Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update on United 93 Mark Bingham Gay Hero

Hero Mark Bingham

Hey blog buddies, I appologize for not having all of my research in on my earlier post about the new movie about Flight 93. If you look below, I told you I was wondering how much they would pay attention to the character of Mark Bingham, the openly gay, CEO, who is believed to be one of the men who tried to overtake the hijackers. I knew the name of the actor playing Mark, but not much else, so I did some more digging. While not in many movies as of yet, Cheyenne Jackson, has an extensive Broadway, and theatre resume. I was posting about wondering if the gay angle would get played at all in the movie, or even in the press, I am sure there are many who dont want to see a gay hero's praises being sung. Well I am glad to report that I also found out that Cheyenne will be a guest on Larry King Live, on CNN at 9pm Eastern Time. He will be appearing with Alice Hoagland, Mark Binghams'mother. This is giving me hope that his memory will be respected as it should be for who he was and what he did. Tune in if you cant handle seeing the movie, I will be watching both.......GG
Actor Cheyenne Jackson


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