Thursday, May 04, 2006

Funeral Tomorrow, Church of Hate, Mary Cheney is a Hypocrite

Hey Bloggers, A quick post before winding down for the night. Tomorrow is the funeral for the lover of one of my very dear friends, so I am not sure how the day will play out. The funeral is in the morning with a small reception at the house after. I may blog tomorrow afternoon, but depending on the needs of my friend, I am not sure. Though I am wary of bringing hate before a day that will be filled with the love and life of a departed friend, I have decided to share this video of hate that has been bandied around the internet of late. I can only say a prayer of thanks that although the loss we are feeling is huge, it is insignificant enough to escape these disturbed people.
And while I am getting pissed off about stupid people on TV, I just saw the Diane Sawyer interview with Mary Cheney, the Vice President's daughter, on Primetime Live. Why would she choose now to sell a book and promote it on tv, that is just fanning the flames of her detractors. I was embarrassed that she would say that she believes in equality for the GLBT community in the military, marriage, and adoption, but felt it was not her place to express those views to the President and Vice President of the United States. How can you serve as top advisor to a campaign, whose platform you disagree with? As much as the Conservatives baffle me, strong people with a voice and audience to affect change and do good for their community, confuse and irritate me even more. Enough with the foul mood, I chalk it up to the anticipation of the feelings tomorrow will bring........Good night bloggers........GG



Good post, sorry about your friends lover...of course that must be hard on your friend. Please forgive me if I don't watch the video with that hateful hateful Phelps woman (his daughter, I know)...but I can't stand to watch the ignorance of her and her followers. Aside from that I need to read the rest of the other posts as I have been falling behind...good job as always.


I found you via F.A.F. and I would love to ask Mary Cheney this question: How can any persecuted minority be a member of and help a party that persecutes and destroys women and homosexuals?
She actively campaigned and tried to convince other gays/ lesbians to vote for a prez, a party and an administration that has done everything under the sun to make her sexual orientation be perceived as illegal and immoral.

I'm a hetero married woman. Gay rights will never be my own personal issue, but I fight for gay rights b/c they are HUMAN RIGHTS and b/c I refuse to be told by the Religious Fright that I shouldn't love and cherish my 2 beloved gay male friends. So to Mary Cheney I say: I'm tired of fighting your battles for you when you're unwilling to fight 'em yourself. But then again her own parents have been willing for yrs to look their gay daughter in the eye and say: "We'll be a part of the party that hates you Mary, but you're not like other gay people. You're somehow human. But screw the rest of 'em."

The Gay Guru

Tina, Thank you so much for your supporting our rights, they are "human rights" that you, me and everyone deserve who is truly an American. I can only agree with you about Mary Chaney, she does a true disservice to herself. I wonder how her partner is able to tolerate it.



Kudos to you and the rest of the people who are not gay and feel the same way as you do and help support us. Through people like you, the people like me (gay, lesbian, bi, or transgendered)can actually have a chance to win the war of hate that people like the president and "Religious Fright" (awesome phrase...I'm using from now on) are trying to wage against us. Hearing what you had to say makes me feel good and the light at the end of the tunnel that had been narrowing in the presence of Bush as president has just got a little wider. Thank you!

Greek Stories

Sorry about your friend. I don't know the background story of that soldier on the video who died (and I wish I did) but women like that bitch Roper should be put on the death row. It is amazing how people like this are allowed to live and spread around such an inhuman hatred. Shame on that state which tolerates and promotes hatred.



Whenever we lose anyone close to us, it is a major blow to our understanding of what we are doing here, and how we can make it better for all of us. It makes me sad for all those around him.

I watched the video, sorry to say. And all I can say is --- Wow, unbelieveable!... only in America!


Gay Guru & Bruce: Smooches and hugs... and my Hubby who was raised by uber Republicans and Talibornagains (you can use that one, too if you'd like) had zero exposure to the GLTB community until he met me. I was afraid my straight boy would freak. But praise the stars, I married the man who is sooo right for me... He now refuses to let anyone but my dear friend Bryan cut his hair, when Bryan and his boyfriend Jerry come to our house for dinner, Hubby asks Jerry to bring a cheesecake b/c his cheesecakes make mine taste like sawdust, and when we pick up our BabyGirl from their house if they babysit, Hubby fully expects to see her white girl hair to be in corn rows, a French braid, or a lovely chignon.



This just tickled me...thanks for making a straight guy less narrow in society.

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