Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gay Camping, Kidnapping, Hump Day Wednesday Pictures

Happy Humpday Wednesday Bloggers. Have a couple of things to talk about today, and at a decent time posting even, who woulda thunk it?? First, with Memorial Day fast approaching at the end of this month, you know what you will be doing?? I am sure that probably half of my readers idea's on camping is hitting a 3 star hotel off the strip, but to the rest of us, it's time to air out that tent, fill the propane and water tanks on the trailer, and get ready to enjoy the fresh air and campfires. Yes bloggers, my name is Gay Guru, and I am a campaholic. There, I've said it. For those of you unaware, there are many beautiful places to camp in this great world, and there are many great gay oriented campgrounds to choose from. If you dont have it bookmarked yet, here is The Gay Campsite Directory. It has complete listings of gay & lesbian campgrounds in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. Included is the listing for my personal local campground of choice, Circle JJ Ranch, in Scio, Ohio. I have been to the Circle JJ many times, and enjoy the outdoor built in pool and jacuzzi, the potluck dinners on saturday nights, and the dancehall with great music and lots of theme parties. Owners Jim and Jerry maintain the camp well, and they accomodate permanent campsites, RV and tent sites, lodge rooms, and the famous "bunkhouse". If you live in Ohio, do yourself a favor and visit Circle JJ and tell them the Gay Guru sent you. Everyone else out there, check out the campsite directory, and enjoy your summer at a campground specifically for the GLBT community.
In the news today, I read where Caren Macdonald, a mother from Florida, kidnapped her 11-year old son and fled the country because she believed her former husband was turning the boy gay. The article by Fidel Ortega, for, claims:

"She took the boy from a Ft. Lauderdale school in 2001 and went to Costa Rica. They remained there for four years but was arrested by U.S. Customs agents in June 2002 in Houston as she disembarked from an airplane that had arrived from Costa Rica. The boy is now 16 and lives in Colorado with his father. If convicted MacDonald could face up to five years in prison. She said that she and her husband were married in 1988. The following year she became pregnant and the couple divorced in 1997. It was at that time he came out and began a relationship with another man. To protect the identity of the child the names of the boy, his father and partner are not being published. MacDonald and her husband fought for custody of the boy. During the dispute a court ordered psychiatrist testified that MacDonald was unstable and a judge awarded sole custody to the father. MacDonald was ordered to have no contact with the boy. During her testimony in the criminal case MacDonald attempted to portray her ex-husband and his partner as sexual predators. She also accused the partner of massaging the boy on his buttocks several times, an allegation she also had made at the custody hearing. But last week the boy testified that there had been no inappropriate behavior and that his mother has forced him to lie at the custody hearing about being molested."

Now if I had a nickel for everytime I wanted to kidnap a little boy in the mall because their str8 parents were turning the boy into a fashion victim and closed minded bigot, I could retire from the real job and do this blog thing full time. When is the world gonna wake up and realize there are a lot worse things to be than a homosexual? Just a rant for the day folks!!
And finally in closing, (I will post another small blog tonight after seeing who gets the boot from American Idol.) I have decided to make Humpday Wednesday, the official Eye Candy day of the week!! So here are a few HOT pictures I found on a MySpace friends site. Have a great rest of the week......GG



Hey there,

Have read your posts on Ross' blog so thought I'd head on over and check out yours...very cool. Especially liked you getting on your 'soapbox' (as you put it) regarding elections...important stuff and I hope many took heed and get on soapboxes of their own. Now is the time folks!

And as a str8 gal can I just say that I'll definitely be back at least each Humpday Wednesday for more excellent choices in Eye Candy...ooh-la-la #3....ahhhhh.

Good luck with your blog.

See ya!

The Gay Guru

Hey thanx and welcom SoCalGal. We try to be fun and a little informative here too, hope to see you on wednesdays, I will try not to dissappoint....GG


WOW those are some hot eye candy pics..lmao

Can you believe I've never ever been camping in my entire life!!??!?! Sad I know..Sure would love to pitch a tent like the good ol' brokeback mountain


Three, four and Five or all three at once could diffently make my two sexual fantasies cum true.


Hey...thanks for stopping by my site. We DO go gay camping also at Camp Buckwood about 45 minutes from us. only when we have the kids do we go family camping. We get a free weekend every other and are going GAY Camping Memorial Day Weekend! I ahve talked about it on my blog last year during all the major holidays.


Your blog is very nice and unique. I found it when looking for aol personals resources on the web.
Regards, Kate.

Biks Wigglesworth

Ok, how about a blog by some Northern hetero's who enjoy the company of gays and thought Florida was a hoot?

To see flash movie about traveling in Florida in our RV, click here: The Dacrons flash travel blog Contains photos, voice over, music and sound effects. WARNING: can get very silly at times. :-)

Fabio 62

wonderfull pictures, wonderfull boys!
It's beautiful stay in camping with a boys look like in the picture...
Greeting from Caravangayitalia


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