Friday, May 05, 2006

The Funeral, Fabulous Love, Friendship and Acceptance, Thank You

Hello Blogger friends, going to a funeral, makes it hard to find anything physically fabulous on this Friday. Instead today, I celebrate the Fabulousness of Love, Friendship and Acceptance. The GLBT community has a few more obstacles to navigate thru than our str8 friends when it comes to finding a lover and a soulmate. Thanx to the internet however, we have a more equal footing now in FINDING lovers than when we only had the few bars, if any, near our towns. My friend "Alex", (not his name, he did not want it published, and I respect his wishes,) was lucky enough to find his partner, "Chris", on
Alex has always been very hidden in the closet due to his job and family. We became friends thru work first. Neither knew the other was gay for quite a while, but we built up a casual friendship over time. As our friendship grew stronger, I was the first one to let him know I was gay as we were packing up from an event we organized. I wasnt sure how he was going to react, but he just started laughing at me. I wasnt sure whether to be relieved or to punch him, but pretty soon I got to laughing too, without really knowing why. There wasnt too many questions I was expecting and he took it pretty well. He waited till right before leaving to go home, as I was getting into my car, he said, by the way, me too. It took a second to register, and then I was the one who burst out laughing.
I never really could get Alex to come out to any gay clubs, or events with me, but after finding chris on the internet, he opened up to a few of my friends coming over to hang out for dinners, bbq's and game nights at my house or his. Chris made Alex the happiest I have ever seen anyone, and I have to say I was a little bit jealous of what they had. Chris for his part was almost as closeted as Alex, and when the two of them would conspire to set me up with some guy they thought I would like, it would crack me up how they would try to play the str8 manly guys and hide like little school girls and point to guys they thought I should try to hook up with.
It's ironic that they both decided to come out to their families at Valentines Day, and after the first month of hell, things were starting to come around, and then the accident. Whatever the feelings the families had bottled up, I only saw love and caring and emotion for the day, who knows what tomorrow brings, but today was amazing. Both families hugging each other, seeing the deep love for Chris in Alex's eyes. Maybe a tragedy will bring some acceptance and understanding to these rigid families, stuck in their religious beliefs. Today I saw the beginning of change, maybe just wishful thinking on my part, but it made what I am doing here at the Gay Guru, more important to me than ever. I will be a force for information, commentary and acceptance for the GLBT community and our friends and families. I will do all in my power to promote this site, and keep the content appropriate for all who want to see it. In 5 days, it will be a month since I started this blog and the accompanying website. I thank all you bloggers from the bottom of my heart who have found their way here and have become a part of the Gay Guru family. My dream is that you will continue to visit and support this blog and website, tell your friends and family, and create a forum to learn, be heard, and talk about things that matter to us. A regular post tomorrow bloggers, take care..GG



What a sad, but beautiful story (of life). And you are right, tragedy does change people and sometime for the good. I will not degrade your friend's story, by going into one myself...but I've been there and I know what you are talking about. Thank you and Thank Alex for sharing...and my condolences as well


I echo what Bruce said about a sad, but beautiful story...of life. My heart goes out to you, GG, and to Alex. Much love.


A beautiful story... and thank you so kindly for visiting my blog. I left another comment for you (and Bruce above me here) at the Mary Cheney post.

The Gay Guru

Thanx for your encouragement, it means a lot, you all are the reason I think this will work, I will make sure "alex" reads this too. Have a great weekend friends.


Hey Gay did you get my E mail at my space? Also been trying to add myself to your map I am having problems.

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