. We should have the accompanying blog on it soon, and when the Gay Guru podcast starts going next month, expect a portion of the cast devoted to HIV/AIDS issues.
One serious and two amusing stories in the news today. First, a victory of somewhat in Georgia yesterday, as Superior Court Judge Constance C. Russell handed down a ruling, that struck down a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Gay rights advocates who challenged the constitutionality of the amendment argued that it was misleading. Voters were asked only if they wanted to define marriage as between a man and a woman, not whether they also wanted to ban civil unions. The judge ruled that the measure, overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2004, violated a provision of the state constitution that limits ballot questions to a single subject. While it was passed with a strong majority means that it could probably be passed again, it gives gay advocates time to educate the public again. Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue (R) announced Wednesday that the state will immediately appeal Tuesday's court ruling.

Next time you think about bitch slapping that annoying person at the table next to you on the cell phone that just wont shut up, remember that a new study shows Cell Phone Users AreMore Likely To Support Gay Marriage. It seems that they are more likely to support same-sex marriage and vote Democrat, according to the AP-AOL-Pew study. The study, the Associated Press reports, is one of the most extensive news surveys of cell phone users yet. The poll found that 51 percent of the cell-phone-only group believes gay marriage should be allowed, while 37 percent of a standard polling sample felt that way. And 53 percent of the cell phone only sample said they would vote for the Democratic Party's candidate, while 47 percent of a standard sample said they would vote Democratic, the poll found. Glad to see that the folks at AP and AOL are studying important stuff like this, instead of how we can put the 10,000 Mobile Home trailors that are just sitting in Arkansas, to better use....jeeesh.

Finally, our gay, naked, jungle boy Survivor, Richard Hatch, has been sent to prison for 51 months. Richard Hatch, who won $1 million in the debut season of "Survivor," was sentenced Tuesday to 51 months in prison for failing to pay income taxes on his reality TV prize and other earnings. Hatch claimed he thought the show's producers would pay his taxes and pleaded ignorance about money matters, saying he forgot to tell his accountants about some income. Now come on, does he lie that badly when he talks about his looks, while cruising on Probably. Anyway, a little advice for Richard, I would try to keep your clothes ON while in prison, or he may see what it's like to be a real gay survivor.

WOW!!! The only way I will be able to burn that image out of your eyes without using chlorine bleach, is some wicked hot guys found on the internet for our "Hump"day Wednesday. Again for you legal guys, these are just pics I have found "Hot", while cruising the internet and Myspace sites. I own no copyright to the images and a quick email to me will get them immediately removed from this blog.

One last note, I am looking for someone to volunteer to write a page for the website on Health/Fitness. I could look stuff up and write about it, but I would rather it come from someone who is really into health and fitness and knows what they are talking about. The page would need to be updated twice a month, and it is on a volunteer basis until I get some advertising revenue coming in. If you want more details on what I am looking for, and are interested in doing it, please email me at Be sure to add yourself to the Frappr map if you havent done so yet. Have a great day friends and enjoy the eye candy.............GG



Oh my goodness, GG, ya had me spittin' out the coffee onto the monitor when I saw the 'text bubble' on Eye Candy #5!!! Hmmm, I'm wondering how it is you tapped into my taste without having met me??...guess I'm that obvious, huh? Have a fabulous day, my dear, and thanks for making Wednesdays delightful! :)


Can I have see you in a week or Mr. Black in white in jeans? Both could make my one sexual fanstsy Cum true.


Thank Gawd you had sexy men after seeing the naked survivor!! that helped almost as much as bleach!


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