Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day, Mama Guru

Happy Mothers Day blogger friends. It seems I didnt give enough notice, or no one had time to write an entry for the "GOO GOO for Mama" contest, writing about your mom's, so I am gonna go buy the CD for myself, lol. Of course the real reason for the contest was to get me out of blogging today, (evil laugh, bwah-ha-ha.) I am going to give you a background of Mama Guru, I hope I don't bore you, and then I am off to my parents house to pamper her for the day, and kick her but in Canasta, her favorite card game.

Mama Guru was a beautiful cheerleader back in her California high school. (how I turned out looking as ugly as I am is a rude, twist of fate) She ended up marrying one of the beefy football, defensive, jocks from school. (ahhhh no wonder, not the quarterback) He came from a well to do insurance family and even went to London to live for a year, as the original Papa Guru, went their to learn some more of the insurance business. Sometime near the end of their English adventure, or shortly after returning to California, Mama Guru became pregnant. That was not the plan for Papa Guru, so he basically started sleeping around and filed for divorce.

I was born and raised a happy lil guru at my Grandma and Grampa's house, and we lived there 'til I was about 3. Then Mama was asked out by another high school classmate and married Papa Guru number 2, who I consider to be my real Papa, and is still around making Mama happy. They went on to have and raise 2 more boys, and in fact, Mama has just about always been the only female in the house including pets. (and many of my dates) Papa Guru was a good provider, and Mama didn't work until us boys were more grown. She was there for all of our needs, a member of the PTA, head cook and bottle washer, the whole nine yards. She went thru all of the boy things with us like sports and injuries. My middle brother was the daredevil, yet klutzy boy, who had about 6 sets of skull xrays before he was 12.

When I was 16, away as a counselor at summer camp in Big Bear Lake, California, I was swam across a large, manmade lake, and caught just the right circumstances to catch Bacterial Meningitus. After 2 days of high fever and throwing up constantly, the camp sent me home and had my parents meet me at the local hospital to pick me up, procedure for every time someone is sent home from camp sick. The doctors there examined me and decided I just had the flu, and sent me home with some hospital grade Tylenol 3. The next morning my Mama found me in my underware on the living room couch in a catatonic state. I dont remember the 24 hours after that, but they rushed me to my hometown's emergency room, where a smart doctor thought I had caught Meningitus. They rushed us to Los Angeles' Children Hospital in an ambulance at over 100 miles an hour I am told, and set to work. Because Mama Guru is a smart cookie, she made the decision to never give us many anti-biotics growing up, so we wouldnt become resistant to them if needed for something serious. Here came serious. The doctors told my parents to call the relatives, because there was a strong chance I was not going to make it. They pumped me with over 1 million units of penecillin, really the only treatment for that disease, and Mama Guru sat by my side, held my hand, and talked to me in my coma for about 15 hours straight. I guess my destiny to be the Gay Guru to our GLBT community, trumped death and I finally awoke and Mama collapsed in my arms from relief. (we wont talk about the next two weeks and the 7 frickin spinal taps to make sure all was okay)

Since then, Mama Guru has done all the things moms do to show the love, to me and my brothers. Getting us out of the hot spots, teaching us by example how to be better people, supporting and welcoming each of our significant others as part of the family, and doing all she could to help us. (2 brothers are str8, btw) She has flown to my brother's home to help for six weeks at the birth of his son, helped my grandmother and grandfather get through their battles and eventual loss to cancer, helped my other brother get thru the sheriffs acadamy, and supported my dad thru 2 heart attacks and early retirement at 50 years old. (she thought she would have the house to herself much longer than that, lol)

As I have posted before, my sexuality is pretty much a non-talked about issue. She has never stopped her continuous support of me and whatever I do, or whoever I am with. I have never felt disappointment from her, over my choices. I know we can talk about the subject if I wanted, and when I find the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with, we will. Until then, I will be happy for her acceptance of people I date, and her constant love and support.......GG




Aw, GG, sounds like your mom's a keeper...great blog.

On a selfish front I'm very glad destiny had other plans for you. :)

Happy Mom's Day to all the moms of 2-legged AND 4-legged kiddos. I swear my poochies yawned "Happy Mother's Day" to me. :)


Aaaw... that was so sweet Guru. I hope you shared a nice day with Mama Guru. That is how mommies are supposed to be: caring, supportive, and love their children unconditionally. How anyone could be otherwise is beyond me. Hubby and BabyGirl made me banana pancakes that were cut into heart shapes w/ a cookie cutter. It was so sweet, I almost cried into my Mrs. Buttersworth.

Gay Guru

Awww, thanx girls, I am sure daughter and pups know what special people they have to give them guidance and look out for them. Thanx for being part of the GG family.


awesome post from an awesome person!

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