Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pickled Kellie Pickler, and the Religious Right in Ohio

Hi Blog Fans, hope you are getting thru Thursday okay. Looks like everyone's favorite southern pixie, Kellie Pickler, is heading back to North Carolina. I wasn't one of the fans that thought she was being fake about the down home charm, but charm can't save you from 2 bad performances in a row. The local radio station here in Ohio had listeners call in and Kellie was picked by over 60 percent to go home. Even Stephen Foster warned Kellie that it was a tough song, and if not sung correctly, could be boring. I think Ms Pickler has a bright future ahead of her if not in singing, then commercial and acting work if she can hold up to the pressure. I think the rest of America's choices were right on and are exactly the order I had them in. Next week it gets exciting as each Idol hopeful gets to perform 2 songs, one from the year they were born, and one from any current top 10 on the billboard charts in any genre.
On to another kind of voting, I am getting heated up over the primaries next week and will probably blog about it on Sunday since it mostly pertains to only our Ohio readers, but I have 2 things to say first that we can all relate to. It has pretty much been accepted that Ohio was a key deciding factor in the 2004 Presidential election. What I am not sure that most of you know, is that the defeat of the Democrats, (I say democrats and not John Kerry because I honestly didnt feel that Kerry was a potentially great President, I just sure didnt want Bush back in for 4 more years,) came on the coat tails of the religious conservatives and republicans in the state and their ammendment to ban gay marriage. It is the most sweeping law in the country and has even dealt a blow to heterosexual domestic violence laws. I bring this up because a candidate for Ohio governor, Kenneth Blackwell is currently running this ad, (click on the Kenneth Blackwell on Culture video) on Ohio TV. I also came across from theFaggety-Ass Faggot blog, this time a Democrat candidate in Ohio, trying to bring the subject up again to win conservative votes. If people like Blackwell and Ritter dont bring out the gay vote here, and across the country, I really dont know what will. I am not dragging anyone out of the closet, but please, in the privacy of your own polling booth, vote for our rights, not to take them away.......sorry for the soapbox.............GG


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