Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol, Clay "Ringo" Aiken, X-Men 3, Fired Over HIV, Brittish Gay Pride

Howdy blogger friends, we are one step closer to the three day weekend. I need to spend some time today on that restaurant project I told you about earlier, so am going to have a shorter post, and two videos I am sure most of you have seen by now, but for the 3 that havent..... Not having TIVO, I watched the first hour of Idol last night, then switched to the season finale of LOST that I have been hooked on since day 1. I did flip back and forth during LOST commercials, and I gotta say, that was probably the most music biz power the show has ever seen, I was really impressed by the talent. Just Prince and Mary J Blige alone would have been stellar. One of the videos below is Clay Aikens surprise on that Clay wannabee. It was a kewl moment, and I was happy for the guy, but you gotta crack up a bit about Clay now trying to be the 5th Beatle, and Ryan having to get a chair for the star struck guy, so he would stop singing and let Clay actually not muck up the song like the wannabee was doing. Also it was the first time, and a welcome change, that Ryan didnt take 10 years and 3 commercial breaks to announce the winner, I liked that a lot. A huge congrats to Taylor Hicks, although I was pulling for McFeeever!! I know Katherine will have as big a career as Taylor though, just mark my words.

Also if you have been under a rock or playing Halo non stop on your x-box for the last few weeks, I have the video of the long trailer for the "X-MEN III," movie that opens tomorrow, and to which I will be there at the first showing at my local cineplex. Of course it really does bug me as the Gay Guru, that if this movie was about a cure for homosexuality, and a highly visable group of gay advocates that rallied around stopping it, the movie would probably have been boycotted, not hit my local cineplex if ever for 3 more months, and if the movie made 10 million dollars it would be considered huge. BUT.........since this is a fictitious movie about a cure for people being different from the mainstream, and a highly visable group with kewl super powers rally around stopping it, the movie is "highly anticipated", booked at over 12 screens within a 15 mile radius of me, and will probably pass 100 million dollars in its first 10 days or less.

There is a lot in the news today, but due to time I am gonna give you two to think about. An HIV-positive man has sued his Charlotte doctor, saying he was denied a promotion after the doctor faxed confidential medical records to his office. His boss found the report, and he experienced discrimination at work, said the man, identified only as John Doe in the lawsuit filed in Guilford County Superior Court earlier this month. It also caused him severe anxiety and depression, the lawsuit said. It's a misdemeanor in North Carolina to release the name of AIDS and HIV patients. The report contained Doe's diagnosis, symptoms, compliance with his medication regimen and other personal information, the lawsuit said. Doe said he specifically told Lackey's office not to release any medical information on him without permission.

And a fun report to balance out a lot of bad news today, One of Britain's biggest retailers is seeing pink this month as Selfridges' Birmingham store throws itself into the city's gay pride celebration. The store, clad in thousands of shining metal disks, is one of the landmarks in modern Birmingham and beginning this week lights that shine on the building at night have been tinted pink. But a pink facade isn't all that Selfridges is doing. Pink champagne will be served in the men's Superbrands area. Up on the third floor in the Menswear department there will be go-go boys and drag queens performing. And on Sunday Mr Gay UK will hold court.

With Memorial Day weekend starting tomorrow, and my probably camping trip, I will be doing sporadic posting over the next couple of days. Please keep checking back, and be sure to remember this is last weekend to submit "hot date/couple of the week", "ask the guru", and other imput for the website. If you havent signed up yet for the monthly newsletter and submitted your email addy over at the website, be sure to do that too. Talk soon....GG

And in honor of Clay Aikens new Beatles Doo.........



Have a great and safe camping trip, buddy! :)


Have fun camping GG! I was at Job #2 last night up in Hill City and my bosses, who own a house up there, were telling me how they saw a mountain lion not more than 30 feet from their back door!! Scary! I'm just, ya know...sleep with one eye open type of thing... *grin*


Clays hair didn't know what to make of it. Have a fun weekend.

The Gay Guru

LOL leonard, this is GAY camping, I am in a nice place with an outdoor heated pool and hottub, a rec room with big screen tv, pool table and full kitchen, and a dance hall for the late night socializing . but I will look out for "bears", I seem to attract them being one and all, lol....GG

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