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Okay, this is my second try at writing this post. Hello blogger friends, my computer decided to blow up and delete my near completed post, and now I am starting again from scratch. So what started as a late post has become even later, sorry 'bout that. I have been doing some consulting for a friend on a new bar in the area and something I might be a partner of, so thats been my distraction lately. I am at a contemplation point right now on this blog and websites journey. I am brought to that point by having watched Anderson Cooper on Oprah. Anderson to me is kinda like McDreamy is to Meridith Grey, in "Grey's Anatomy," except we arent both reporters and he didnt exactly sleep with me the night before my first big day at CNN. I find him very attractive, smart, funny and is not afraid to tell the news as it is, with his full emotion behind it sometimes. He is on Oprah to talk about his memoir he has written, to which it was reported he was paid over 1 million dollars for. I haven't read it yet, but plan on picking it up this week. Here's the contemplation point; I am making a reputation for myself as the Gay Guru, and I need to contemplate exactly what that means. Here is McDreamy, umm, I mean Anderson, being interviewed on Oprah about his memoir, but the fact that he is gay, (and hopefully likes cute furry, cuddly chubby bears,)is never brought up. Now the memoirs title is "Dispatches from the Edge," and is about the wars he has covered and the things he has seen during his reporting, and not wanting people to forget Katrina, etc. However, it also does talk about some personal history such as the death of his father and brother and a bit about his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. Now I dont expect Anderson's sexuality to be a topic on his show, that is his job and has nothing to do with him being gay or not, (though there is room to discuss how his compassion relates to being gay,) but when he is being interviewed as himself on Oprah, should he take the opportunity and bring it up? Does everything I write about have to be gay-centric? Can I just write about seeing my McDreamy on Oprah and how dapper he looked in his crisp blue suit, and not worry about my concerns he didnt bring up his sexuality? Unfortunately, because I didnt read the book first before I wrote this, I dont even know if his acknowledging being gay, is in there. Should I call him on it if it isnt? Since he got paid 1 million dollars to talk about his feelings and experiences, should it be mentioned? Am I going to have to send some roses to him if he DID mention it and I am rambling on for no apparent reason? So there blogger friends is my contemplation point, feel free to comment if you wish, while I mull it over in my brain a bit if I have to be "all gay, all the time."

In the news, to give the Republicans some fodder, we have an Assemblyman from New York, who abruptly resigned his seat last week, after being accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward a male intern. Democrat, Ryan Karben, isn't talking, neither is anyone else - at least not officially - but the rumor mills in New York and Albany are rife with reports from "sources" of the alleged advances. Karben, an Orthodox Jew, is married with a family. The 31-year-old represented Rockland County, north of Manhattan. Under Assembly rules, members are banned from fraternizing with interns. A number of state newspapers, quoting unnamed sources within the Democratic Party, say that an intern complained to Assembly officials that Karben had made sexual overtones. Just when we thought our Democratic sex jokes are over, now we have to listen to more crap from the Conservatives. So was Karben just practicing to get ready for a run at the White House??...boo..cant believe I said that.

A new poll shows that Americans are pretty evenly divided over the need for an Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment. The Annual Gallup Values and Beliefs survey found that only 39 percent of the public believes same-sex couples should be allowed to marry - about the same number as Gallup found last year. But when the question came to amending the US Constitution people are almost evenly divided. Fifty percent said yes but 47 percent oppose an amendment. The poll found that Democrats, women and younger people were more apt to support same-sex marriage and oppose an amendment. Two-thirds of Republicans favor a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage while a majority of Democrats - 55 percent - oppose an amendment. While the 2006 poll, taken May 8-11 shows 39 percent support for gay marriage i 1996 only 27 percent of Americans thought same-sex marriages deserved the same recognition as opposite-sex marriages. "While we're not there yet on marriage fairness, the trend is in our favor," Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Jay Smith Brown told 365Gay.com. Do we need further proof how important it is to let our voices be heard?? The time to 'speak softly and carry a big stick', is over. We need to raise our voices to the rooftops and let people know that the American Constitution is not a place for discrimination.

After four years at the helm of the nation's largest LGBT Republican organization,Patrick Guerriero has announced he is leaving Log Cabin Republicans. By the time he leaves Log Cabin in September, Guerriero will have traveled over 750,000 miles, visiting over 300 cities and towns in all 50 states on behalf of the group. "It has been a humbling experience leading Log Cabin Republicans during the past four years," Guerriero said. "I’m proud of what thousands of courageous Log Cabin members across America have accomplished as we work to build an inclusive Republican Party and a better America." I ad this because I met and talked with Mr. Guerriero at a few events in Massachussetts when I lived there, and he was a very stand-up guy. I still cant figure out what Log Cabin Republicans are all about, and exactly what help they have been politically to the gay community. Mr Guerriero was at least the first out deputy chief of staff, for a republican Governor. More points to ponder I guess.

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OMG!! American Idol is gonna be a nail biter tomorrow. Actually I think Taylor Hicks will win due to having a HUGE following, and to the stupid judges telling him that he has won and getting it in the voting publics mind, (I hate when they do that). I really thought both of the original songs they had to sing tonight sucked Guru Turban, but Hicks did add a lot more emotion to his sucky song. I actually thing that whoever wins this one though, the runner-up will have at least as much runner up fame as Clay Aiken. He is the biggest 'second place idol contestant', leader in record sales. I wish I could see the finale tomorrow night, but I HAVE TO WATCH LOST!!!! I have so much invested in this show, that I am afraid to even channel hop on this big season finale. I need TIVO bad..lol.

If you checked it out when I blogged about it earlier, the second edition of The Mighty Woofables, is up on the website. Do yourself a favor and check out this fabulously drawn comic and it's cast of characters......Laterz Friends....GG



great musical choice!

Steve S

gosh, you put a whole lot of different topics into one post, don't you? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I can't stand Taylor Hicks. I liked Chris the best, but since he's no longer there, I like Katherine the best. However, anybody I like never wins, so that's good news for Taylor. He can be right up there with the where-are-they-now winners Ruben, Fantasia and Carrie.

"while I mull it over in my brain a bit if I have to be "all gay, all the time."

You are gay all the time. Do you need to write that way? (that's what you are asking, isn't it?) No. But then you wouldn't be a gay guru.

What is it with my communities fasciation with Anderson? I don't find him all that great a reporter. My own personal opinion (and we're entitled to our own opinions right, without detriment to others?), is that he's as bad as Larry King.

I see in the blogs and on websites horrid experiences in Iraq, bombings and stuff. A sinking economy, the coming marriage amendment. ANd what is Anderson covering? The polygamist molester and the recent spate of alligator attacks in Florida. Fluff, hon. He disappoints me.

But like my preferences for American Idol losers, I seem to be out of touch with the rest of the world. Ah well.

I do like your blog.

Uncle Zoloft

"Americans are pretty evenly divided over the need for an Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment."

Dear Mr. Guru,
The phrase "Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment" has been officially changed to "The Family Discrimintion Amendment." This change has been requested by the Great Gay Muse of Equality <---- who looks very much like Anderson ~ except he's naked with silver wings.
Uncle Zoloft


Basia? Basia? Hmmm...why does that name sound familiar??

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