Monday, April 10, 2006

I Know Pink is the New Blog But.......

WTF?? Is pink the new black? I was asking Jay, my str8 mate about this the other day. I explained to him all about how Pink is the new Blog, and asked him about pink clothing. Jay is very fashionable and seems to always know what's "in" and what's "out". I did inherit the gay design gene, I can make an apartment, home, office, party, fabulous, but my style gene was lost in the mail.

Anyway, I digress, what's up with all the str8 guys wearing pink shirts lately? I work in a fairly large building, and every day there seems to be 8-10 str8 guys in some type of pink shirt, sweater, vest or something. It's confusing to me and the other gay guys that work here. Before the so-called "metrosexual" explosion, you saw a pink shirt coming your way, and you had a pretty safe bet he played for our team. I'm all for getting rid of stereotypes, but this is fashion dammit!! Shouldn't there be a law or something about a good looking str8 guy wearing pink? I mean, we already want him because he is hot and str8, if he's wearing pink, we should at least get to give him tonsil inspection or something.

I'm just saying that Spring is here and I want to get the message out as the pastels are starting to flood the shelves of Nordstrom and Kaufman's. Give the str8's full access to purple, mauve, tope, etc., but leave pink alone. Now excuse me as I go check out the hottie in the pink Polo across the hall........GG


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