Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Kiss" Paris Goodbye, F**k The Pogo Stick, Americans All Out, and a Poll

Hi-De-Ho Bloggers, one more day to get thru until the weekend. Not having a good weekend will be poor Paris from American Idol. The cute and sassy teen will have to "kiss" the show goodbye, since her rendition of the Prince song and a cover of Mary J Blige's, "Be Without You", didnt go over with the 46 million votes cast. My surprise of the week was Elliott again being in the bottom 2. I thought Taylor Hicks was going to have his first taste of it, but Mikey was right in the comments section at an earlier post, Elliott and Paris it was. I think Taylor must have a HUGE fan base for him to not hit the bottom 2 or 3 over the last couple of weeks. I love his style and his ecclecticness, but his songs have been rather boring to me. I DO believe that my prediction for Chris Daughtry and Katherine McPhee to make the final 2 will happen, and bring with it the excitement of the original Kelly Clarkson/Justin Guarinni showdown, although unlike Justin, Chris can really sing well.
To hell with the pogo stick, our friends at You Tube, have found the ultimate way to spring into Spring. Introducing the "Amazing Jumping Boots". If they had these things at, they would be on my wish list. Does anyone know if they sell these in stores?? OMG, I want some, I want some, I want some!!! Take a look.......

Those crazy Brit's are drinking too much of the pink koolaid, I am afraid. An article from Pink News Co. UK, is suggesting that 97% of gay Americans, are out to their family, friends and work. Although the census was conducted by New York University, Syracuse, most gay activists find that number unreasonably high. Ummmm, You think?? Although I applaud the younger generation taking the intitiative to come out at a much earlier age, It is still not the norm. Heck, I cant think of any gay club or event other than PRIDE, that I have been to where 97% of the people there were out. I really wish it were the case. I think it is the hardest thing a person can do is to come out to their friends, loved ones and co-workers, but the liberation you feel afterward is unbelievable. Even though, you may feel bad if rejected or tormented by any you come out to, the lifted burden of living a lie, brings a great peace of mind. Do I think that this country's bias, anger and hate would be greatly reduced if 97% of the GLBT community were out, HELL YES!! But I am realistic and hopeful, that within my lifetime, the stigma of being out and proud will pass and our community will believe in and support each other in our national rights and freedoms as Americans.
And finally I leave you with a little poll. As I have said, I am trying to shape this blog and our website and upcoming podcasts into something YOU the GLBT community and our friends and families want to visit and be a part of. I put together this informal poll to see what most of our current readers would like to see. Because we have been at this for less than a month, being able to shape this with all of our goals in mind is the great benefit of a real time blog. I know that you cant please everybody, and I want to keep this fun for myself as well, but I really want to make this something to work on in the long run and have the Gay Guru be a great place for community, fun, advice, commentary and information. Hope you will take a second to vote and will talk to you soon fellow blogger friends............GG

And the Survey Says:
I would like to see more.....

Gay Related News Topics
Humor and Funny Topics
Entertainment and Gossip Topics
Lesbian, Bi, Trans Topics
Hot Boy, Erotic Topics
I Like It, Keep Doing What You Do

Take a second and post a comment on which you would like to see
Thanx, The Gay Guru



I hope you continue to do your blog exactly as you are. It is very good, entertaining, informative.... GREAT! No need to change.

I agree with you. 97% is way too high. Besides, how do you count a poll made up of people who are hiding a secret? I don't get it...


That poll number is wayyy too high!! I like what you are doing, keep up the gr8 work!! I want a pair of the jumping boots also..hehe


Aw heck, GG, you couldn't keep me away until next week's Eye Candy...had to come back to check out #3 again. ;)

Sorry to see Paris go since I loved her enthusiasm and think she has great potential...still rooting for Chris.

As for 97%, ITA it's awfully high...would be great, though. It appears the information was gathered from respondents online and we all know how much easier it is to answer something, willy-nilly with the click of a button in private than in person. Plus, those who would tend to respond to ANY information seeking poll are usually those more active in whatever the topic being asked is. (oh goodness, that's a confusing sentence...hope it made sense!) While 97% of those that responded are out, I sure don't think it's an accurate gage of 'real life'...especially in the work place.

As for your blog poll, I think you're doing a great job with the blog as it is...nice mix of humor (can NEVER have enough of that!),media, reality, info, and making EVERYONE feel welcome. Keep up the good work. :)


LOL on the Chris and Justin line. That is soooooooo true. Not sure who will be the top two. I think it will be Chris for sure and it's a toss up between Kat and Taylor


I like your blog just the way it is, funny, informative and hey...that eye candy... ;-)
It has everything, I put you on my "blogs I like to read list" because I know people are looking for a site that's gay,informative and not all porn. Keep up the good work.

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