Tuesday, April 18, 2006

American Idol, 5 Questions, Website Updates & More

Happy Tuesday bloggers. American Idol sings the Great American Songbook, which Rod Stewart has covered recently, and Rod is working with the Final 7 this week. It was a huge dissappointment to Birdy that it's songs off the Songbook album and not just any ol' Rod Stewart songs. I think she actually was hoping that Ace would be singing "Do you think I'm Sexy". You know a singer's in trouble when the bi chick you know is rooting for the "sexy" one in the show more than my gay friends and I are. This will be a challenge for Chris tonight, and I hope he comes through like usual. I also hope that Elliott climbs his way back out of the bottom 3, I think America is nuts on that choice.
I have actually kinda stolen an idea from the great Ross "the intern" Mathews, from the tonight show, and decided on a interview to be featured on the website and blog. Of course I dont have the stellar contacts Ross does, his interview with Gweneth Paltrow and Jennifer McCarthy were awesome, but I will be trying to interview people fairly well known in the GLBT community. It will probably be more like a '5 Questions' approach that Craig Kilborn used on his old late night talk show. Look for that coming soon, with hopefully personalities running from fellow famous bloggers, to Adult entertainers, to professionals, to maybe even an actual celebrity every now and then.
I have updated the "Ask the Guru" and "Fun and Games," pages of the website, and even added a horoscope to the "Fun" page. Thanx for submitting questions for the Gay Guru, Str8 Mate Jay, or Bibi Birdy. What we dont answer in the website, we are trying to answer you personally. Keep those questions coming in. I should be able to update the "Dating" and other pages tomorrow. Thanx for your patience. I think until I get some more help, I will be updating the website twice a month, around the first and the 15th. Keep those comments and suggestions coming in.........Thanx for your support....keep checking back..........GG



Hi Guru,
I was SO pissed that Idol made them sing Rod's Standards and not his OWN music. I wanted to hear "Hot Legs" "Maggie May" "Tonight's the Night" etc.
I guess Rod made a deal with Idol so he could promote his new albums. I do own one of them and he still looks hot!

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