Saturday, November 24, 2007

There's A Rumble In The Blogosphere

What was that sound? Was it thunder, is there a storm a comin'? Was it a big burp from the second helpings of Thanksgiving Dinner and Leftovers, heard around the country? Or was it just a little rumble in the blogosphere, as a long, lost blogger returns? Time will tell..............

There was a comeback promised once before that never really happened before it ended. Can this Gay Guru guy be trusted? Is he just a flash in the pan who likes to throw his weight around every once in a while? Will he disappear into the netherworld again with nary a look back at his cyber friends and buddies he made along the way?

The answers my friends, are blowing in the wind, the answers are blowing in the wind. A rumbling has come inside me that says that I can do this, that i SHOULD do this. The first time around was pretty succesful. Maybe too succesful that it got a bit overwhelming the responsibilities that came with it. The second time around was a hiccup. An anniversary look thru rose-colored glasses at the first time and then getting cold feet really fast as soon as the toe was dipped back into the pool. This time I think it will be different. Third time's the charm and all of that stuff. I've grown a bit older, a bit wiser, and a bit bigger around the belly, (damn that good Midwest cooking!)

There will be no trifecta this time. The Gay Guru website will not be put back into commission at this time. There are no plans for it's immediate future either. I think it was the proverbial straw that broke this camel's back. Too much updating all the time between the blog, the Myspace page, the website, and did I really try to start an adult "After Dark" version...jeeeeeesh! This time it will be this blog, and this Myspace. There will be no timetable of posting. There will be feast and famine, but I promise no famine longer than a week. I might post a couple of times in one day, and maybe sometimes once a week, but I think I still have a lot to say.

I am hoping that this will come back heading in 2 strong directions, Information/Opinion and Advice/Resources. I am still an avid news junkie, and I read some blogs with regularity, and I definitely will be posting with events and my comments on said events that interest me. One of the things that got me looking around the Gay Blogosphere again was the BratboySchool Controversy. It is primarily over, but I was sure wishing I had a forum to comment on that debacle. I also want for the Gay Guru to be a place you can come to for advice and get resources on your questions regarding GLBT culture. This comes tugging at me from the coming political season, ENDA, a gay teenagers suicide, and a feeling of debt to the community.

I am asking for a third chance blogger friends, and I may or may not deserve it, but I am going to push ahead anyway. Those that were hurt at my abrupt departures, I understand and am sorry, but I wont dwell on the past. Please welcome me back with open arms, or exercise your right and ask me to remove you from any friends list, or whatever you need for closure. For new blogger friends, thanx for inviting me into your life and lifestyle and lets start a new journey. 2008 is just around the corner and there is nothing like a good ending of a decade to get out there and make some noise and shout for GLBT rights and responsibilities.

I literally have not really looked at this site in the past 6 months much. I am sure there are going to be some broken links on it and I will have to redo the blogrolls to the right. Please give me some time to do that, but within a week or so, I will hopefully find out who's still around, who's not, and who wants to keep the links going.

OH! I almost forgot, lets start out slow with some "Humpday Hotties" and bring back the hot boys I used to find around the Internet and such, not quite every day yet, lets start with Humpday Wednesdays. But I should bribe you back into the Gay Guru fold with a teaser of a Wednesday to come.......................Take care blogger friends................GG


Lika Starr

Hey Scott, glad to have you back bud. I remember you from way back when (lol). Like you said the third time is the charm and all that stuff. I'm looking forward to what you have to say.

Staying motivated in this gig ain't easy sometimes. But when the "calling" just keeps nagging at ya we might as well give in and at least give it our best shot, right?

It looks like I might be the first to comment on your "coming back" post. Does that mean I get a prize? I'm kidding...hehe

But I do write for a couple of blogs now and would love to swap links with you. ya know, just in case you make it big again. lol.

Check out my personal blog at and if you're interested let me know. I'll go ahead and add you there if you don't mind (I tend to jump the gun). But seriously, I'd love to have you!

The Gay Guru

Hey thanx for the wb Lika, sure link trading is always good, and like I said, I do need to update mine....lets keep in touch starshine...........GG

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