Monday, April 24, 2006

Avenue Q writes Dear Mr. Jay Leno, Subscribing to Blog

Hey Bloggers, hope the week is starting off great for you. First thing to talk about today is a post I found at "", featuring an open letter to Jay Leno. It is written by Jeff Whitty, author and playright of Avenue Q. It is a very powerful letter and I love seeing strong queer personalities, calling people to the carpet in the name of all of us GLBT family. I am not sure if I entirely agree that Mr. Leno is homophobic, in fact, I doubt that is true at all, but there is a point to be made as to how much is too much laughing AT the GLBT community, instead of laughing WITH us. I am going to forward this over to Ross Mathews, the once-upon-a-time, Tonight Show intern, who is now a bonafide star himself with his own blog and everything. I am sure he will be able to enlighten us and his own blog community, with I visit every day. There has been a bit of press lately about can the gay community take a joke, and have the jokes gone too far. If you have time, please make your comments here about gay jokes. You think they have gone too far, or we just need to laugh at ourselves and the world more?
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I have to say BRAVO to jeff.. his letter was well written and oh so true..
I personally am so sick of the "brokeback" parody jokes, that whenever jay, or conan, or dave or craig does one.. I just change the channel. Good on him for writing the letter.. I hope he gets a response.. keep us posted in ross-o-rama.. peace,


I don't for a second believe that Jay Leno is homophobic, anti-gay or any other label that could be plastered on him. When you look at the number of guests and interns Jay has had on his show that are openly gay, I can't for a second believe that anyone of them would support his show by appearing on it knowing that he was against who they are. Rosie O'Donnell was just on a few weeks ago... and there is nobody that can convince me that she would go on Jay's show knowing what Mr. Whitty suggests.

I would also have to question how this supposedly private letter to Jay Leno is suddenly public forum. Perhaps Mr. Whitty is more interested in promoting his name or his show, rather than his belief. He brings up many very valid points about the gay community, but is Jay the only one out there to blame for this? I mean, come on....

The Gay Guru

Thanx for the comments, I also dont believe Jay Leno is homophobic, and think Rosie O'Donnell has as much as said so, but it does bring up an interesting point of discussion. When are too many jokes with gays as the punchline, too much and degrading. I thought it was a heartfelt letter from Mr. Whitty, but maybe should have been directed to the late night comics at large.


Interesting gets the point across whether real or not, homphobic Jay or no homophobic Jay. People need to realize, even if they don't know it, we gay people are everywhere and if you tell a gay hurtful joke, someone is bound to be hurt and upset. They may not be able to do speak up because of fear or what not. I have a partner who has a job that makes it difficult to be out in and he has to deal with ignorant red-neck jerks who have absolutely no clue that he is gay. I mean they will sit there and say fag this or faggot that and just make those comments, not even realizng that the person they are making the comments to is gay. Okay no I'm turning this into my own personal blog and I don't want to take that away from the Guru...thanks for posting this letter...I hope it goes out to many straight people and make them think the next time some funny joke about gays is on the tip of their tongue.

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