Thursday, April 13, 2006

American Idol: Ace is Trying Too Hard, Bye Bye Bucky

An hour long American Idol tonight, and we got to see life back home for the final 8. Poor Ace found himself in the bottom three.....again!! I think he just tries too hard and ends up coming off fake, at least he does to me. Did you notice that the only time he was not in the bottom three of the last few weeks, was when he sat on that chair and kept his hands to his side. I mean, he's pretty damn cute and all, but if he tries to reach out and touch my face one more time during one of his songs, I'm filing a restraining order. Gay Guru predicts and Birdy agree's, Ace has 2 weeks left tops, unless he stops emoting/acting and starts singing.

I think it was actually Bucky's time to go this week. He is so yee-haw and sweet, but as Paula said last night, he took a QUEEN song for God's sake and made it country. He just doesnt have another genre in him and Pickler can outsing him there. As long as they keep their hair pulled back, I still might entertain a couple of fantasies about good ol' Bucky and his twin, but I wish him well with his post Idol life with his wife and kid and new opportunities.

I still cant figure out why Elliott has been in the final three for two weeks running. Yes, he let his vibrato go a little overboard last week, but he brought it down this week and I think had one of the stronger performances. Is it the vibrato? Are those kinda scary teeth giving people the creeps, (note, you had the stylist change your hair up this week, get thee to the dentist for caps and whitening treatments, pronto!!) I would like to see Elliott hang around to the final 4 at least.

Next week's Idol features Rod Stewart who I have always loved, so am looking forward to soon.........GG



Eliott being in the bottom three is a CRIME!

Great Blog! I saw the link for it in BratBoy. I love how you invite LGBT "and their friends"....that's me!

I've added you to my favorites. This is another blog I visit that you might want to add to your links. It's not my blog but I visit often.

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