Friday, November 30, 2007

Have A Great Weekend..........A Hump Day Replacement Video

Ahhhh, this was nice, a couple days off to get some stuff done, and no angry emails or peoples thinking I skipped town again, lol. So as the first weekend of December is upon us, I figured I might as well decorate the house and tree the last couple of nights. Come to think of it, I have been so busy, these are the first ball's I have played with in a while, ummm, christmas balls I mean, ummm, ornaments! Are you all getting decorated for the holiday? Or am I the last one as usual, and thats how you spent your time instead of football after Thanksgiving? I moved into a new apartment since I last posted, (another story for another time,) and I decided that I would break out the artificial tree this year, since my living room carpeting is kinda hi-low and would be a witch to get the dried needles out of later. Of course I should just post a picture of the darn thing, but I havent taken any pictures yet. I will get around to that this weekend I guess.

So I feel a little guilty that I said I would make Wednesdays "Hump Day Wednesdays" again this time back, but as I said, oooops, I got busy. Lets try to make it up to you with this little funny video I found on my surfing travels. Words can be kinda stupid, but hey, the first time I looked at this, I was not looking or listening to the words. (wink, wink) Enjoy................

Have a great weekend everyone. I will check in at least once this weekend............Muah............GG

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Lady L, Dont Ask/Dont Tell, My Xmas Present #2

For my lovely Lady L, a fourth posting, and brought to you in party by the aforementioned Lady.

As viewed on the video podcast On Duty. OnDutyPodcast.Blogspot.Com

The Unknown Service Member.
He is proud.
He is patriotic.
He is honorable.
He is fearless.
And he is silent… because he is gay.

There are more than 65,000 LGBT service members currently serving in the United States’ Armed Forces. This is Unknown Service Member #1. He has served his country with honor and distinction, but because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” we cannot show you his face.

Are you an Unknown Service Member?

Do you want to stand up and be counted?

SLDN is scouring the globe in an effort to acknowledge the contributions of each and every LGBT service member currently in uniform. If you are one of these courageous Americans, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

We do not want your name!
We do not want your rank!
We do not want your serial number!
But we do want your anonymous photo!

Now….Cover your face. Make sure there’s nothing that identifies who or where you are. And send your photo to What number are you?

I have been working with my Stonewall Democrat group in a petition drive to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" This is not a Democrat or a Republican issue, it's an equal rights issue, and something you should definitely be concerned with. We will be presenting it to Tim Ryan, our House Representative, very soon. I hope if you happen to be a reader of the GG who is a serviceman or woman, or you know someone who is, and you are gay, please go to the site above and submit your picture.

So I am still getting in the holiday spirit, and I never get bored of giving you gift ideas for lil ol' me. I told you about the "Hairspray" movie that I am hoping for, and I just found the next thing on my list. I just read that a Company Markets Larry Craig 'I'm Not Gay' Action Doll. The doll, which stands about 12 inches tall, wears a T-shirt with his now famous "I am not gay" pronouncement. Craig, who has voted throughout his career against every LGBT measure that came before the Senate, in a news conference shortly after news of his arrest became public said "I am not gay. I have never been gay." offers a range other 'unusual' Christmas gifts including a Bush countdown key chain and the Hillary Clinton nutcracker.

Have a great week Blogger Friends............GG

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pets Not Partners, My Two Moms, Out Top 100

Hey there blogger friends. Just a couple quick things that caught my eye today. I hope you all know that despite Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the Keyes, Florida is still one of the most homophobic states around when it comes to gay rights. Blogger friend Rosie O'Donnell brought it glaringly to light when she had to let friends adopt the foster girl she had brought into her home, (called Mia at the time,) because gays can be foster parents in Florida, but cannot adopt. It unfortunately comes as no shock to me today, that a Florida College Approves Medical Plans For Employee's Pets, Denies Benefits For Domestic Partners. C'mon now, really?? Although I do think that PETA is a little whacked in the head most of the time anyway, but insurance for employee's pets before an employee's lover? Somethings are just too crazy even for me.

On a brighter note however in the Bible Belt of the country, Omaha, Nebraska, we have a Cartoon That Features Two Moms. "Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me" a five year old boy named Buddy who loves science and solves daily problems with the help of his sidekick "Socrates," an armband computer with Internet capabilities The series was created by Margaux and Donna Towne-Colley who say it was inspired by the birth of their own son The premiere DVD can be ordered from the cartoon's website: and retails for $10.00.

While enjoying my weekly Barnes and Noble Latte on Sunday, I did have the chance to peruse OUT magazine and it's annual Top 100 Out Peoples, or some such thing. It was a good read, although moi was not included, those damn hiatus' seem to knock you out of the running everytime, ah well, I digress. Anywho, I was happy to know a couple of those included, like Andy Cohen of Bravo, ( okay, so I dont know him-know him, but we have exchanged pleasant emails), and a scribe and a songbird, (you can figure those friends out on your own). There are a few I wanted to know more about, so I picked up the zine and will make some inquiries. Who knows, maybe I will have an OUT 100 up for cyber tea and a lil old interview or something. I am out blogger friends.........take care and Happy Monday............GG

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back In The Saddle, The Gay Guru Rides Again

Two days in a row, a very good sign. First a big THANK YOU to all who have sent nice thoughts and wishes on my return. I have missed all of you as well, or I would not have decided to come back. I have been perusing some of your blogs, sites, etc. and it seems as though you all have been busy while I was gone, LOL. I am looking forward to the ride again, and hopefully take you on an exciting and informative journey as well.

So one of the things that kept me busy on my hiatus from the GG blog, was my membership in the Stonewall Democrats. As most of you know, I am a political junkie, who happens to be Democrat with some Independent leanings as well. The Stonewall Democrats is a great organization that keeps me informed of the GLBT issues before Congress, and at the local level, it keeps me up to date on friends and foes in the immediate area of the Home State here in NE Ohio. One of things I am currently watching, is New Hampshire. Of course known as an early bellwether primary state that lets it's voters vote along ANY party lines, it could prove a bit interesting in that, New Hampshire is Preparing For Civil Unions. Civil Unions will be come legal in the state January. Couples entering civil unions will have the same rights, responsibilities and obligations as married couples. Same-sex unions from other states also would be recognized if they were legal in the state where they were performed A new license has been created for civil unions and will be available at local clerk's offices in towns and cities across the state.

Looking for the perfect gift for the Gay Guru this holiday season, or anyone else that needs some sheer fun or a change in their bigoted attitudes? How about the recently released DVD of "Hairspray" the movie musical. I gotta tell you, if you havent seen this movie yet, what the heck are you waiting for?? The movie has something for everyone, and the DVD is packed full of extras, amost 2 extra hours worth, (plus more if you buy it at Walmart.) For those looking for the gay experience, you gotta cast crammed full of the who's who of whispered about actors that are supposedly gay. John Travolta drags it up as bigger than life mama Edna Turnbladt. Queen Latifah shows us her rhythm and blues as Motormouth MaeBell. Cutie and a half Zac Efron as Linc Larkin. If you are not familiar with the plot of the movie, Tracy Turnbladt is a big girl with big hair and a passion for dancing. Her dream of dancing on Baltimore's local "Corny Collins Show", comes true, but also opens her eyes to the racial bigotry of the time and the age old prejudice of chubby people and those that are "different". Through lots of singing and dancing, Tracy takes on "the man", and tries to bring integration to the baltimore dance scene. You gotta get this DVD, and if you get an extra, send it over GG's way, I'll be a happy camper, lol.

I'll be coming back slow but sure blogger's good to be back, and check in on me when you can.........GG

Saturday, November 24, 2007

There's A Rumble In The Blogosphere

What was that sound? Was it thunder, is there a storm a comin'? Was it a big burp from the second helpings of Thanksgiving Dinner and Leftovers, heard around the country? Or was it just a little rumble in the blogosphere, as a long, lost blogger returns? Time will tell..............

There was a comeback promised once before that never really happened before it ended. Can this Gay Guru guy be trusted? Is he just a flash in the pan who likes to throw his weight around every once in a while? Will he disappear into the netherworld again with nary a look back at his cyber friends and buddies he made along the way?

The answers my friends, are blowing in the wind, the answers are blowing in the wind. A rumbling has come inside me that says that I can do this, that i SHOULD do this. The first time around was pretty succesful. Maybe too succesful that it got a bit overwhelming the responsibilities that came with it. The second time around was a hiccup. An anniversary look thru rose-colored glasses at the first time and then getting cold feet really fast as soon as the toe was dipped back into the pool. This time I think it will be different. Third time's the charm and all of that stuff. I've grown a bit older, a bit wiser, and a bit bigger around the belly, (damn that good Midwest cooking!)

There will be no trifecta this time. The Gay Guru website will not be put back into commission at this time. There are no plans for it's immediate future either. I think it was the proverbial straw that broke this camel's back. Too much updating all the time between the blog, the Myspace page, the website, and did I really try to start an adult "After Dark" version...jeeeeeesh! This time it will be this blog, and this Myspace. There will be no timetable of posting. There will be feast and famine, but I promise no famine longer than a week. I might post a couple of times in one day, and maybe sometimes once a week, but I think I still have a lot to say.

I am hoping that this will come back heading in 2 strong directions, Information/Opinion and Advice/Resources. I am still an avid news junkie, and I read some blogs with regularity, and I definitely will be posting with events and my comments on said events that interest me. One of the things that got me looking around the Gay Blogosphere again was the BratboySchool Controversy. It is primarily over, but I was sure wishing I had a forum to comment on that debacle. I also want for the Gay Guru to be a place you can come to for advice and get resources on your questions regarding GLBT culture. This comes tugging at me from the coming political season, ENDA, a gay teenagers suicide, and a feeling of debt to the community.

I am asking for a third chance blogger friends, and I may or may not deserve it, but I am going to push ahead anyway. Those that were hurt at my abrupt departures, I understand and am sorry, but I wont dwell on the past. Please welcome me back with open arms, or exercise your right and ask me to remove you from any friends list, or whatever you need for closure. For new blogger friends, thanx for inviting me into your life and lifestyle and lets start a new journey. 2008 is just around the corner and there is nothing like a good ending of a decade to get out there and make some noise and shout for GLBT rights and responsibilities.

I literally have not really looked at this site in the past 6 months much. I am sure there are going to be some broken links on it and I will have to redo the blogrolls to the right. Please give me some time to do that, but within a week or so, I will hopefully find out who's still around, who's not, and who wants to keep the links going.

OH! I almost forgot, lets start out slow with some "Humpday Hotties" and bring back the hot boys I used to find around the Internet and such, not quite every day yet, lets start with Humpday Wednesdays. But I should bribe you back into the Gay Guru fold with a teaser of a Wednesday to come.......................Take care blogger friends................GG

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