Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ross the Intern from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

I have been a celebrity stalker, (ooops, I mean fan,) Since my early California days. I have met some really great celebrities, even though most of them have no clue in life who I am. I guess my biggest claim to fame was Thanksgiving Dinner with Richard Dean Anderson, (MacGyver,) but thats for another post.

So I have just gotta tell you I LOVE Ross the Intern from The Tonight Show. I have watched him over the years doing his bits on the show with Jay Leno and he cracks me up everytime. You gotta love someone who is just so free with who they are and can show that enthusiasm for life. I think we all as gay men and women, need to be able to celebrate and enjoy our lives as well. This is a true success story of someone that has set goals for himself and with fate, luck and determination, blazed a trail as he follows his dream. He deserves to be a talk show host like he dreams of becoming, and if LOGO has a brain, or his new best friend, Rosie O'Donnell with an upcoming sketch comedy show premiering on LOGO is smart, they will sign him quick.

Anyway, I just realized that Ross has his own blog, (see link above or left,) and website up and think you should check it out. He has some fun things like Q&A's with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jenny McCarthy. Hmmmmm, I would like to try that, except may have to settle for the local drag queens, as Celebs are none too common here in Ohio. The Gay Guru and friends are hoping to premiere our website this week, (I will keep you posted,) and our podcast running in about a month. Maybe I will get lucky and have a phone interview with Ross for one of our first podcast's or at least get him to do a Q&A for this blog. Ross and the Gay Guru, each also have another thing in common, a page on, so you will have to add yourselves to our friends list.

Next post I will be adding my world famous Easter Punch Recipe, just in time to serve to the kiddies this Sunday to wash down the colored eggs with....yummy!! Talk to you soon sure to add your favorite local gay restaurants to our previous post......GG


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