Sunday, April 30, 2006

Desperate Housewives, Website Update, Blogging, and Eye Candy

Whats up Bloggers? It's Sunday, and I haven't much to write about at all. (Well at least not much thats printable in a PG13 Blog.) Stephan and I had a Fabulous time out at the C.L.A.W. parties last night, and were invited back for more tonight. Unfortunately, I am now at the point where Gabrielle, Bree, Susan and Lynette, just bitch slap me into not going out more than once or twice a weekend, and rarely on a Sunday. Between Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and Grey's Anatomy, I am too busy laughing, crying, spilling my wine, that I dont have time to get guru'd up and go out.
It's also time to update the website again. As I said, I am shooting for updating twice a month around the 1st and 15th, so today and tomorrow, will be putting a lot of energy into that. Thanx to all the people who have put in questions for "ask the guru" and profiles for "hot date of the week", It was hard choosing who to feature. Keep writing in with your questions and profiles, we love hearing from you and will really try to give some of the best advice we can. Also you can look forward to many website upgrades over the next month or two. Your suggestions have been fantastic and we have a lot of features we are going to try out soon. We appreciate all of your comments and suggestions.

Also, friends have been sending me links to some other great blogs out there, and have been slowly adding the ones that I enjoy reading often. If you havent checked out our blogroll and links to the left, go for it. I am currently really enjoying Mikey's Who Do I Have to F*** To Get Laid. If you havent signed up to automatically recieve our blog feed, click the blue subscribe button on the left or sign up with your email. Well, have a great week bloggers, will talk soon, and since I havent put any up in a while, its time for a little more Eye Candy, with special thanx as usual to YouTube.........Take care..........GG

Saturday, April 29, 2006

L.A. Pride, C.L.A.W., Rosie O'Donnell, and Best Gay Blogs

Happy Saturday Bloggers, It's going to be a fantastic weekend here in Ohio, clear, warm, and beautiful. Lot's of stuff to do this weekend, so lets get to it. First, I want you to take a look at the awesome video below that was made by one of my MySpace friend's production company for L.A. Pride. Very funny, imaginative and I wanted to share it with you. If you havent been to a Pride celebration before, you deserve to be yourself somewhere and this is the place to do it.

Being the cute, cuddly, bearish man that I am, I have been invited to a few of the parties this weekend at "CLAW" , Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend. Some of Ohio's best bars are having some great activities this weekend, and the Wyndham Hotel is fabulous. I am being escorted by one of my good friends, Stephan, who is 1/2 muscle stud, 1/4 angel, and 1/4 boy scout, so I should have a blast, be safe, and be prepared for anything.

NOT my Stephan, but damn similar

Most of tomorrow, I will be updating the website, so a quick reminder that today is the last day to get in your questions and profiles for "Ask The Guru" and "Hot Date of the Week". Be sure to get to the website, and submit your info.

Finally today, I want to give two shout outs: One to Rosie O'Donnell, for being officially named Meredith Viera's replacement on The View by Barbara Walters last night at the Daytime Emmy Awards; and secondly, to Best Gay Blogs, for mentioning one of our blog posts about Kraft Foods refusal by its shareholders to withdrawl support from the Gay Games from a complaint by one of its holders. Have a great weekend bloggers.........GG

Friday, April 28, 2006

Fabulous Friday, Video Tables, Spa's, and No Rosie Yet

Hey blogger friends, here we are again at Fabulous Friday!! I still haven't come up with the $850,000 dollars I need for last weeks Aqua RV, but I found some fabulous things this week that are actually in my budget. I just HAVE to get the new Stealth Video Coffee Table. It features features wi-fi enabled internet access with email facilities, 19 inch TFT screen, stereo speakers, Bluetooth, NTFS file system, gaming facilities with game pad ports and arcade classics. The table features 3D graphics and multiout connectors for gamers. So, you could now add more fun while having a cup of coffee! This table is SOOOOO much more blog and website worthy than the current lil' corner 'puter desk I am currently using. Okay, so this table is more in the "concept/design" stage, but as soon as it's available, I am snagging it.
What I can get immediately, and am putting in an order for it this weekend I think, is the Inflatable Whirlpool Spa. Since I only have a shower, and because these guys take payments, (YEA!!), for a mere $900 bucks, I can soak in the bubbles and even invite Str8 Mate Jay and Bibi Birdy over too. The inflatable spa has ample room for four adults and it can contain 250 gallons of heated turbojet waters that soothe tired muscles and rejuvenate skin. The included motor inflates the unit in just ten minutes, and a pump filtration system keeps recirculated water fresh. The water temperature can also be adjusted as per your needs. I think I am going to have to pick up a couple extra bottles of wine for the christening of the new tub, you think it comes with its own manservant? (I WISH) So here is a double dose of FABULOUS this Friday.

How did this Lesbian get in my Spa?? =)

I am a little perplexed as to why The View, didn't make the Rosie O'Donnell announcement this morning. Either my 99.9 percent sources sipped too many Cosmo's in NYC this week, or they are looking for a better way to announce it. Hope I didnt steer you wrong bloggers, but will check sources again this weekend if nothing is announced today.....Have a good weekend all.....GG

Rosie O'Donnell back to Daytime Television??

Hey Blogger Friends, the rumor mill is running rampant tonight about Rosie O'Donnell is coming back to daytime TV. It has been reported and I have had a couple well placed friends 99.9 percent confirm, that Ms. O'Donnell is taking over for Meridith Viera this September on The View, when she leaves for the Today show. They are supposed to break the news on todays' airing of The View, and Rosie is scheduled to pop up on the Daytime Emmy's tonight as well. Just a quick post before I go to bed with sweet dreams of Rosie coming back to TV and being the 1st, 3rd or 5th person to tell you....more later friends............GG
If you havent signed up for our blog feed yet, go down to the left column near the bottom and click on the Blue link to sign up for RSS or ATOM Feed, or enter your email to get this blog emailed to you with each new post. I would love to have you as a regular Gay Guru reader. You can also visit us at our Gay Guru Website and sign up to be our friend at our MySpace Webpage....have a good night....GG

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pickled Kellie Pickler, and the Religious Right in Ohio

Hi Blog Fans, hope you are getting thru Thursday okay. Looks like everyone's favorite southern pixie, Kellie Pickler, is heading back to North Carolina. I wasn't one of the fans that thought she was being fake about the down home charm, but charm can't save you from 2 bad performances in a row. The local radio station here in Ohio had listeners call in and Kellie was picked by over 60 percent to go home. Even Stephen Foster warned Kellie that it was a tough song, and if not sung correctly, could be boring. I think Ms Pickler has a bright future ahead of her if not in singing, then commercial and acting work if she can hold up to the pressure. I think the rest of America's choices were right on and are exactly the order I had them in. Next week it gets exciting as each Idol hopeful gets to perform 2 songs, one from the year they were born, and one from any current top 10 on the billboard charts in any genre.
On to another kind of voting, I am getting heated up over the primaries next week and will probably blog about it on Sunday since it mostly pertains to only our Ohio readers, but I have 2 things to say first that we can all relate to. It has pretty much been accepted that Ohio was a key deciding factor in the 2004 Presidential election. What I am not sure that most of you know, is that the defeat of the Democrats, (I say democrats and not John Kerry because I honestly didnt feel that Kerry was a potentially great President, I just sure didnt want Bush back in for 4 more years,) came on the coat tails of the religious conservatives and republicans in the state and their ammendment to ban gay marriage. It is the most sweeping law in the country and has even dealt a blow to heterosexual domestic violence laws. I bring this up because a candidate for Ohio governor, Kenneth Blackwell is currently running this ad, (click on the Kenneth Blackwell on Culture video) on Ohio TV. I also came across from theFaggety-Ass Faggot blog, this time a Democrat candidate in Ohio, trying to bring the subject up again to win conservative votes. If people like Blackwell and Ritter dont bring out the gay vote here, and across the country, I really dont know what will. I am not dragging anyone out of the closet, but please, in the privacy of your own polling booth, vote for our rights, not to take them away.......sorry for the soapbox.............GG

Ask the Guru and Hot Date Deadline Saturday, More to Come

Hey Friends, just a quick reminder that Saturday is the last day to submit your questions for "Ask The Gay Guru" and to submit your name and pictures to be the "Hot Date of the Week". Be sure to go over to the website TheGayGuru.Net and go to the "dating" page or "ask the guru page", and fill out the form. We are trying hard to pick our "Hot Myspace Site of the Week", there are a lot of good ones out there.
We have lots of fun and new features ahead for the website, including a new health and fitness page by a new member to the Gay Guru family, an addition to the dating page, adding the "Hot Couple of the Week", and a new directory page to give you links to all sorts of gay friendly shops and services all over the country. Thank you for all the support you have shown the Gay Guru over our first few weeks in existence. Your love and well wishes really make me feel this site is a reality and going to be around for a long time to come. Please visit this blog and our website and myspace page often, this site is for YOU ALL and I hope you will continue to give us feedback and encouragement. Talk soon..............GG

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Humpday Wednesday, and Chi Chi Larue

Hello bloggers, hope your humpday Wednesday is going well. As for me, I am having Macaroni and Cheese for dinner tonight!! Why is this blogworthy?? Well, it's probably not, but let me tell you a couple of things before you run on over to Pink is the New Blog. First, I HATE Macaroni and Cheese; Second, I have no wine to go with Macaroni; and Third, I have had BBQ Ribs cooking in the crockpot all day and they smell FABULOUS!!
Here's the thing, I try to keep myself up on the things happening and affecting the gay universe a bit, and today I learned some good news about Kraft Foods. Shareholders in Kraft Foods have overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to force the company to drop its sponsorship of this summer's Gay Games. The vote was forced by Dr. Marcella Meyer of Chicago, a shareholder in the company, who objected to Kraft's participation in the games. The share holders of Kraft voted 99-per cent against Meyer's measure and it is seen as a slap in the face of the American Family Association which has mounted a year-long campaign against the company over the $25,000 sponsorship.
Can you believe that, only 1 percent of Kraft Foods shareholders thought sponsoring the gay games , was a bad idea, I LOVE these guys!! So in honor of Kraft's shareholders, I am bringing my ribs to work for lunch tomorrow and cracking open the blue box of Macaroni and Cheese that has been hiding in the back of my pantry in case of extreme food emergency.
Also, in reference to Humpday Wednesday, I am excited about something, but not sure if it is appropriate for here or not. I am going to put it out there and let your comments help me decide whether to run it or not. My goal is to keep this site pretty much PG-13, so we can appeal to not only our GLBT community, but our friends and family as well. Having said that, this blog is also primarily for those over the age of 18 and I am sure few of us left are virgins. I am of the persuasion that gay porn is not a horrible thing in and of itself. I watch some, I follow it some, I dont find it a huge evil in our existence. Well, two of the porn companies that I feel are probably the best, safest, and best looking in the business, is All Worlds Video and Channel One Releasing. For those of you that dont know, Channel One is owned by world famous drag queen Chi Chi Larue. I have had the pleasure of meeting Chi Chi and have corresponded a bit with her. Chi Chi has agreed to do an interview for the Gay Guru website and or blog. I believe she is a fascinating, multi talented performer, dj, and business person. I am 95 percent sure I am going to go through with the interview, unless I hear a lot of negative feedback from our blogging and website friends. No matter what I decide, congrats to Chi Chi and keep up the great work.....Talk to you soon bloggers...............GG

Update on United 93 Mark Bingham Gay Hero

Hero Mark Bingham

Hey blog buddies, I appologize for not having all of my research in on my earlier post about the new movie about Flight 93. If you look below, I told you I was wondering how much they would pay attention to the character of Mark Bingham, the openly gay, CEO, who is believed to be one of the men who tried to overtake the hijackers. I knew the name of the actor playing Mark, but not much else, so I did some more digging. While not in many movies as of yet, Cheyenne Jackson, has an extensive Broadway, and theatre resume. I was posting about wondering if the gay angle would get played at all in the movie, or even in the press, I am sure there are many who dont want to see a gay hero's praises being sung. Well I am glad to report that I also found out that Cheyenne will be a guest on Larry King Live, on CNN at 9pm Eastern Time. He will be appearing with Alice Hoagland, Mark Binghams'mother. This is giving me hope that his memory will be respected as it should be for who he was and what he did. Tune in if you cant handle seeing the movie, I will be watching both.......GG
Actor Cheyenne Jackson

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

RENT Anniversary, Flight 93 and a Gay Hero

Happy Tuesday Bloggers, Spring has sprung, but its getting back down to the 30's the next couple of days here in good ol' Ohio. But it's all good, a smart gay man doesnt put his winter wear away in this chilly state until the second week of June, OY!! I talked to my New York friends today, and last nights 10th Anniversary production/party for RENT, was a big success. The evening was a benefit for 3 associations of the late, creator, Jonathan Larson, Friends In Deed (which supports those facing illness), The New York Theatre Workshop (the Off-Broadway not-for-profit where Rent was launched) and The Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation (created in Larson's memory to encourage writers of musical theatre). The benefit tickets started at $1,000 dollars and went up, but true to the history of the show, some low price tickets were set aside for the first two rows. All of the original Cast members from 10 years ago, have agreed to reprise their roles for this special 10 year anniversary gala. The after party was held at Cipriani 42nd Street. I am such a HUGE RENT fan, that I would have been there if there wasnt an important meeting I had this morning. And to top it all off, today ALL tickets to the show featuring the current broadway cast are only $20 dollars. WHY ME!! DARN MEETINGS!!!!! I will post more scoop after my friends recover, I have read that it was star packed and a great time was had by all.
In other entertainment news, the controversial movie, "United 93", opens this Friday in theaters. It is of course the story of the fourth hijacked plane on 9/11, that went down in a Pennsylvania field, not too far from where I am in Ohio. Supposedly downed by the courageous passengers of the flight who tried to take control of the plane back from the hijackers, it has hit a raw nerve in the press and the pysche's of Americans, wondering if it is too soon for this story to be told. One of the things I will be interested in seeing, is how this film deals with the story line of passenger Mark Bingham. If you don't know, or dont remember, Mark Bingham was an openly gay, 31yo, CEO of his own public relations firm, The Bingham Group. Mark played rugby, ran with the bulls in Spain, and was a charismatic man who was Eulogized by Senator John McCain, after his heroic death. I have not heard much about how this film is going to play out, but I am sure it is going to deal with some of the background of the lives of some of the passengers aboard that fateful flight. Mark Bingham, was one of the few passengers who got a call out to his mother during the flight, acknowledging to her the plane was hijacked and before he could get out any more, the line was cut off. It is assumed that Mark is one of the three passengers who were going to try to stop the hijackers according to a phone call by Thomas Burnett to his wife. All of the passengers of flight 93 are heroes who died for our country, and it will be interesting to see if the country is ready to see an out gay man as a hero, and if he will be portrayed as such. I hate the subject matter, but I am going to see this movie, if nothing else to honor all of them who died without knowing why......GG

Monday, April 24, 2006

Avenue Q writes Dear Mr. Jay Leno, Subscribing to Blog

Hey Bloggers, hope the week is starting off great for you. First thing to talk about today is a post I found at "", featuring an open letter to Jay Leno. It is written by Jeff Whitty, author and playright of Avenue Q. It is a very powerful letter and I love seeing strong queer personalities, calling people to the carpet in the name of all of us GLBT family. I am not sure if I entirely agree that Mr. Leno is homophobic, in fact, I doubt that is true at all, but there is a point to be made as to how much is too much laughing AT the GLBT community, instead of laughing WITH us. I am going to forward this over to Ross Mathews, the once-upon-a-time, Tonight Show intern, who is now a bonafide star himself with his own blog and everything. I am sure he will be able to enlighten us and his own blog community, with I visit every day. There has been a bit of press lately about can the gay community take a joke, and have the jokes gone too far. If you have time, please make your comments here about gay jokes. You think they have gone too far, or we just need to laugh at ourselves and the world more?
I also want to let you know that if you haven't noticed it yet, we have a new link to subscribe to this blog in whatever blog reader you subscribe to. All you have to do is click on the link to the left in blue that says subscribe. This will take you to a page to sign up at any blog reader you currently have, it has over 10 options to choose from. That way, you can get your daily dose of THE GAY GURU, delivered to your email everytime there is a new update to this blog. Of course, I do hope you will keep checking us out here as often as you can, and checking out the website over at The more you visit, the more we will be able to get advertisers to advertise with us to keep us afloat and keep getting better and better content for our GLBT community, our family, and our friends. Have a great week and talk soon....GG

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Earth Day, PDA's, and President Bush

Hey blogger buddies, I didn't post yesterday, because I was celebrating "Earth Day". As important as it is to save our environment and be socially active in preserving our national resources, I wanted to take a day just with me and friends to celebrate the planet we are living on, and not beat up anybody who doesn't do likewise. It was a beautiful day here in Ohio, we had rain the night before and it was overcast, but the air was crisp and fresh, and it was warm enough to be outside and enjoy the spring weather.
There is a park in NE Ohio I like to go to, called Mill Creek Park. Mill Creek Park encompasses approximately 2,600 acres, 20 miles of drives, and 15 miles of foot trails, and a rare collection of gardens, streams, lakes, woodlands, meadows and wildlife for all to enjoy. Visitors will find a wide range of recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking, picnicking, boating, Par-3, or championship golf, tennis, sand volleyball and more. Universally accessible trails, fishing pier, playground and picnic areas are located throughout the Park. Cabins and pavilions for group events are available for rental year-round.
I try to get here as often as I can to relax, meditate, and enjoy nature. Yesterday, myself, two of my gay friends and one str8 girlfriend, took our bikes and picnic lunch and spent the day in the park. We hiked, rode bikes, and just enjoyed each others company, while paying homage to Earth Day, and the blessings we each have. Overall, the day was fantastic, we had some great conversations, played some cards and discreetly sipped our bottle of champagne we brought in. We did get jolted back to reality at one point when we were hiking back to our picnic spot. My two gay friends that are lovers, were holding hands and a group of 20 something year old boys drove by and yelled "Faggots." We didn't let it ruin our day, but it did bring up a good discussion on the social climate we are still living in and should we display affection for each other in public. I would like you, blogger friends, to leave some comments here on your thinking on public displays of affection in outdoor public settings. Have we made advancements in acceptance? Are the rowdy college age boys more the exception to the rule now? As I have said from the beginning, I want this blog and accompanying website to be about advice, and commentary, as well as humor and fun. So let's share with each other our feelings and what its like in YOUR home towns, and if you think it's okay for a gay couple to show PDA's.

As a side note, I read the paper this morning to find that President Bush, marked Earth Day with a 65 minute mountain bike ride through the redwood forest above San Francisco. He was quoted as saying, "I still ride the mountain bike primarily to settle the soul and to burn off the excess energy one gets when you are living life to the fullest." I am happy to know that the President is living life to the fullest while he publicly denounces me and my brothers and sisters from living our lives to the fullest by showing our love for each other in marriage, especially 90 miles north of one of our communities most populous cities. Something else to think about..............Have a great week...........GG

Friday, April 21, 2006

Fabulous Friday: Best of....Summer Travel Plans

Fabulous Friday is here again, and this week we are featuring something to get you ready for the summer vacation season that is fast approaching. I have always wanted to take a couple of months off over the summer and see the country in a big ol' RV, that is until I saw the movie trailer for the new Robin Williams movie, "RV". I have been lucky to travel a lot and have visited about 40 states, but each time was for a quick vacation or business meeting, and it usually involved flying. Well, I have found something to keep the dream alive...
Introducing, Terra Wind, the worlds first luxury Amphibias Motor Coach/Yacht. The Terra Wind gives a whole new meaning to cross country touring. "It is exceptionally unique," says John Giljam, President. The Terra Wind has the ability to travel on highways at speeds of up to 80 mph or may also serve as a yacht; crossing the water at 7 knots. A Caterpillar engine, Allison transmission and Neway front and rear air suspension make the drive smooth and reliable. On the water an all aluminum hull, a marine drive transmission and one touch rudder control makes maneuvering the Terra Wind unbelievably simple. Safety features include two onboard automatic fire extinguishers and a three zone bilge pump system.
"The Terra Wind has been designed with the ultimate in luxury in mind," says Julie Giljam. This vehicle offers state of the art electronics, marble floors, granite countertops and plush leather furnishings as just a few of the options. Each Terra Wind is a custom work of art. With every buyer being different they may customize exactly what they want to achieve with their coach. "The Land. The Lake. and The Luxury are what we are here to give every owner," say the Giljam's. "Whether traveling on land or in the water, you can be traveling first class."
With Summer only 6 weeks away, and a price tag starting at $850,000 for the Terra Wind, I better get a move on saving my pennies for my trip. Can you imagine showing up for Pride Season, in this, then taking all the hot boys you pick up for a drive around and on the closest lake!!....Dream Big my friends...............GG

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wicked and Bewildered from Musical to Music Machine "American Idol"

A couple of friends and I went to beautiful downtown Pittsburgh, PA a few weeks back to take in the touring production of "Wicked." For the few gay among us and our str8 mates who don't know what I am talking about, Wicked is based on The Wizard of Oz, and is a prequel about the lives of Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West, as they were growing up. Sure it was a good book, and the musical was great, but the real reason I went was just because of Idina Menzel, who played the Wicked Witch, and I have had a "chick I'd switch for," crush on her, since she starred in RENT. Of course she wasn't in the touring production, but I felt closer to her knowing that I had seen the musical she won a "Tony" For, (I know I really am the "Gay" Guru.) Well, the production was fabulous, and I really loved the show stopping number "Defying Gravity," that is sung by the Wicked Witch. I decided to check it out today in You Tube, to see if I could get lucky, and "WOO HOO" it was there. I thought I would share this with you here. Unfortunately, for every "over the rainbow" moment that is a great musical song, someone does have to come along to butcher it up. So I also am letting you see this sad rendition of "cute for trying," gay boy, who doesnt quite know how to carry a tune. I laughed, I cried, YOU be the judge, and I SWEAR its not

As for American Idol last night, I hate when it gets down to the final 6 like this, because America frankly, scares me. I love the cuteness and down home of the "Pickler," but even SHE wouldn't have voted for herself after Tuesday's mangled rendition of "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered." To put Kelly in the top 4 and Chris Daugherty in the bottom 3, is just a crime. I honestly was glad to see Ace go, it was his time, and he has a voice made for acting more anyway. Kelly would have been safe in the bottom 3, and I hope America starts voting for merit over cute!! There, I said it, hope the hate mail isn't too bad.
I have updated almost every page on the website, except for the new fashion/grooming page. Go check it out here. Let me know what you think, and check back here and there often for updates. I have decided until I can afford to get someone to help me with the website, I will be updating the website twice a month, around the 1st and 15th of each month. Have a great night soon..........GG

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Wonderful World Wide Web.......Sometimes

Hey friends, sorry for no post today, but our great internet that brings me to you all each day, can also take me away..... My internet service went down here today for most of the afternoon and evening, leaving me unable to bring you the quality love and information you deserve. Hope you all had a great day, I will post more tomorrow. A few quick thoughts.....Ace is gone, nice to look at, but not really shedding any tears. WTF is up with Chris being in the bottom 3?? He doesnt rock out one week and the fans turn against him? Hope this is not a trend, I want to see Chris and Katherine duke it out in the finals. For your patience with no blogging today and not able to get back to all of your Myspace adds and comments, here is something I thought was funny. This was shared by the Genre Man of the Year over on Myspace that he picked up off You Tube..........GG

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

American Idol, 5 Questions, Website Updates & More

Happy Tuesday bloggers. American Idol sings the Great American Songbook, which Rod Stewart has covered recently, and Rod is working with the Final 7 this week. It was a huge dissappointment to Birdy that it's songs off the Songbook album and not just any ol' Rod Stewart songs. I think she actually was hoping that Ace would be singing "Do you think I'm Sexy". You know a singer's in trouble when the bi chick you know is rooting for the "sexy" one in the show more than my gay friends and I are. This will be a challenge for Chris tonight, and I hope he comes through like usual. I also hope that Elliott climbs his way back out of the bottom 3, I think America is nuts on that choice.
I have actually kinda stolen an idea from the great Ross "the intern" Mathews, from the tonight show, and decided on a interview to be featured on the website and blog. Of course I dont have the stellar contacts Ross does, his interview with Gweneth Paltrow and Jennifer McCarthy were awesome, but I will be trying to interview people fairly well known in the GLBT community. It will probably be more like a '5 Questions' approach that Craig Kilborn used on his old late night talk show. Look for that coming soon, with hopefully personalities running from fellow famous bloggers, to Adult entertainers, to professionals, to maybe even an actual celebrity every now and then.
I have updated the "Ask the Guru" and "Fun and Games," pages of the website, and even added a horoscope to the "Fun" page. Thanx for submitting questions for the Gay Guru, Str8 Mate Jay, or Bibi Birdy. What we dont answer in the website, we are trying to answer you personally. Keep those questions coming in. I should be able to update the "Dating" and other pages tomorrow. Thanx for your patience. I think until I get some more help, I will be updating the website twice a month, around the first and the 15th. Keep those comments and suggestions coming in.........Thanx for your support....keep checking back..........GG

Monday, April 17, 2006

Updating Website, Looking For input, Hot Date Found

Hello friends, this will be a quick post, have had a very busy day. I have begun updating the website pages for this week. Was not sure how big of a task it was going to be to update it weekly, may have to aim for every two weeks or twice a month. This also brings up a point, thanks for all the great comments, but I have had a couple complaints and like to address the good and the bad.
I got one comment that said that the website looked as if it was designed by someone under 8 or over 60, and needed help. Well, I don't think it looked quite that bad, but I have been doing all the web building myself, until I can afford someone to handle all that for me. Unfortunately, like this blog and website, I am a work in progress, and my web building ability probably only rates about a "6", so far. So any suggestions you might have as to how to improve the look and feel of the website or this blog, please send comments and suggestions, I really do listen. LOL, same above comment also said the grammar is horrible. I got to admit, I kinda write from the hip, sorta stream of conscienceness, and its not going to be grammatically correct all that often. Hopefully it will be readable and comprehensible, but so its out there, grammar is not high on the priority list.
We decided on the "Hot Date of the Week" and have sent him out a quick stat survey so we can post it and him soon. He is 27, good looking, and sent in a nice profile on why he wanted to be the Hottie of the week. I hope you will continue sending in your profiles and pictures to be considered a "Hot Date of the Week" in the future. Keep checking back and leaving those comments and suggestions......GG

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter, We Survived Our First Week

Hey Friends, just sending out a little Bunny Love. Today I had 2 major accomplishments. One, I made it through another Easter dinner with the fam, and got to bring home some killer leftovers, (minus the green bean casserole, again, YUCK!). And two, I made it through my first week of starting this new blog, webpage and myspace page. WOO WEE!!

The first part was easy. Momma Guru is an excellent cook and did it up right. Mind you, there are only 3 of us, dad, Momma Guru and me(my two brothers live out of state). Momma bought a 22 pound ham!!! Let the consolidation begin.....are you or your mom's like this? Ham steaks today, sliced ham sandwiches for a day or two, ground ham salad for dipping the Ritz crackers in for snacking after that, and to finish it all off, navy bean soup with the hambone and what is left on there. I really think we could solve the hunger crisis in Ethiopia. Send Momma Guru in with a boatload of hams. But I digress, we also had the aforementioned green bean casserole, some baked sweet potatoes with a brown sugar/cinnamon/vanilla/ and pecan glaze over them, fresh baked banana bread, my mothers signature cranberry jewel salad,(recipe on the website food page soon,) and to finish it off, homemade pineapple upside down cake. Is it any wonder I am a chubby, furry, cute gay guru, instead of anchor man for the 440 relay at the gay olympics?

As for the second accomplishment, I couldn't have done it without all of you and of course my Str8 mate, Jay, and the lovely Bi bi Birdy. It has been fantastic getting to know all of you this first week of going online. This has been a dream of mine for a long time of giving back to the gay community, and hopefully making life a little more fun, informative, and supportive for my fellow GLBT family and our friends. The only way we are going to be a success is by your support and participation. I am currently using only my own money and the small ad revenue I am getting from our first sponsor, Rainbow Over Ohio. I have some other sponsors lined up, once I get a large enough readership to make it worth their wild. So I am asking you, all my new friends, come back and visit this blog, our website and our myspace page often and contribute your ideas as to what you would like to see to make us even better and a site for the community. Go to our Advice page and ask questions; to the Dating page, and submit your profile; to the Food/Beverage page to check out new gay friendly restaurants and read the reviews of them and other fun places and products we find; go to the Shopping page and find some of the cool things you find on our website, and where to buy them; go to the Fun and Games page and get a quick laugh, build a puzzle, or find other funny things there; and go to our Links page and visit other GLBT businesses and give them your support. We promise in return for you doing all that, to provide some good advice, some fun commentary, a little bit of humor, and a truly responsive team to provide you with the best we can give you. It will be a growing phase these first couple months, I hope you will stay around for the ride, and continue to be a part of the Gay Guru Family.....GG

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gay Guru Does Easter, Extended Entry Days

Hey Everyone, whatever your religious beliefs, I hope you are enjoying the Easter weekend. I am off to Mama Guru's tomorrow for a little ham and the green bean casserole thing. I will have to find a way to feature Mama Guru on here someday, the woman is a saint and funny as heck, but still not too sure of this whole "gay thing." Oh she accepts me okay, and hasn't spilled buckets full of tears, but her way of dealing, is to kinda ignore it and kinda sidestep around it with what we like to call "Linda'isms." A good example of a "Linda'ism," comes from her and my dads last visit down South. She went to Georgia for the first time, and fell in love with Savannah. So she comes home all excited about her trip and tells me I just HAVE TO get down to Savannah some time soon. I appreciate the tip and ask her what was so great about it. "It's your kinda town," she gushes. What does that mean i ask? "You know, very 'Nightime in the Garden of Good and Evil,'and I saw people you could be friends with." Her and my dad recently rented that movie on video and it's her latest gay subtext reference point, and I guess she saw actual gay people on the street. That's a "Linda'ism," a tip of the hat to my being gay, without actually having to say the words. This space is too small to go into Mama Guru and boyfriends....jeeesh. But I love her with all of my heart.

Because I will be gone most of tomorrow, I have decided to extend the deadline for "Ask the Guru" questions and submissions to be the "Hot Date of the Month." It's really going to take all of you out there to make the Gay Guru a success and we have had some excellent entries, but can definitely use more. Just go to the website at, (link is to the left,) and go to the ask the guru and dating pages. We are also going to feature a "MySpace of the Month" next time as well that we pick, you dont have to submit for it. We will pick based on originality, personality, and activity. Looks are always great, but thats not all we are looking for, so dont think only the pretty people will be picked. But speaking of pretty people, instead of Easter candy, I am handing out a little more Eye candy, courtesy of You Tube. Happy Easter weekend everyone.....GG

Friday, April 14, 2006

Fabulous Friday: The Best of.....Easter Chocolate

Hello fellow bloggers and friends. We have decided to mark this and every Friday as a "Fabulous Friday." Every friday, in addition to whatever else we may feel like blogging about, we will feature something we consider at the time, The Best. If you are like us and like to indulge in at least looking at the finer things in life every once in a while, join us on Fridays, for something we think is high class, high brow, or we are just asking, "are they high?".

Being as it's the Easter weekend, I thought we would start out with some of The Best of Easter Chocolate. La Maison du Chocolat, has done for chocolate, what Tiffany has done for jewelry. There may be no other store that makes as luxurious sweets as La Maison du Chocolate. Start with presentation. La Maison chocolates are exquisitely arrayed in caramel-colored leather(you hear that all you bears and daddies, lol) boxes fine enough to hold your grandmother's estate jewelry. Its dark- and milk-chocolate truffles, marrons glaces, caramels, and mendiants (slices of chocolate sprinkled with dried fruits, assorted nuts or orange peel) contain no more than 65 percent cocoa, so they're more sweet than bitter. Ganache fillings are made with cocoa butter, not milk fat.

For Easter, La Maison, pulls out all the stops with some truly exquisite treats. "The Magical Egg" above, dark chocolate is filled with a selection of chocolates and a little ganache egg. Under the egg, you will find a little box containing 5 delicous bouchees ganache flavoured with apricot, peach, plum, lemon and melon. The price for this precocious egg, that weighs in at just under a pound? How about $75.00.

Check out La Maison du Chocolat's website and you will find a world of high end chocolate for your next chocolate affair.......Happy Easter......GG

Thursday, April 13, 2006

ALDO Fights Aids, YouthAIDS, and a $5 Dollar Tag

Did you know that 14,000 more people are diagnosed with AIDS every day? And did you know that more than half the infections are incurring in young people between the age of 15 and 24?? Now do you know that the YouthAIDS estimates that it takes just $5 Bucks to help protect a young person from HIV/AIDS for about 6 months?

YOU can purchase an Empowerment Dog Tag for only $5 Bucks and 100% of the net proceeds for the tags goes to YouthAIDS programs worldwide!! This is a program that the Gay Guru, str8 mate Jay, and bi-bi Birdy have gotten behind, and hope you will all do the same.

Go to the ALDO FIGHTS AIDS website, and see what celebrities are endorsing and embracing these tags and find out more about them and the program. One of our goals here at The Gay Guru is to make a difference in peoples lives, and we hope you out there in the GLBT community will help us as well. We have just ordered some more tags and will be giving them out as prizes in some upcoming contests. For now, please stop by their site, get some valuable information, and dont eat at McDonalds or Taco Bell for one day and send your $5 Dollars in to get your empowerment tag....Thanx for caring........GG

American Idol: Ace is Trying Too Hard, Bye Bye Bucky

An hour long American Idol tonight, and we got to see life back home for the final 8. Poor Ace found himself in the bottom three.....again!! I think he just tries too hard and ends up coming off fake, at least he does to me. Did you notice that the only time he was not in the bottom three of the last few weeks, was when he sat on that chair and kept his hands to his side. I mean, he's pretty damn cute and all, but if he tries to reach out and touch my face one more time during one of his songs, I'm filing a restraining order. Gay Guru predicts and Birdy agree's, Ace has 2 weeks left tops, unless he stops emoting/acting and starts singing.

I think it was actually Bucky's time to go this week. He is so yee-haw and sweet, but as Paula said last night, he took a QUEEN song for God's sake and made it country. He just doesnt have another genre in him and Pickler can outsing him there. As long as they keep their hair pulled back, I still might entertain a couple of fantasies about good ol' Bucky and his twin, but I wish him well with his post Idol life with his wife and kid and new opportunities.

I still cant figure out why Elliott has been in the final three for two weeks running. Yes, he let his vibrato go a little overboard last week, but he brought it down this week and I think had one of the stronger performances. Is it the vibrato? Are those kinda scary teeth giving people the creeps, (note, you had the stylist change your hair up this week, get thee to the dentist for caps and whitening treatments, pronto!!) I would like to see Elliott hang around to the final 4 at least.

Next week's Idol features Rod Stewart who I have always loved, so am looking forward to soon.........GG

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thanks for MySpace Ads and Hot Date of the Week Entries

Hi Everyone!! Just a quick post to say Hi to all of our new MySpace friends and all the nice emails we are recieving. I wanted to thank all of you who are submitting your pictures and profiles for our Hot Date of the Week, on the dating page of our website. So everyone knows, we are going to try to update the site weekly with new hot dates, recipe's, music, restaurants, etc, so we need to have as many pictures and profiles in for Hottie, by Saturday at Noon latest. Thanks for the submissions and we think we may add a myspace hottie also every week, that we decide on each week as well. Will post more later.......GG

And sometimes you just have to have eye candy.......

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Things Are Coming Together, Welcome to the Family

We are on our second official day launched of the new website and still just a week into getting this blog and our MySpace profile up and running. Thanks for all of your visits and we hope to really create a sense of family, information sharing, humor and fun. Sorry that the shopping page is still not working properly, it contains links to most of the products offered on the website, like Basia CD's, Izod clothing, Beautiful Thing DVD and more. I am promised it will be fully figured out by the weekend latest. We do have a couple good links on the link page, with more coming shortly.

Jay, my str8 mate, was playing around in photoshop a bit today and made up these funny pictures. We put them on the myspace page, probably not funny to all, but after our second bottle of wine, we were laughing. If you have any fun pictures of yourselves or some hot guys that dont mind being captioned, send them on in and we will find some fun use for them.

Spring I think, has finally sprung here in Ohio. It was up to 70 today and scheduled for the same tomorrow. I am looking forward to putting out the front porch furniture and doing some people watching again as we sip our frozen margarita's and wine. Well, not too much to talk about today, will be spending most of this week tweaking our sites and getting to know all you new people. Jay, Birdy and me hope your will come visit us often and contribute to this blog, and our website. Oh, I almost forgot we got our first letter for advice today. It was sent to BI BI Birdy, and we hope her answer serves you well, good luck MG.....Have a great week.....GG

Monday, April 10, 2006

I Know Pink is the New Blog But.......

WTF?? Is pink the new black? I was asking Jay, my str8 mate about this the other day. I explained to him all about how Pink is the new Blog, and asked him about pink clothing. Jay is very fashionable and seems to always know what's "in" and what's "out". I did inherit the gay design gene, I can make an apartment, home, office, party, fabulous, but my style gene was lost in the mail.

Anyway, I digress, what's up with all the str8 guys wearing pink shirts lately? I work in a fairly large building, and every day there seems to be 8-10 str8 guys in some type of pink shirt, sweater, vest or something. It's confusing to me and the other gay guys that work here. Before the so-called "metrosexual" explosion, you saw a pink shirt coming your way, and you had a pretty safe bet he played for our team. I'm all for getting rid of stereotypes, but this is fashion dammit!! Shouldn't there be a law or something about a good looking str8 guy wearing pink? I mean, we already want him because he is hot and str8, if he's wearing pink, we should at least get to give him tonsil inspection or something.

I'm just saying that Spring is here and I want to get the message out as the pastels are starting to flood the shelves of Nordstrom and Kaufman's. Give the str8's full access to purple, mauve, tope, etc., but leave pink alone. Now excuse me as I go check out the hottie in the pink Polo across the hall........GG

The Gay Guru Website is Up and Running

Our website for The Gay Guru, is finally up and operating. It has been a lot of hard work, but we are very pleased with the results. There is still a lot more work to do on it, but we are happy to give you something to look through for now. Of course we will be tweaking and reworking it, to make it the kind of website that is fun and informative for our readers and fans, and things that are important to us.

On the website, you will find a little about all of us, an advice column, some style and grooming tips, food and drink finds, a shopping page, some fun and laughs, plus ways to contact us, advertise with us and links to places we like, or are interested in. Please leave comments here and there on things you would like to see, or topics you would like covered. The great thing about having all these forums and feedback, is we can truly build a place for the GLBT community to share in, and one that is catered mostly to us, but also an informative spot for our friends and family as well.

We are currently having trouble on our shopping page,(OMG, I KNOW,) but hopefully that will be corrected soon. Will talk more soon....check us out with the link above or by using the link over to the left in our LINKS column.....GG

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ross the Intern from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

I have been a celebrity stalker, (ooops, I mean fan,) Since my early California days. I have met some really great celebrities, even though most of them have no clue in life who I am. I guess my biggest claim to fame was Thanksgiving Dinner with Richard Dean Anderson, (MacGyver,) but thats for another post.

So I have just gotta tell you I LOVE Ross the Intern from The Tonight Show. I have watched him over the years doing his bits on the show with Jay Leno and he cracks me up everytime. You gotta love someone who is just so free with who they are and can show that enthusiasm for life. I think we all as gay men and women, need to be able to celebrate and enjoy our lives as well. This is a true success story of someone that has set goals for himself and with fate, luck and determination, blazed a trail as he follows his dream. He deserves to be a talk show host like he dreams of becoming, and if LOGO has a brain, or his new best friend, Rosie O'Donnell with an upcoming sketch comedy show premiering on LOGO is smart, they will sign him quick.

Anyway, I just realized that Ross has his own blog, (see link above or left,) and website up and think you should check it out. He has some fun things like Q&A's with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jenny McCarthy. Hmmmmm, I would like to try that, except may have to settle for the local drag queens, as Celebs are none too common here in Ohio. The Gay Guru and friends are hoping to premiere our website this week, (I will keep you posted,) and our podcast running in about a month. Maybe I will get lucky and have a phone interview with Ross for one of our first podcast's or at least get him to do a Q&A for this blog. Ross and the Gay Guru, each also have another thing in common, a page on, so you will have to add yourselves to our friends list.

Next post I will be adding my world famous Easter Punch Recipe, just in time to serve to the kiddies this Sunday to wash down the colored eggs with....yummy!! Talk to you soon sure to add your favorite local gay restaurants to our previous post......GG

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gay ol' Time at TGI Fridays

We just got back from dinner at good ol' TGI Fridays, and the Fajita's aren't the only thing flaming there. I counted at least 1 Host, 3 Servers, and a Busser that appeared to be part of the "family". Now I used to work in the restaurant industry for a long time, and worked alongside many a gay co-worker, but usually not all in the same restaurant. I felt like I was at a Perkins or Denny's after the bars let out.

The kewl thing was just as many "family" were having dinner there and everything was going smoothly, with smiles all around and no finger pointing or snide remarks. It got me to thinking how much more accepting the public is getting despite the wacko religious right trying to push us back into the closet. I am in Ohio, not too far from the Bible Belt, and even though our city is a good size, we still dont have far to drive to see the Amish. I like the fact that we are becoming more and more visible everyday, and think despite a long road ahead, gay rights and being seen as normal next door neighbors is getting as close as your neighborhood TGI Fridays.

I am also still thinking about food. Since we are also trying to make this blog informative, as well as entertaining, how about you all leaving us some comments on your favorite gay or gay friendly restaurant in your area. I'll start with my favorite restaurant from my Southern California days, The French Quarter Restaurant in West Hollywood. An indoor restaurant that has the feeling of an outdoor cafe, the tables are surrounded by actual shops, including a gay gift store. It even has an outdoor patio area for those warm California nights. My favorite was the Chinese Chicken Salad and their home made French Onion Soup. Both were out of this world, and you will find the recipe for the soup on the link. Well, I hope to hear from you all about your favorite restaurants.

Rosie and Pink, Artists Who Care About Us

I am really hesitant about starting this blog off on a political note, however the Str8 Mate, Birdy and I, are not going to hide our personal feelings and beliefs either. Believe me, our goal is to have fun, educate, comment, give advice and just connect with the gay community and our friends. Politics is not something we are going to cram down anyone's throats, but we are not going to shy away from it either.

I have been a long time fan of Rosie O'Donnell, her television show and her web blog. While I dont agree with some of her hardcore absolutes of belief, I think she has it right a helluva lot more times than wrong. Pink has always been an artist to go against the grain and make fun, danceable and educational lyrics in her songs. I admire her for her risks on taking on anything. These two terrific females have come together through Ro's use of a Pink song from her latest album, in her latest movie collage Ro has created. I hope you will click on the picture below and take a look at the movie. Whether you agree or disagree just listen to the words and reflect as you watch......GG

Friday, April 07, 2006

Welcome To The Gay Guru and Friends


Welcome to the world of the Gay Guru. Queer life put into perspective through the eyes of a gay man and his friends. Giving answers and commentary on the people, trends, fashion, fads, and faux paux's as we see them. This website and accompanying Blog and Podcast are intended for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans gendered communities, and their friends and family. We hope to inform, question, celebrate, and find humor in life and current events.

The Gay Guru does not discriminate between pretty boy and muscle head, bear and twink, bull dyke and lipstick lesbian, fag hag and straight mate, chub and chaser, or jock and web potato. Crashing the usual stereotypes, hopefully everyone will find something useful, informative, or funny.

Our goal here is to offer a truly interactive experience thru blogging, podcasts, email, and support lines. Besides observations and commentary, the Gay Guru and friends offer real time advice and support on questions from our family of readers and listeners. Have fun with who you are and what you want to be and enjoy gay life along with us!!

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