Tuesday, April 25, 2006

RENT Anniversary, Flight 93 and a Gay Hero

Happy Tuesday Bloggers, Spring has sprung, but its getting back down to the 30's the next couple of days here in good ol' Ohio. But it's all good, a smart gay man doesnt put his winter wear away in this chilly state until the second week of June, OY!! I talked to my New York friends today, and last nights 10th Anniversary production/party for RENT, was a big success. The evening was a benefit for 3 associations of the late, creator, Jonathan Larson, Friends In Deed (which supports those facing illness), The New York Theatre Workshop (the Off-Broadway not-for-profit where Rent was launched) and The Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation (created in Larson's memory to encourage writers of musical theatre). The benefit tickets started at $1,000 dollars and went up, but true to the history of the show, some low price tickets were set aside for the first two rows. All of the original Cast members from 10 years ago, have agreed to reprise their roles for this special 10 year anniversary gala. The after party was held at Cipriani 42nd Street. I am such a HUGE RENT fan, that I would have been there if there wasnt an important meeting I had this morning. And to top it all off, today ALL tickets to the show featuring the current broadway cast are only $20 dollars. WHY ME!! DARN MEETINGS!!!!! I will post more scoop after my friends recover, I have read that it was star packed and a great time was had by all.
In other entertainment news, the controversial movie, "United 93", opens this Friday in theaters. It is of course the story of the fourth hijacked plane on 9/11, that went down in a Pennsylvania field, not too far from where I am in Ohio. Supposedly downed by the courageous passengers of the flight who tried to take control of the plane back from the hijackers, it has hit a raw nerve in the press and the pysche's of Americans, wondering if it is too soon for this story to be told. One of the things I will be interested in seeing, is how this film deals with the story line of passenger Mark Bingham. If you don't know, or dont remember, Mark Bingham was an openly gay, 31yo, CEO of his own public relations firm, The Bingham Group. Mark played rugby, ran with the bulls in Spain, and was a charismatic man who was Eulogized by Senator John McCain, after his heroic death. I have not heard much about how this film is going to play out, but I am sure it is going to deal with some of the background of the lives of some of the passengers aboard that fateful flight. Mark Bingham, was one of the few passengers who got a call out to his mother during the flight, acknowledging to her the plane was hijacked and before he could get out any more, the line was cut off. It is assumed that Mark is one of the three passengers who were going to try to stop the hijackers according to a phone call by Thomas Burnett to his wife. All of the passengers of flight 93 are heroes who died for our country, and it will be interesting to see if the country is ready to see an out gay man as a hero, and if he will be portrayed as such. I hate the subject matter, but I am going to see this movie, if nothing else to honor all of them who died without knowing why......GG



Was the 20 dollar tickets for all seats? I had heard that they normally set aside like the first row or two. Real hard core fans will show up hours before the show and put their names in a hat or something and if their name is called they get to purchase two of those tickets for $20.00. At least that is the rumor I have heard and it was true when they came to Cleveland last year...I know because I was one of those people that did that but did not win :)

By the way Guru...great blog!

gay guru

Hey bruce, thanx for the comment, yes its true for today the 25th only to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the show, ALL seats were $20 bucks. You are right though, that is something they did as a tribute to the shows creator, Jonathan Larson, that no matter where RENT plays, the first two rows are sold for only $20 bucks, on a lottery basis. BTW, the actual anniversary of RENT is this Saturday, April 29th to be exact...keep checking back

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