Thursday, May 18, 2006

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Hi-di-ho fellow blogger friends. Music is finally working on the website, woohoo, sorry about that. Being the Gay Guru, I am honored and somewhat overwhelmed by all the questions I get asked in comments and in "Ask The Guru" from the website. The really rewarding part is the thank you notes I get afterwards from those questions we have been able to answer that provided some good advice if not at least some comfort and hope. HOWEVER....... I also tend to get a lot of questions about good ole' S-E-X. Not that there's anything wrong with that, LOL, I just dont want to be known as the Dr. Ruth of gay sex. Now I am not saying that I have not had my fair share of sex, in fact, I have been quite open and exposed, (so to speak), to many things. I am often asked after a particularly, fabulous time in the bedroom, where does my imagination come up with such things. Well, I am not sure, but strangely enough, I came across one of my early indoctrination videos into the world of sex. I knew I was old, but I cant believe I learned about sex in black and white. You fair haired and sheltered str8 friends of this blog and ladies may want to leave the room now, but for those interested in pure education, please enjoy the following video with my compliments.

Please realize that most of above was indeed humor!!
P.S. this vid is about 7 minutes for those in time crunch

In the news, the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday marked up the so-called Federal Marriage Amendment, paving the way for a June vote by the full Senate. The move was not unexpected. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) said earlier this year that he wants a vote on or before June 5, an indication he intends to use it as a campaign issue this fall. The proposed amendment would bar same-sex couples from marrying, block courts and state legislatures allowing gay marriage, nullify marriages already performed in Massachusetts - the only state in the country where they are currently legal - and according to critics possibly block civil unions and override domestic partner laws. Yet another way this administration is trying to take away rights from americans, besides wiretapping, phone records, leaking sensitive information, etc. Makes immigration not such a big deal, (I mean wanting TO immigrate to Canada.)

Slow news day today, but in case you have been living under a rock or just dont care, the final episode of Will & Grace airs tonight, after a one hour retrospective. (And if you didnt know that, leave your gay membership card at the door on the way out.) It hasnt been "Must See TV" for me, just because Thursday nights are my wax and pedicure nights, (just kidding, I like being furry.) I did watch the show quite a bit it's first couple of seasons, and really do enjoy the characters, I am just not much a sitcom kinda guy. I appreciate some of the grounds it broke on network television, and hope to see a new gay-centric themed show come on soon to replace it, but I am not holding my breath. The cast has been making the final curtain calls around the talk shows the last couple of weeks, and will gather around at the series creator, Max Mutchnick's, fabulous apartment tonight in the West Village to watch the show together. I wish them well.
Last I have a little blogger love to some fellow bloggers. Scotty, over at The Other Side of Straight, is having a little trouble at work, being singled out as the only one at his work to use the company computer for some personal use. (Yea, right, WE KNOW NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT, jeesh.) Keep him in your thoughts that nothing happens. Also I want to introduce you to an awesome new blog/cartoon series, that has just been started by a fellow blogger, called "The Mighty Woofables", a brightly colored and well storied cartoon, directed toward the bear community, but can be enjoyed by all. Take care bloggers, and I will leave you with a pic of just one of the "Woofable" characters..........GG



Goodbye "Will and Grace".

You will be truly missed.



I am gonna miss the show greatly, it was so good!


The ONLY good thing about having the W&G finale is that it will be the end of the commercials leading up to it...they (and the accompanying photo of them all taking a bow, no faces) had me sad everytime they aired. One hour until no more W& saying good-bye to dear friends. :(


Dear Dr.(Gay) Ruth I am afraid to date again after I found out I was POZ. What should I do? LOLOL

gay guru

I thought it was a great finale for W&G last night, hope you all did as well. Mikey, dont be afraid, just flash that smile, impress with your wordsmithing abilities, and kick em in the kneecaps if they act like jerks. (Still cant believe you are 5'4", LOL....luv ya all....GG


I missed the season finale!!! AARRGGHH!! I had orientation or a new job last night and of course my vcr wasn't working. Now I have to wait until the DVD comes out. You know how hard it is to read blogs without seeing the details of last night show!! I should just go into a cave until the DVD comes out. ;-)

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