Friday, April 28, 2006

Fabulous Friday, Video Tables, Spa's, and No Rosie Yet

Hey blogger friends, here we are again at Fabulous Friday!! I still haven't come up with the $850,000 dollars I need for last weeks Aqua RV, but I found some fabulous things this week that are actually in my budget. I just HAVE to get the new Stealth Video Coffee Table. It features features wi-fi enabled internet access with email facilities, 19 inch TFT screen, stereo speakers, Bluetooth, NTFS file system, gaming facilities with game pad ports and arcade classics. The table features 3D graphics and multiout connectors for gamers. So, you could now add more fun while having a cup of coffee! This table is SOOOOO much more blog and website worthy than the current lil' corner 'puter desk I am currently using. Okay, so this table is more in the "concept/design" stage, but as soon as it's available, I am snagging it.
What I can get immediately, and am putting in an order for it this weekend I think, is the Inflatable Whirlpool Spa. Since I only have a shower, and because these guys take payments, (YEA!!), for a mere $900 bucks, I can soak in the bubbles and even invite Str8 Mate Jay and Bibi Birdy over too. The inflatable spa has ample room for four adults and it can contain 250 gallons of heated turbojet waters that soothe tired muscles and rejuvenate skin. The included motor inflates the unit in just ten minutes, and a pump filtration system keeps recirculated water fresh. The water temperature can also be adjusted as per your needs. I think I am going to have to pick up a couple extra bottles of wine for the christening of the new tub, you think it comes with its own manservant? (I WISH) So here is a double dose of FABULOUS this Friday.

How did this Lesbian get in my Spa?? =)

I am a little perplexed as to why The View, didn't make the Rosie O'Donnell announcement this morning. Either my 99.9 percent sources sipped too many Cosmo's in NYC this week, or they are looking for a better way to announce it. Hope I didnt steer you wrong bloggers, but will check sources again this weekend if nothing is announced today.....Have a good weekend all.....GG



Hey Guru....mind if I join you in that inflatable spa...that looks like it could be a lot of fun and very relaxing. I think I can make a trek out your way for that :)

the gay guru

Heck yea Bruce, I'll warm up the water for you, christening will be as soon as they can deliver that thing..hopefully soon...... have a great weekend.. gg


I'll bring the a few bottles of wine. Just give me a holler!


We need one of those Spas at my place.


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