Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Humpday Eye Candy, Anderson Cooper Redux, The Whopperettes, Scottish Church Considers Gay Blessing, Prom, Gay Camping

Yup, it's that day of the week bloggerites, "HUMP"day Wednesday has made a full rotation around the week, and is upon us again. Please try to maintain your enthusiasm and have a little read before jumping directly to the "eye candy" portion of this blog, (yes SoCal, this means you.) First today, is a little addendum to my Anderson Cooper post of yesterday. I didnt want to unfairly speak of him and his new book like I did yesterday without having read the book. Thanx to Papa Guru, after he enrolled in Evelyn Wood's Speed Reading Dynamics, (I am not making this up, papa is a geek and really did,) I decided to glance the material over, and I too can "speed read" when necessary. I do not prefer it, but it comes in handy sometimes. I went to Border's Bookstore, and skimmed thru the book in about 15 minutes. I wanted to see if he indeed made any mention of his sexuality in the book at all, and with my quick skim, I saw no reference. There was a portion on a trip to Africa where someone made an offhanded remark about the AIDS epidemic and how it relates to the black mans sex drive, but that was about it. So yes, I am still a little bummed about him not bringing his orientation up at all. Why?? Again, nobody should have to wear his sexual orientation on his sleeve, I would like to say that it doesnt matter in the world, but it does. Anderson got 1 million dollars for this book and it will be read my millions of people. He speaks of his personal life growing up with a famous mom and how that affected him, the death of his father and brother and how that affected him, and how the atrocities at some of what he had to report about affected him. Would it not show strength of character at how his realizing his orientation affected him, or colored how he saw some of the events he reported on? Could he not put a more human face once again on what an average man in an unaverage profession feels like, just the same as everyone else. Could he not be a role model to many boys who have gone thru and seen horrible circumstances, and show the light at the end of the tunnel if you just perservere? I still have my crush on Anderson, but we would have to have some serious conversations, before he could be my man.
So remember those cheesy soft drink commercials for Fanta, featuring the Fantanetts?? Well, I thought they were kinda fun and camp and retro at the time. Who would have thought the marketing genius of putting hot babes in skimpy clothes to sell something? I know, a novel approach that you cant help wondering why it is not used more often, LMAO!! Anyway, I indulged my friends whopper fixation, by meeting him at Burger King for lunch today. (I have never really frequented BK and lately that King guy just kinda creeps me out.) What do they have featured on the table tents at BK?? The newest sensation in sexploitation marketing...the Whopperettes. I am not making this up, you gotta click on the link to believe it. They will custom make your own Whopperette musical number for you, OMG, am I the last person in the country to know about this?? Anyway, hit me as funny, so I thought I would share.

In a slow news day, The Church of Scotland has put off making a final decision on a proposal to bless same-sex unions in a contentious meeting of the denomination's General Assembly. The Assembly then voted 372 - 240 to leave it up to individual ministers to decided if they would perform the blessings. But the Assembly also decided that the issue was so divisive it would refer the question to individual presbyteries to hold a vote and the issue will return to the Assembly for a final decision next year. The Church of Scotland is the country's national church. If it decides to allow the blessings church-wide it would make it the first major denomination in the United Kingdom to bless gay unions.

In the "dont we have bigger fish to fry," department, a male high school student who has worn women's clothes to school all year was turned away from his prom because he was wearing a dress. Sylvester Rowan, assistant to Gary Schools Superintendent Mary Steele, said the decision to exclude Logan was based on "the dress code, not the student's homosexuality. That's his personal preference." Logan received an $85 refund for his prom ticket on Tuesday but was not satisfied.

This is not really intended to mock the case, just funny pic

In a bit of synergy, I would like to give you this link back to the original beginning of "HUMP"day Wednesday, for two reasons: First, it gives you two chances in one post to look at some hot guys, and second, with this weekend being Memorial Day, I wanted to link you to my "gay camping", post again. This post has links where to find gay campgrounds across the US and abroad. If you havent made any plans for the three day weekend yet, this might be a great place to start. A lot of the campgrounds have accomodations available if you dont have a tent or camper. I think that I will be spending a day or two at the local "Circle JJ Ranch" this weekend, here in Ohio.

I am starting to get a lot more traffic to this site and the main website and MySpace page, and I want to again thank you all for your support. Please tell all of your friends and family about us, and check back often. I am trying to stay as personally involved with everyone as I can, and I would really appreciate if you could add you name and email to our growing list at the website sign up box. Remember, you will not be spammed by outside sites, and I guarantee your name and email will be kept in strict confidence. Also please take a second and go to the left here and add yourself to my Frappr Map. I know I have lots of readers from other countries, but no one is on the map yet.

All right, here goes our weekly supply of eye candy. Don't ruin your sweet tooth by taking in too much at once, keep coming back and looking all you want. Remember that I do not own any copyright to any of these images, they are just hot guys I find on my travels of cyberland. If you own the copyright to any of these pics and want them removed, please email me, and I will remove immediately...enjoy...GG

In honor of our prom guy who got turned away, our selection today is from Aerosmith



Wow, GG, you outdid yourself, again!...and good thing, too, since I just posted about you and your "Eye Candy" on the about timing! :) Okay, guess I 'should' go back and actually read what you wrote in the post...come on now, you just KNOW I skip on down to the Eye Candy on Wednesday...THEN, and only then, do I work my way back up the! Have a good one, kiddo!


Darn, foiled again! Guess you know me too well, GG...DID just read the posting and saw your comment for me to READ before scrolling...sure, why don't you just ask me to ONLY eat a little bit of the Ben&Jerry's and NOT the entire THAT's gonna happen.

As for Anderson, I wonder if it's just a bit of the "I've gotta ride this popularity wave while I can without 'possibly' offending some 'get-over-your-homophobic-attitude' people" sort of thing? Of course anyone should be able to be who they are without having to worry about repercussions, but unfortunately this country's just not there yet. Wish it would hurry up already!


Anderson Cooper is gay? Call me naive, but I never even thought of him that way, even though he is a mighty fine dude.

American Idol: I have liked Taylor since the very beginning. Boy's got lots of soul and is real, but that's just my opinion.

Gay Marriage Ammendment: Screw this piece of crap legislation. We got bigger problems in America to deal with/handle.

WHEW! You have so much info. in your posts! Hard to keep up, but good job nonetheless. And yeah, I finally got a chance to link thee.



GG: I wondered about Anderson... but maybe he smells the blood in the water in America and doesn't want the theocrats to rip him to shreds in a shark feeding frenzy. Especially since his job depends upon ACCESS to all kinds of folks.

If its any consolation, please refer to my post on Weds about the interfaith group called Clergy for Fairness. They are clergy from all religions that are really trying to fight the fedrl amendment to ban gay marriage. One of the Rabbis in the group said it is unthinkable to write discrimination into our Constitution like that, and as a Jew, he can't believe that any Jews would support discrimination of any kind since they've more than had their own share of it.

Who knew leather chaps could look so scrumptious?

Hugs sweetie!

Marco Valente

Lol I couldn't help it either, I just HAD to quickly scroll down to see the eyecandy lol. Then I came up again!


I did the same as marco this weeks selection survey says.... #3 could fulfill Mikey's fantasy

Gay Guru

Thanx for all the comments guys, I guess after thinking about it a bit, I can understand AC's being possibly afraid for job security, but thats just so sad he has to hide his true self in his own memoir. thanx Tina, read that post you referred to, thats kewl. and yum, chaps are hot, and even blue speedo guys would be worth the rugburn off his

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