Friday, November 30, 2007

Have A Great Weekend..........A Hump Day Replacement Video

Ahhhh, this was nice, a couple days off to get some stuff done, and no angry emails or peoples thinking I skipped town again, lol. So as the first weekend of December is upon us, I figured I might as well decorate the house and tree the last couple of nights. Come to think of it, I have been so busy, these are the first ball's I have played with in a while, ummm, christmas balls I mean, ummm, ornaments! Are you all getting decorated for the holiday? Or am I the last one as usual, and thats how you spent your time instead of football after Thanksgiving? I moved into a new apartment since I last posted, (another story for another time,) and I decided that I would break out the artificial tree this year, since my living room carpeting is kinda hi-low and would be a witch to get the dried needles out of later. Of course I should just post a picture of the darn thing, but I havent taken any pictures yet. I will get around to that this weekend I guess.

So I feel a little guilty that I said I would make Wednesdays "Hump Day Wednesdays" again this time back, but as I said, oooops, I got busy. Lets try to make it up to you with this little funny video I found on my surfing travels. Words can be kinda stupid, but hey, the first time I looked at this, I was not looking or listening to the words. (wink, wink) Enjoy................

Have a great weekend everyone. I will check in at least once this weekend............Muah............GG



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