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Morning Distractions, Fall Out Boy, Glynis The Good Blogger, and Happy Bday Bratboy

Hey Blogger Buddies, you ever have one of those mornings that you can just never get anything done because of all the interruptions?? It's been like that today, for me. Early morning phone call to bring my friend to work because her car broke down. Another call on the drive back home asking if I wanted to go have coffee. (Like I am going to turn that down when they say we will have coffee at the Mocha House, like THE BEST pastries ever.) I get home and the neighbor calls to go to breakfast. (Can't, too much pastries...but tempted...damn being a chubby guy!!) Then Mama Guru calls to see if I wanna come pick up the left over homemade salsa and taco salad fixings from Cinco De Mayo. (There was five of us there, she cooked for 10.) "Alex" calls, he is doing better, but just wants to chat, of course I am there for him. Can't a Guru get to his 'puter and blog when he wants to?? Guess not, another friend calls to tell me about the killer party I missed last night. (Went to movies instead.) So as I sit to write this, I need to wind down from all the calls and sugar highs of the morning, and I read a few of my favorite blogs. One has this video from You Tube. Kinda sums up nicely my feelings towards the day so far..going to go enjoy the sun and park a bit later this afternoon though.

Also while perusing blogs this morning, I find a cool story over on Towleroad , about Fall Out Boy's, Pete Wentz. It seems a Conservative whacko mom, had written to the band, about comments made at its show in Charlotte, North Carolina. She went on to say....

"The ticket said 'all ages,' and your band was very foul-mouthed and anti-morals. Charlotte is not the demoralized city that liberal San Francisco and other cities across the North and West are. I had looked forward to this concert with my girls for months [and] I didn't spend over $200 on gas, food and, unfortunately, shirts for you to give your own personal political testimony. ... This was a concert, not some liberal homosexual rally...I am not the only parent with morals that had children at this concert ... your responsibility was to sing your songs. When you opened your mouth to talk, you blew it. Here's to your band being just another Spice Girls, looking back and remembering the good times and 15 minutes of fame, because you [underestimated] who pays your bills. By the way, my children will not be a part of your sick idea of family."

Well, Wentz put that letter up on his website, with this response:

Wentz replies: "The only thing I said in Charlotte was, 'You can leave this show and say, 'I think this guy is an arrogant jerk,' or think, 'This band is better than this one,' because these are your opinions. The only thing we consider unacceptable is for you to engage in sexist, racist or homophobic behavior. If you do, we don't want you as a fan. Return our merch and leave.''

"I have a mouth like a sailor, it frustrated my mother growing up. I try my best to be the best person I can be. I want to be a good role model for younger kids. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs. I censor myself the best I can, but at the same time, I am not going to change in order to simply make myself more lucrative. I encourage fans of our band to grow up to become good people and to change the world. Unfortunately, I don't believe that treating other people as inhuman is acceptable. If that is offensive to you, I apologize, but we don't want you to be part of our fanbase. [Our show] is not a liberal homosexual rally, but at the same time, it will never be a Ku Klux Klan rally. We don't need to sell tickets that badly."

WOW!! A current, Top 40, Pop/Rock band that wants to take a stand on diversity, putting its money where its mouth is?? Gotta love that. And in perfect symmetry that makes the world go around, Fall Out Boy is playing tonight with All American Rejects, at the outdoor Blossom Music Pavillion, not too far from my home. I am off to round up some friends for some last minute lawn tickets after I finish this blog.
Finally, just two quick shout outs. One to a great new Gay Guru friend Glynis, who is a shining example of a terrific Mom, who teaches her kids tolerance and acceptance. Glynis and her husband Berry are outstanding role models to their kids and the people they meet. They are huge supporters of the hilarious and sweet Ross Mathews, from the Tonight Show. Click on her link and read her blog entries at MySpace. She writes really well and with a caring heart. Also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to fellow blogger Ethan, over at Bratboy School , on yesterdays one year anniversary of his blog. His website has a lot of great information, updated often, with great features, and was one of my inspirations for doing this blog and website. I dont always agree with his political views, but his blog is thought provoking and brings up important issues, along with some fun mixed in.......There you have it bloggers...Our 1 month anniversary is Wednesday, I only hope to be around and as succesful as Ethan next April. Take Care.....GG



Kudos, GG, for spotlighting Glynis and Berry...have only come to know them via Ross' site, but find them to be wonderfully funny and welcoming. Nice little world out here in blogland. :)

Have fun at your concert!


HAHAHAHA! The FIRST word I saw iN this post was BLOSSOM and I got all excited



If I hadn't already been a fan of Fall Out Boy...I would have started. Good for them and for sticking to what the believe in and not taking that crap from the mother. I love how they said, "The only thing we consider unacceptable is for you to engage in sexist, racist or homophobic behavior. If you do, we don't want you as a fan. Return our merch and leave."



Hey GG.....just a shout back at ya! I am just tickled that ANYONE finds my blog even sightly interesting. I am glad you enjoy it...and hope your readers will too. Thank you!!

Have a great week all!


From 1 hetero mommy to another, allow me to be the first to say to that piece of trash in NC: "Screw you ya hateful bigot." Sheesh... she needs to stay at home and crank up the WOW Worship crapola.


GG...better and better everyday...aloha


It made me type in as anonymous finally...a little sad but it will be better.

Gay Guru

Socal Gal...yes, people like glynis and berry make blogland great, didnt make the concert, damn, but heard on radio this morning it was awesome.

Aaryn.....not sure what you meant, but sent you pics from blossom tv show, lol.

Bruce...exactly, I may have to buy a cd since i missed the concert. is great, but you being you and the way you and berry parent are the real gifts.

Tina....Rock On sister friend, I felt the vibrations of that bitchslap from here, lol.


Good Job! :)

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