Monday, May 01, 2006

NBC, Cinco De Mayo Prep, Voting Primaries, Goodbye Sweet Friend

Woooooosh, I was tired from website updating all day, but got a little peacock love, (NBC silly, dont be kinky,) and wound down with some Apprentice and Medium. I hope you all have a chance to check out the website updates. Besides what I talked about briefly earlier, the "food and drink" page, was Cinco De Mayo inspired. I featured a fabulous gay-friendly, Tex-Mex, restaurant in Dallas, Texas. There is also margarita drink recipe's and recipe's for 3 kinds of yummy salsa. OLE!!
Tomorrow is Primary Day in Ohio, and if it is in your state also, PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE!! I blogged last week about the Republicans using the religious right here for political gain, taking on gay marriage, adoption, and foster parenting, as buzzwords to bring the christian conservatives out in big numbers to the polls. I am divided on how political to make this blog. There are others who handle that much better than I could, but any in the GLBT community, who does not feel the importance of ourselves to be included in basic rights afforded every other American citizen, and back that right by their vote and at least try to convince our friends, family and loved ones to do the same, join the fight. Celegaytions , had a featured piece in their weekly newsletter that I encourage you to read. Congress, may be taking up as early as June, the Federal Marriage Ammendment, writing discrimination against gays marrying, into the Constitution. CLICK HERE to email a form that will be printed out and hand-delivered to congressional offices on June 5th, by the Human Rights Campaign.
Finally, a personal shout out to a very dear friend who lost his lover of 8 years this weekend in an automobile accident. My prayers are with him and the families. His man was a shining soul, whose smile and humor could light up a room, and will be greatly missed. I am here with a shoulder to cry on, a heart that will listen, and arms that will comfort. Bloggers around the world, raise up a glass of wine and celebrate the life of brother.........Take Care Friends...........GG


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