Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thanks for MySpace Ads and Hot Date of the Week Entries

Hi Everyone!! Just a quick post to say Hi to all of our new MySpace friends and all the nice emails we are recieving. I wanted to thank all of you who are submitting your pictures and profiles for our Hot Date of the Week, on the dating page of our website. So everyone knows, we are going to try to update the site weekly with new hot dates, recipe's, music, restaurants, etc, so we need to have as many pictures and profiles in for Hottie, by Saturday at Noon latest. Thanks for the submissions and we think we may add a myspace hottie also every week, that we decide on each week as well. Will post more later.......GG

And sometimes you just have to have eye candy.......



I am always a big fan of Aaron's, so you hit my sweet spot with your eye candy!!

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