Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gay ol' Time at TGI Fridays

We just got back from dinner at good ol' TGI Fridays, and the Fajita's aren't the only thing flaming there. I counted at least 1 Host, 3 Servers, and a Busser that appeared to be part of the "family". Now I used to work in the restaurant industry for a long time, and worked alongside many a gay co-worker, but usually not all in the same restaurant. I felt like I was at a Perkins or Denny's after the bars let out.

The kewl thing was just as many "family" were having dinner there and everything was going smoothly, with smiles all around and no finger pointing or snide remarks. It got me to thinking how much more accepting the public is getting despite the wacko religious right trying to push us back into the closet. I am in Ohio, not too far from the Bible Belt, and even though our city is a good size, we still dont have far to drive to see the Amish. I like the fact that we are becoming more and more visible everyday, and think despite a long road ahead, gay rights and being seen as normal next door neighbors is getting as close as your neighborhood TGI Fridays.

I am also still thinking about food. Since we are also trying to make this blog informative, as well as entertaining, how about you all leaving us some comments on your favorite gay or gay friendly restaurant in your area. I'll start with my favorite restaurant from my Southern California days, The French Quarter Restaurant in West Hollywood. An indoor restaurant that has the feeling of an outdoor cafe, the tables are surrounded by actual shops, including a gay gift store. It even has an outdoor patio area for those warm California nights. My favorite was the Chinese Chicken Salad and their home made French Onion Soup. Both were out of this world, and you will find the recipe for the soup on the link. Well, I hope to hear from you all about your favorite restaurants.


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