Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lance Bass, Churches Against the Gays, Adoption Law Overturned, Have a Good Weekend

Hey bloggers, hope you are having a great weekend. I dont have a lot to write about today, and have a couple of commitments, so a short post. I try to stay away from talking about celebrities, because I have about as many connections as a, hmmmmm, whats something that has no connections, lol. I do think I will talk about all the Lance Bass controversy for a second though. The gossip blogs have been going at him for a couple months now about being in a relationship with Reichen Lehkmeul. All of that got a little more credence this week, as they both showed up in NYC, and were seen walking and shopping with actress's Jamie Lynn Siegler and Shannon Elizabeth. With all the gossip going on, it does seem more than a coincidence. Unfortunately, ms Elizabeth, drew even more attention to it, by getting in a fight with someone taking pictures of the four of them. I am NEVER a fan of outing someone, celebrity, or regular person alike. I was harrassed at one time by someone trying to out me, and it just feels like a personal attack on you, not that someone is trying to get you to be honest or expose you. Because of that, I really can sympathize with Lance and really think alot of these papparrazzi folks need to get a life of their own and stop being obsessed with someone else's. That being said, I hope Lance understands that if he really is gay, he could be a huge role model for gay people everywhere. Not just because he was this big popstar, (no offense by the "was" remark,) but because of the man he is, lots of charitable work, interest in going into space, just an all around normal guy, who happens to be gay. I also believe that if he is gay and dating Reichen, they will probably be in for a rough relationship since Reichen is so out and been proud of that fact, and would probably not like to see himself pushed back into a closet. I was always a Lance Bass groupie, Justin wasn't hot until he got older, and I wish Lance all the best.

A couple quick news stories: Churches in Washington State, are being asked to help gather signatures for an effort to overturn the state's new gay civil-rights law. Referendum 65 asks voters whether they want to keep the law passed this year by the Legislature, which adds "sexual orientation" to a state law that bans discrimination in housing, employment, insurance and credit. Referendum sponsor Tim Eyman has sent petitions to 5,4000 churches in Washington for what he calls Referendum Sunday. He needs 112,440 valid voter signatures by June 6 to get Referendum 65 on the November ballot. The law takes effect June 7, but would be frozen until the November election if enough signatures are turned in.

Also, a federal court Friday struck down an Oklahoma law described as being so extreme it had the potential to make children adopted by same-sex couples in other states legal orphans when the families are in Oklahoma. The Adoption Invalidation Law, hastily passed at the end of the 2004 Oklahoma legislative session, had said that Oklahoma "shall not recognize an adoption by more than one individual of the same sex from any other state or foreign jurisdiction." Lambda Legal argued that the law was unconstitutional based on the United States Constitution's guarantees of equal protection, due process and right to travel, as well as the mandates of the Full Faith and Credit Clause. The Court agreed, finding that the statute violated the United States Constitution by singling out a specific group for discrimination.

Not much else for today friends, hope you have all added yourself to the Frappr map on the left column, and have checked out all the updates over at the website. Have a good weekend and will talk soon.................GG



I am three degrees of seperarion from Lance Bass. I'll ask the Tomato about him.


I thought Joey Fatone was gay... I mean, He dated China from the WWF. Clearly she was the man in that relationship...

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