Friday, April 14, 2006

Fabulous Friday: The Best of.....Easter Chocolate

Hello fellow bloggers and friends. We have decided to mark this and every Friday as a "Fabulous Friday." Every friday, in addition to whatever else we may feel like blogging about, we will feature something we consider at the time, The Best. If you are like us and like to indulge in at least looking at the finer things in life every once in a while, join us on Fridays, for something we think is high class, high brow, or we are just asking, "are they high?".

Being as it's the Easter weekend, I thought we would start out with some of The Best of Easter Chocolate. La Maison du Chocolat, has done for chocolate, what Tiffany has done for jewelry. There may be no other store that makes as luxurious sweets as La Maison du Chocolate. Start with presentation. La Maison chocolates are exquisitely arrayed in caramel-colored leather(you hear that all you bears and daddies, lol) boxes fine enough to hold your grandmother's estate jewelry. Its dark- and milk-chocolate truffles, marrons glaces, caramels, and mendiants (slices of chocolate sprinkled with dried fruits, assorted nuts or orange peel) contain no more than 65 percent cocoa, so they're more sweet than bitter. Ganache fillings are made with cocoa butter, not milk fat.

For Easter, La Maison, pulls out all the stops with some truly exquisite treats. "The Magical Egg" above, dark chocolate is filled with a selection of chocolates and a little ganache egg. Under the egg, you will find a little box containing 5 delicous bouchees ganache flavoured with apricot, peach, plum, lemon and melon. The price for this precocious egg, that weighs in at just under a pound? How about $75.00.

Check out La Maison du Chocolat's website and you will find a world of high end chocolate for your next chocolate affair.......Happy Easter......GG



Wow! That looks yummy! I am going to an easter egg hunter tomorrow. I am hoping to steal chocolate from my nieces (giggle). This, however, would be better :).

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