Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter, We Survived Our First Week

Hey Friends, just sending out a little Bunny Love. Today I had 2 major accomplishments. One, I made it through another Easter dinner with the fam, and got to bring home some killer leftovers, (minus the green bean casserole, again, YUCK!). And two, I made it through my first week of starting this new blog, webpage and myspace page. WOO WEE!!

The first part was easy. Momma Guru is an excellent cook and did it up right. Mind you, there are only 3 of us, dad, Momma Guru and me(my two brothers live out of state). Momma bought a 22 pound ham!!! Let the consolidation begin.....are you or your mom's like this? Ham steaks today, sliced ham sandwiches for a day or two, ground ham salad for dipping the Ritz crackers in for snacking after that, and to finish it all off, navy bean soup with the hambone and what is left on there. I really think we could solve the hunger crisis in Ethiopia. Send Momma Guru in with a boatload of hams. But I digress, we also had the aforementioned green bean casserole, some baked sweet potatoes with a brown sugar/cinnamon/vanilla/ and pecan glaze over them, fresh baked banana bread, my mothers signature cranberry jewel salad,(recipe on the website food page soon,) and to finish it off, homemade pineapple upside down cake. Is it any wonder I am a chubby, furry, cute gay guru, instead of anchor man for the 440 relay at the gay olympics?

As for the second accomplishment, I couldn't have done it without all of you and of course my Str8 mate, Jay, and the lovely Bi bi Birdy. It has been fantastic getting to know all of you this first week of going online. This has been a dream of mine for a long time of giving back to the gay community, and hopefully making life a little more fun, informative, and supportive for my fellow GLBT family and our friends. The only way we are going to be a success is by your support and participation. I am currently using only my own money and the small ad revenue I am getting from our first sponsor, Rainbow Over Ohio. I have some other sponsors lined up, once I get a large enough readership to make it worth their wild. So I am asking you, all my new friends, come back and visit this blog, our website and our myspace page often and contribute your ideas as to what you would like to see to make us even better and a site for the community. Go to our Advice page and ask questions; to the Dating page, and submit your profile; to the Food/Beverage page to check out new gay friendly restaurants and read the reviews of them and other fun places and products we find; go to the Shopping page and find some of the cool things you find on our website, and where to buy them; go to the Fun and Games page and get a quick laugh, build a puzzle, or find other funny things there; and go to our Links page and visit other GLBT businesses and give them your support. We promise in return for you doing all that, to provide some good advice, some fun commentary, a little bit of humor, and a truly responsive team to provide you with the best we can give you. It will be a growing phase these first couple months, I hope you will stay around for the ride, and continue to be a part of the Gay Guru Family.....GG



This has got to be the most unoriginal blog and accompanying website I've seen. And your grammar sucks.


Actually, for his first week, I think he is doing a pretty good job. There is not all the copied pictures and gossip from most of the other blogs, he is original at least. I am going to keep checking it out.

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