Monday, April 17, 2006

Updating Website, Looking For input, Hot Date Found

Hello friends, this will be a quick post, have had a very busy day. I have begun updating the website pages for this week. Was not sure how big of a task it was going to be to update it weekly, may have to aim for every two weeks or twice a month. This also brings up a point, thanks for all the great comments, but I have had a couple complaints and like to address the good and the bad.
I got one comment that said that the website looked as if it was designed by someone under 8 or over 60, and needed help. Well, I don't think it looked quite that bad, but I have been doing all the web building myself, until I can afford someone to handle all that for me. Unfortunately, like this blog and website, I am a work in progress, and my web building ability probably only rates about a "6", so far. So any suggestions you might have as to how to improve the look and feel of the website or this blog, please send comments and suggestions, I really do listen. LOL, same above comment also said the grammar is horrible. I got to admit, I kinda write from the hip, sorta stream of conscienceness, and its not going to be grammatically correct all that often. Hopefully it will be readable and comprehensible, but so its out there, grammar is not high on the priority list.
We decided on the "Hot Date of the Week" and have sent him out a quick stat survey so we can post it and him soon. He is 27, good looking, and sent in a nice profile on why he wanted to be the Hottie of the week. I hope you will continue sending in your profiles and pictures to be considered a "Hot Date of the Week" in the future. Keep checking back and leaving those comments and suggestions......GG


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