Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Wonderful World Wide Web.......Sometimes

Hey friends, sorry for no post today, but our great internet that brings me to you all each day, can also take me away..... My internet service went down here today for most of the afternoon and evening, leaving me unable to bring you the quality love and information you deserve. Hope you all had a great day, I will post more tomorrow. A few quick thoughts.....Ace is gone, nice to look at, but not really shedding any tears. WTF is up with Chris being in the bottom 3?? He doesnt rock out one week and the fans turn against him? Hope this is not a trend, I want to see Chris and Katherine duke it out in the finals. For your patience with no blogging today and not able to get back to all of your Myspace adds and comments, here is something I thought was funny. This was shared by the Genre Man of the Year over on Myspace that he picked up off You Tube..........GG


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