Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Things Are Coming Together, Welcome to the Family

We are on our second official day launched of the new website and still just a week into getting this blog and our MySpace profile up and running. Thanks for all of your visits and we hope to really create a sense of family, information sharing, humor and fun. Sorry that the shopping page is still not working properly, it contains links to most of the products offered on the website, like Basia CD's, Izod clothing, Beautiful Thing DVD and more. I am promised it will be fully figured out by the weekend latest. We do have a couple good links on the link page, with more coming shortly.

Jay, my str8 mate, was playing around in photoshop a bit today and made up these funny pictures. We put them on the myspace page, probably not funny to all, but after our second bottle of wine, we were laughing. If you have any fun pictures of yourselves or some hot guys that dont mind being captioned, send them on in and we will find some fun use for them.

Spring I think, has finally sprung here in Ohio. It was up to 70 today and scheduled for the same tomorrow. I am looking forward to putting out the front porch furniture and doing some people watching again as we sip our frozen margarita's and wine. Well, not too much to talk about today, will be spending most of this week tweaking our sites and getting to know all you new people. Jay, Birdy and me hope your will come visit us often and contribute to this blog, and our website. Oh, I almost forgot we got our first letter for advice today. It was sent to BI BI Birdy, and we hope her answer serves you well, good luck MG.....Have a great week.....GG


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