Sunday, April 30, 2006

Desperate Housewives, Website Update, Blogging, and Eye Candy

Whats up Bloggers? It's Sunday, and I haven't much to write about at all. (Well at least not much thats printable in a PG13 Blog.) Stephan and I had a Fabulous time out at the C.L.A.W. parties last night, and were invited back for more tonight. Unfortunately, I am now at the point where Gabrielle, Bree, Susan and Lynette, just bitch slap me into not going out more than once or twice a weekend, and rarely on a Sunday. Between Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and Grey's Anatomy, I am too busy laughing, crying, spilling my wine, that I dont have time to get guru'd up and go out.
It's also time to update the website again. As I said, I am shooting for updating twice a month around the 1st and 15th, so today and tomorrow, will be putting a lot of energy into that. Thanx to all the people who have put in questions for "ask the guru" and profiles for "hot date of the week", It was hard choosing who to feature. Keep writing in with your questions and profiles, we love hearing from you and will really try to give some of the best advice we can. Also you can look forward to many website upgrades over the next month or two. Your suggestions have been fantastic and we have a lot of features we are going to try out soon. We appreciate all of your comments and suggestions.

Also, friends have been sending me links to some other great blogs out there, and have been slowly adding the ones that I enjoy reading often. If you havent checked out our blogroll and links to the left, go for it. I am currently really enjoying Mikey's Who Do I Have to F*** To Get Laid. If you havent signed up to automatically recieve our blog feed, click the blue subscribe button on the left or sign up with your email. Well, have a great week bloggers, will talk soon, and since I havent put any up in a while, its time for a little more Eye Candy, with special thanx as usual to YouTube.........Take care..........GG



thanks for the props bro


Thanks for the nice comments about me winning BotM over On Rossblog!
I DO love your blog! Keep up the great work!

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