Tuesday, May 16, 2006

President Bush, Website Updated, ExxonMobil, Gays Marrying in New Jersey, and Grey's Anatomy

It's Tuesday blogger friends, and I have a headache. That can only mean one thing, the President was on TV last night. UGHHHH!!! The worse part was that I actually agreed with SOME of what he said, and that is a rare thing, so maybe that's why my head is rebelling this morning. Of course, me agreeing with the President, and the President agreeing with himself are 2 different things. It just amuses me that now that his approval ratings has sunk below 30%, he thinks it's time to step up the border patrol numbers and work on immigration problems. The funny thing is that Bush tends to forget that things he does makes the papers, which makes it all the more amusing that he now is asking for more border agents when just last January, Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents by using a law's escape clause to drop funding for new homeland security force.

You know now the NSA is gonna be all up in my stuff :)

It is time for our bi-monthly website update. As you know, I update the content on the main website 2 times a month, around the 1st and 16th. Be sure to go check it out. Almost every page has been updated. We have a new "hot date and couple of the week", new "ask the guru" questions, new grooming and fashion info, new food and drink info featuring our "restaurant of the week" out of Boston, MA, new humor at the "fun and laughs" page, a Pride 2006 calendar with links to most sites, and I am especially proud of a new HIV Awareness page with lots of great information and stories being put together by fellow MySpacer, and Blogger, Mikey. I will be adding a separate blog soon, that will deal directly with the HIV Awareness page by itself, so there will be a forum to speak out on this terrible disease and find information, hope and support with all those affected either directly, or indirectly.
In the News, shareholders in ExxonMobil, the only major U.S. company to rescind a non-discrimination policy covering sexual orientation, will vote this month on a proposal to reinstate the job guarantees. For six years, after the new company's decision to abolish the policy that Mobil had before the merger, shareholders at Exxon have agreed with a company position that protections for its LGBT workers are not needed. This month shareholders at two other major corporations that include gay rights in their policies, American Express and Ford, defeated attempts to drop its protections for LGBT workers. In both cases the companies recommended voting down the measures, brought by lone shareholders.

Also, as same-sex couples prepare to argue for marriage equality before the highest court in New York at the end of this month, and more than a year after a similar case was argued in the state of Washington, the next state to make a final decision on whether gays and lesbians can marry is expected to be New Jersey. Arguments in New Jersey were heard in February. The lawsuit began in 2002 when seven same-sex couples represented by Lambda filed a lawsuit seeking the right to marry. New Jersey's high court has a reputation for issuing speedy rulings and a decision is widely expected before summer. Garden State Equality already is planning a major even on the night the decision comes down - whichever way the court rules - at the Unitarian Church in Montclair.

Isn't Solidarity Against Equal Rights an Oxymoron??

Finally a quick tip of my turban to the MOST FANTASTIC SEASON FINALES EVER, was pulled off by Grey's Anatomy last night. (Spoiler Alert) After all of the emotion of wondering if Lizzy's guy would get a heart for half the season, you think it's gonna be fine when WHAM!! The writing of each one of our Interns facing the Chief one on one was some of the best on television. And if the last frame wasn't this year's "Who Shot JR?", then I dont know what is. Between Grey last night, Idol tonight, LOST tomorrow, and Will and Grace Thursday, I am grateful I dont have a life this week!!!.......take care friends...check out the website.....GG



That cartoon says it all!

I love greys anatomy, but I never remember to watch it, lol!


Damn Gay Guru! You have a wealth of info!

I'm impressed. Love the Bush pic by the way!



Loved the Bush cartoon...only thing it was missing was either puppet strings attached or view of the back of his head where they insert the batteries!

As for Rove, don't get me started...evil, PURE evil. He's the mastermind behind getting the anti-gay marriage initiatives on so many state ballots last year and now this year while they APPEAR to be backing off a bit (a la Laura Bush's comments in your blog yesterday), they are instead using gay adoptions as the means to get those against them to the polls, to then also vote for the repubs on local/state levels. Wake up, America...your lives, your privacy, your choices are being taken away from you. UGH!

Other than that, have a great day! ;)


I think Bush is trying to make this world into a "1984" state. Have a good one bro!!

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