Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Voting, American Idol, Another Gay Movie

Hey Blogger Friends, sorry for two late postings in a row. As I mentioned last night, a good friend lost his lover over the weekend in an automobile accident, and I have been helping him out as much as possible. I voted twice today, once for our primary election here in Ohio, and of course tonight for American Idol. I am happy to report, that the democrats have a good chance to take back Ohio this Fall, unless they find another way to screw it up, like they usually do. Unfortunately, the hard liner against gay marriage and equality in Ohio, Republican governor candidate Kenneth Blackwell, won his parties nomination. The good news is that the Democratic governor candidate, Ted Strickland, won by a much larger number over his opponent than Blackwell did, bringing a glimmer of hope that party unity can bring success in November.
As for American Idol, I dont think anyone hit both songs out of the park tonight. My two personal favorites, Chris Daughtry and Katherine McPhee, each split with one good performance, and one bad. Chris nailed "Renegade", out of the park, and Katherine did really well with her reggae styled second song. I think Elliot will be safe in the middle this week, and Paris and Taylor, should have the lowest votes. Tomorrow will tell, as we get 3 weeks away from the Finale....cant wait!!
Wondering who those funkadelic dudes/dorks are up above? It's part of cast for the new movie "Another Gay Movie". Think "American Pie" meets "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". Click on the Link to find some fun movie still pics and cast and synopsis info. I cant find a release date for it yet, but big shout out to Queerty Blog for posting this on his site. Not much for today friends, but I promise I will be back into the swing of things tomorrow......take care.......GG



I agree with you on Idol except I think Elliot and Paris are going to be in the bottom 2. As for Another Gay Movie, can I sleep with Matt?

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