Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gay Guru Does Easter, Extended Entry Days

Hey Everyone, whatever your religious beliefs, I hope you are enjoying the Easter weekend. I am off to Mama Guru's tomorrow for a little ham and the green bean casserole thing. I will have to find a way to feature Mama Guru on here someday, the woman is a saint and funny as heck, but still not too sure of this whole "gay thing." Oh she accepts me okay, and hasn't spilled buckets full of tears, but her way of dealing, is to kinda ignore it and kinda sidestep around it with what we like to call "Linda'isms." A good example of a "Linda'ism," comes from her and my dads last visit down South. She went to Georgia for the first time, and fell in love with Savannah. So she comes home all excited about her trip and tells me I just HAVE TO get down to Savannah some time soon. I appreciate the tip and ask her what was so great about it. "It's your kinda town," she gushes. What does that mean i ask? "You know, very 'Nightime in the Garden of Good and Evil,'and I saw people you could be friends with." Her and my dad recently rented that movie on video and it's her latest gay subtext reference point, and I guess she saw actual gay people on the street. That's a "Linda'ism," a tip of the hat to my being gay, without actually having to say the words. This space is too small to go into Mama Guru and boyfriends....jeeesh. But I love her with all of my heart.

Because I will be gone most of tomorrow, I have decided to extend the deadline for "Ask the Guru" questions and submissions to be the "Hot Date of the Month." It's really going to take all of you out there to make the Gay Guru a success and we have had some excellent entries, but can definitely use more. Just go to the website at, (link is to the left,) and go to the ask the guru and dating pages. We are also going to feature a "MySpace of the Month" next time as well that we pick, you dont have to submit for it. We will pick based on originality, personality, and activity. Looks are always great, but thats not all we are looking for, so dont think only the pretty people will be picked. But speaking of pretty people, instead of Easter candy, I am handing out a little more Eye candy, courtesy of You Tube. Happy Easter weekend everyone.....GG


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